“Stupid Implant Tricks”

One of the fun things about silicone implants (this well healed one is by xPUREx on Waffle) is that depending on the way your body encapsulates it, you can do silly things to freak out your friends like flip it upside down under your skin…


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22 thoughts on ““Stupid Implant Tricks”

  1. melgasm – If the implant was having a problem already it’s possible, but if the implant is healed it’s just going to make it sore if anything… Implants don’t reject like surface piercings. In general, an implant that rejects does it in response to significant damage, or because there was an issue with the placement from the beginning.

  2. thats nuts, didnt know that could happen, well never thought about it, so in theory if theres enough tissue you can change the way your implant points for example a cup-cake implanted on a hand (that you featured a while back) you could rotate it around?…

  3. nope it doesn’t hurt i do it at all the time i do it all and have never had any problems with it keep in mind the implant has also been healed for over a year

  4. “In general, an implant that rejects does it in response to significant damage, or because there was an issue with the placement from the beginning.”

    Like the way Lane Jensen’s “boobies” implant did? That was pretty horrific.

    The one above looks really nice though, especially considering how much the skin on the backs of one’s hands moves.

  5. Why would pure shut down?

    Ha, that’s really cool though. I didn’t know you could do that with implants either. It’s like when I was little, I used to poke around the veins on my mother’s hands and move them around.

  6. It’d be pretty cool if a few people made clips of different things they could do with their implants and then compiled them to make a video of different implant tricks =)

  7. i wonder, can one do anything during/after procedure/healing to intentionally acquiure or increase the chances of this sort of thing…

  8. i have seen pictures on here of some seriously grotesque body mods that have made me cringe a whole lot less than seeing that picture. something about it just makes me uneasy. i guess we all have our own ideas about what creeps us out.

  9. Haha, that’s awesome! That’s so neat. I like the choice of the infinity symbol by the way.

  10. i have a large vein on the back of my left hand that i can flip from one side of a tendon to the other. sometimes it gets stuck and its really uncomforatble, the photo above made me cringe haha

  11. Waffle has no fear when it comes to fucking with his shit. His implant also serves as a “drunk-o-meter” as well [he's told me it swells a little when he's had a good bit to drink].

    Pure technically closed. Brian has taken up residence in the lower level of Joy Rumore’s tattoo shop, 1228 Tattoo, in Brooklyn, just a few stops closer to Manhattan. So yes, Brian is still doing work, he’s just in a different spot now. I think he has more details on his page, anyhow.

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