Jae: Interview with a Scratcher

My friend Jae, a home tattoo artist that’s been tattooing his friends and family — someone who many would call a “scratcher” — was willing to have a chat about the opposite end of the tattoo spectrum from the top-end artists I’ve been featuring lately (tomorrow we’ll be flipping back in that direction with a great feature on Johnny Thief). That interview’s just been posted — click the picture to read it now, and come back here of course to comment.

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244 thoughts on “Jae: Interview with a Scratcher

  1. While the lack of sterility (at the beginning, anyway) bothers me, I can’t rag on him for the quality of his work. Everyone has to start somewhere.

  2. I liked this interview. :) And honestly, his stuff doesn’t seem that bad. I’ve seen much worse come out of studios.. really bad studios.

  3. haha yeah i was thinking the same thing, i’ve seen people get much worse things professionally done.

  4. I really liked this interview, this guy seems very down to earth and normal. It’s nice to read about the every day people in amongst the greats.

  5. It’s been said, but I wanna hammer in that his work isn’t THAT bad. It’s deffinately the best “scratcher” work I’ve seen, and considering he’s done only 25 tattoos, it’s all the more impressive.

    And everyone has to start somewhere, right? I’ve known a few guys that started in their basements as a hobby, couldn’t get an apprenticeship because the SLC tattoo scene is incredibly cliquey and they didn’t “fit in”, and eventually opened their own shops that put out quality work. And Jae’s stuff is better than any of theirs’, even now!

    So, keep doing what you’re doing, Jae. Maybe spend some time to steady up your linework, but you’re on the right track.

    And it was said above as well; his heart seems in the right place, treating tattooing as a social art, instead of trying to make a quick buck.

  6. Jae’s heart is 100% in the right place, and I’ve talked to lots of high-end artists who had a similar start… so you never know!

  7. I think the best part of the interview is that he KNOWS he’s a beginner and wants to learn and improve. I feel like the general idea or image of a scratcher is not only someone who’s doing shitty work, but work that they think they’re qualified to do when they’re not!

  8. The only thing that is really terrible is lack of an autoclave.. I don’t think using wipes is the same thing at all and I sure hope his friends are all clean esp since he tattoos himself/his wife.

  9. He’s definitely better than the scratcher who did one of my tattoos (gotta get a cover up because of him -_-)

  10. Toothpaste – Honestly, if you’re using disposable gear, there’s nothing to autoclave anyway, so it wouldn’t make one bit of difference if he had one — it’s not like you can put your table in the autoclave :P

  11. Oh ho ho, I have come to the conclusion that all big dogz ink clients are actually vampires, as I found this in their ‘aftercare’ section on the website :|

    “Do not expose tattoo to sunlight for at least 2 weeks or until tattoo is healed.”

    I’ve never heard this one before… am I officially retarded?

  12. I agree with everyone else, Jae’s work is pretty darn good for being such a beginner, and being a scratcher. I’ve known a few scratchers in my time, and their work made me SHUDDER. Some of those pieces aren’t too bad at all. I bet if he were to get an apprenticeship in a good shop, he’d be well on his way to making a good living doing what he loves.

  13. I wholly appreciated this interview. My nephew is also a “scratcher”… (and pretty much does the same thing… disposable EVERYTHING). He’s put some tattoos on me, and I love them… he looked into getting an apprenticeship in our area.. and half the tattoo shops honestly hung up on him! So yah they are rather “clique-y” here as well.
    Everybody has to start somewhere…. JM2C
    live and learn.
    Much love and peace.

  14. :)
    I like this interview a lot.
    I’ve been starting out on this very path for a little while now of doing at home stuff although mostly on myself. It’s nice to see an interview with someone who isn’t amazing (yet).

  15. Graley, unless I’m the misinformed one, not exposing your new tattoo to sunlight is pretty damn importent.

  16. #22: I don’t think it’s being cliquey. If you’re a well established, skilled tattooist, taking on an apprentice is a big risk. If some kid puts a shitty tattoo on someone in your shop, it puts a big dent in your reputation. So, by necessity, tattooists are very cautious about taking on apprentices.

