Battle Wounds

When Joulie‘s tattoo was healing she got a terrible infection, causing her three black squares to lose a lot of ink — they were supposed to be solid black. I actually think this has given them a ton of character and quite like the way it looks (much to my tattoo artist’s chagrin I haven’t filled in the scar on my blackwork from where a hook tore out, but I like the memories).


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49 thoughts on “Battle Wounds

  1. I’ve always like that style, it looks a lot like Apnea’s (for Lithium Picnic, former SG) tattoo though. I agree that it has more character with the scars.

  2. Looks distressed, and vintage-y. Nice.

    I’ve heard Apnea’s other half getting self-righteous about total strangers having the audacity to get solid black squares. Get over it, it’s not as if she designed the square and the colour black.

  3. I really do enjoy the look of scarring on solid black work. A friend of mine had something like this happen and it was a very even effect that made his tattoo look marbled.

  4. ditto to everything. i think they look better like that. . really neat effect, like old jeans.

  5. If she does ANYTHING to them, I’d say she should do something to highlight the scarring/blowout. I really like that it looks like a distressed photo, and that it looks like there’s the brow, nose, and cheek bones of a face in the second one.

  6. The first thing I thought of was linoleum block printing…when you roll the ink on with a roller. It looks like that. And I think it looks great.

  7. thats is really damn cool.
    never get it filled thopugh… i dun think she would… looks way too unique.

  8. First thought on seeing the tattoo was “what a great effect; wonder how the artist did that!” Then I read the intro. I love the meeting of nature and artistry (another reason to see wrinkly old tattoos in a positive light)…

  9. Where goes the line on getting simmilar tattos here? Just a little while ago there was this fiery disgusion over who had copied Roo’s tatto and to what extent.. And when some one copies this, who a lot of people has seen on and relate Apnea too (who I have read in an Apnea interview that this tattoo was drawn on her by her boyfriend and then tattoed) and that is ok? Really hypocritical, but I guess no one cares when it is black squares and not something special.

  10. It does look like a cool pattern that is supposed to be there. Is there a special meaning to the three black square tattoo? Other than Apnea’s?

  11. For the record, i had never even /heard/ of “Apnea” before this post. Clearly, she isn’t quite as famous as some might be lead to believe ; ergo, i highly doubt other people are biting her style every time they get black squares tattooed to themselves.

  12. I think it’s great; if one tried to do something like that it’d fail but it just looks really good

  13. I wonder what the infection was. I’m dealing with a skin infection for over three years now, and I cannot seem to get rid of it. It kinda annoys the hell out of me because I’m afraid that whenever I will get tattooed the whole area will become infected.
    I have Impetigo, some hard to treat kinda variety I guess, it should be cured in two weeks, but I ended in hospital with it, they cured me, and two weeks later it was back. They keep giving me the same ointments, ans they allways work, but it allways comes right back after the treatment…

  14. Ahahahaha! yeah, not ripping off apnea….that’s why the tattoo is in the same location too. Call the shitty heal “tattoo karma” if u will.

  15. that happened to some of my black work on the first pass, but due to having other tattoos under it, it didnt look very cool, so i had it fixed…

  16. when i was the modblog post i thought it was the old SG, i remember loving that tattoo.

    but i hate it when people get posted on here and then get bad mouthed, because this girl is probably going to read these, and is going to forever assosiate her tattoo (which is obviously for life) with these shitty comments. show some consideration?

  17. apnea was not the first to get three squares tattooed, maybe even in that particular location! you can’t steal squares because, oh i don’t know their fucking squares. everybody already stole them… even apnea. remember, your “creative” ideas for your original tattoo are just manifestations of things that already exist.

    i offer any of my work to be stolen. please get it tattooed if you want. i liked it enough to get it and you might too.

    now on a more gentle note.

    i enjoy these squares a lot! i love when art forms present their own personalities and offer up happy little “accidents”

  18. I agree with #27.

    To #41: Who cares if she’s going to read it, that’s what she gets for her lack of creativity.

  19. So, who’s a famous girl with other geometric shaped tattooed on her? Solid color stars, maybe?
    How about we round up all the girls with stars in the same location and call them uncreative copycats too!
    I think the scar pattern is great. I also think that without – it would still look great.

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