  17. Luxae, my tattoos have been exposed to sun since day one, and they’re fine :|
    I guess if by sunlight they mean like, sunbathing and shit, fair enough
    But if it’s literally “Don’t let the sun touch it you’ll burn!”..?

  18. this interview is great…its nice to see people trying to learn to do what they love and the difficulties they find in their way…im also trying to learn tattoo by myself and my story is pretty much the same…nice job…keep it real ;)

  19. i have to say, i really enjoyed this, and i know sterility is an important issue and being professionally trained blah blah blah, but i seriously think everyone should have at least one DIY mod, be it getting inked by a self taught tattoo artist, or piercing your genitals on a friends kitchen worksurface.

  20. I had not seen the “Big Dogs” site before. Thanks for bumming me out dude. Now I need to go get some quality work done on my eyeballs so that I can forever forget what I saw there.


  21. i don’t really think he qualifies as a scratcher. I worked in a tattoo shop trying to apprentice for piercing and the tattoo artist there…HE was a scratcher. To me a scratcher is someone who thinks they know what they are doing and advertises themselves as a professional. If you’re just a person with a tattoo gun drawing stuff on friends and anyone willing, then it’s no big deal, you might have some crappy work, but its all in good fun if that’s what you really want and go into the deal knowing those facts. The guy i worked around would shit talk other shops, not be in the right state of mind on the job, and size up other people’s work and say things like “oh $400 for that, i could have done it better for $150″, when in reality all of his work was pretty bad. I still to this day thought it was funny that i worked in a tattoo shop trying to become a piercer, but got my tattoos at a different place ;), i wonder if anyone took the hint?

  22. I enjoyed the interview. as long as he wants to continue to improve himself thats all that matters

  23. I never heard of big dog either but this is ridiculous: http://www.bigdogzink.com/images/10-5-06_020.jpg I must say I really love the seemingly random mix of upper and lower case letters. I mean I’ve heard of freehand tattoos (drawn on with markers before tattooed on), but never heard of truely freehand tattoos. Almost all their work looks like it was just slapped on.

  24. oh man…. I’d really like to beat all the hot air out of that Zilli p.o.s’ head. He doesn’t even have any visible tattoos on him for christ’s sake! How many tatoo ARTISTS do you know without at least 1 or 2 tattoos on the hands or torso?

  25. I really liked this interview! I was expecting to be shocked by some unscrupulous scratcher putting hideous work on people, but he seems genuine, and aware of how much he has to learn. And, as other people have said, his work really isn’t THAT bad. I’ve seen way worse work; he honestly seems pretty good for someone who’s only done about 25 tattoos!

  26. paleblue,
    I guess it depends on your area… being overly cautious is understandable of course. Being hung up on is just rude.

  27. The interview was great.Dont feel so outcasted anymore.I think there is a diferance between a Scratcher and a beginner…
    I too am a beginner and use disposable gear. Call it like you see it he’s a beginner not a scratcher.

  28. I really liked this interview. I wouldn’t actually consider him a scratcher – my understanding was/is that a scratcher is someone who tattoos yet doesn’t take tattooing and/or hygiene practices seriously and is only in it for the money etc.

  29. Yup, I wouldn’t really call him a scratcher either, more of a beggner because of his eagerness to learn, he knows he has a long journey ahead in contrats to many out there who think and give the impression they’re awesome and put horrible tattoos on people for a lot of money.

  30. is there such a thing as wipes that kill both HIV and the common cold? i dont know if someone already asked this and had it answered, but im apparently ignorant to the answer.

  31. I’ve always had mixed opinions about what a, “scratcher,” might be. We hear about folks who tattoo out of their house, and often we have to, “fix,” ‘em in our shop… that can be very annoying. The only thing that really concerns me is safe sterilization procedures are followed… there are people who are genuinely curious about tattooing and will start out just like Jae did, tattooing their friends, trying to figure things out on their own–it’s VERY hard to break into this business and sometimes this seems like the only route available to them.
    There are also the more annoying, “scratchers,” out there, i.e., guys who work in a shop (or who actually OWN their own shop) who tattoo like shit and then crow about how bad-ass their work is… there are a few of ‘em around here, to be sure, and their drawing arguments always involve 1. how little they charge, and 2. how fast they can work. If you hear any tattoo artist brag about how fast and cheap he is, just run.
    It’s funny reading about Big Dogz on here… a friend of mine gave me a link to their site a couple of years ago, and I actually thought it was a practical joke. Their, “work,” makes me physically ill.

  32. way to go i am VERY proud of you and hope to encourage you in the future . Hope you do well . I LOVE YOU

  33. i agree with alot of peoples comments. ive seen much worse come out of a shop. however if you have the cashflow (or even if you dont, hold out until you do) just go to a reputable shop that you know youll leave happy!

  34. Wow, I was going to comment on how this guy should perhaps practice a bit more on himself before subjecting people to work as poor as his…. but then I looked at that bigdogzink stuff, and wow, that is some of the worst tattooing I have ever seen. So, keep it up Jae!

  35. As someone who payed their dues for 2 years, cleaning and running about at the whims of tattooers, just to earn the chance to apprentice, I find it absurd that people think that teaching oneself is a viable route into the industry.

    I had Blood Borne Pathogens classes before I was accepted as an apprentice. I have been made to commit the history of this art-form to heart, so as to better understand its evolution.

    A scratcher (and make no mistake Jae is without doubt a scratcher) not only ruins peoples skin, but also risks the health of the general public, and debases the art as well.

    -Johnny Funwrecker
    The Good Rats
    “Cut Thumbs Can’t Tattoo”

  36. Oh man, WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS:

    Anyone? Inkblot test?

    Anyway, I made my way over to the piercing portfolio after becoming too sickened by the tattoo portfolios… can anyone here actually imagine entrusting their genitalia to one of these “artists” wielding a fucking needle? I actually shuddered at the thought.

    Anyway, nice little article, Shannon. Jae seems like a nice boy, and I hope he continues to welcome constructive criticism and further learning. I can see him becoming quite the respectable artist.

  37. Those tattoos aren’t THAT bad! They look a lot better than the majority of the crap I see around, in fact. I’d get tattooed by this guy; not anything huge or prominent, but sure man, I can always use some new ink, even if it might not be world class. The only thing I hedge on is sanitary issues which I’m way strict about. I’ll be a total dick about it no matter how pro the artist because to me, its like safe gun handling. You either do it or don’t, and not doing it is deadly.

  38. Hi everyone I’m Jae. I just wanted to thank all of you for all of the posotive comments and thanks for all of your support. And to babs Yes there is wipes that kill every thing from HIV to the common cold they’re just really hard to find. (lucky for me my mother just happens to work in a hospital that has a stock pile of them) :) doctors usually use them to disinfect opperating tables and stuff. I dont mean any disrespect but I just didn’t know how else to say it.sorry if I offended you in any way. Oh I almost forgot I just finished another piece like 30 mins ago.I will submit it tomorrow after I get off of work. Just thought I’d let everyone know in case you wanna check it out. LOVE,PEACE,AND CHICKEN GREASE….

  39. FUUUUUCKKK YEEAHHH! Scratch it up dude!! I get sick of high faluten artists thinking that only the lucky few who “know someone” can become tattooists. I taught myself to tattoo and people always hate on me. Especially in a competitive town like Seattle. My clients love me, my work, and my prices. Many people have called me a “scratcher”, and now I run my own fukkin shop!! And you know who can stop me? NO ONE!!! Most people who hate on newcomers are those that are intimidated by someone else “biting into their piece of the pie” and are stuck in the dead ways of old!! I don’t give a fuck where someone learned to tattoo as long as their cross-contamination is right and their art is cool. Not every tattoo has to be a mind blower!! Not everyone can afford Slave to The Needle prices, or deal with the egos of some of the “premeire” artists. Any tattoo can be scrutinised to find the techncal flaws if you look hard enough! I know I’m not the best in Seattle, but I and my repeat customers are very happy with both the quality of my tattoos and the constant progression of my art. Besides, if you start out fighting tattoos by using crappy Superior machines and disposable tubes, when you finally can afford to upgrade to steel tubes and Mickey Sharps, you’ll be that much better!!

    It’s time that the bod-mod industry realizes that not every amazing tattooist is taught by a diret diciple of Sailor Jerry, and was treated like a bitch for years, scrubbing pathogen infected tubes and cleaning shitters before getting the “honor” of being able to tattoo a shitty kanji while the “master” breathes down their neck!!

    I’m from the New School, and in that school, people will eventually recognise that the self taught artist is every bit as awesome as Katt Von D. or Nick Baxter! Wanna see some more “scratcher” work? Go to my Myspace!! Look at the tattoo photos and you be the judge!!

    I commend Jae, and the bitchin shit he’s doing, and the balls it takes to do it!! Let the Haters hate! Negativity only gets peepz down!! Lookout old schoolerz!! I think it’s going down!!

  40. Shannon: A bit off topic, but what is that font called? I see you use Bleeding Cowboys a lot, but that one is divine!

    Okay, I’m gonna go read the interview now……..

  41. Skizzystarr: Oh, gods: your post had me rolling, I swear. This is pretty much what I’ve voiced verbatim to so many people, before. Much respect to you for that!

  42. Great little story, Jae if you ever read this you should visit a little forum I’m part of called Ink-Trails. Good place for us “Scratcher” to get information and exchange ideas, questions and most important of all answers. Good Luck.

  43. Lovely interview! I loved reading it, but what I loved even more was that Jae seems to have a huge passion about tattooing and wants to put good things into practice. That’s almost too cute for words.

    About that Zilli dude, what seriously made me throw up was the flippin’ face he pulls whenever he gets to take a picture with one of the girls he’s tattooing. ZOMG!!

  44. His stuff isn’t the absolute worst I’ve seen, and he seems like a super-nice guy, but I just don’t think there’s any excuse for getting ‘okay’ tattoos when there are amazing artists out there. Skizzystarr, you complain about the price, but a tattoo that will be on you for the rest of your life is worth the investment IMO.

  45. I think the only criterion for not being a scratcher should be the overall quality (of course very subjective) and the safety. Then if you’re good enough and like to do so, then you should be able to earn a living with it. It should not be the other way around, that doing it professioanlly gives you the right to say that amateurs are scratchers.

  46. Well shit, makes me want to stop paying for good gloves, equipment, autoclave spore tests, licensing, and all the things that make the shop CLEAN and SAFE, and just fuck people up out of my house! After all, why am I paying for taxes, lab tests, decent equipment, licensing, health training, and all the legal stuff, when I could just say fuck it all and be respected by the community even though I don’t give a shit about its standards!

    Thanks shannon, for inspiring me to give the fuck up!

  47. By the way, I wonder when the health department last inspected his apartment? We had them here pretty recently.

    I seriously, seriously, have problems with this. I have no issue with people doing small DIY stuff on themselves with properly sterilized and disposable equipment (and I go far to the edge of opinion in tattooing by even saying that)…but this is seriously discouraging. I mean, shit man. All the years I spent apprenticing, learning, CARING about what I do as if it was more than a hobby- all the bullshit that I go through to be legal and above ground and safe…is all that work of mine really worthless? Is training and adhering to the laws wrong?

    This kind of glorification of the lazy man’s way into tattooing doesn’t really help. A lot of people just aren’t cut out to be tattooing- if you have no persistence and patience and responsibility, what right do you have to mark others for life? It just sucks to hear it here, after all the progress I’ve seen at bme over the years, about tattooing. Big bummer.

  48. I know it’s bad ettiquette to triple-post :)

    but I want to make it clear that I don’t hate this kid. He just has no idea what he’s doing to disrespect the thing I love. I think it’s really sad that people don’t realize the worth of tattooing, and that they don’t even make the effort to start out properly. Lots of times people will point at one or two big name ghuys and say “well, they started that way” but that was BACK IN THE DAY, things have changed a whole lot and now there’s really no excuse.

    I wrote this thing, a while back, about things to do to get started in tattooing. I’m posting a link here for this little scratcher kid to read. Jae if you want to get anywhere with this, and you are actually serious and not just fucking around with tattooing but truly love it, there ARE things you can do to get there. First, put down the machines. Read the link, and start at the beginning, like you oughta. It’s hard work but it IS worth it, for people who really love this artform and area serious about it, it’s always worth it.

    Jae, you can email me too if you have any questions, or hit me up on iam. shannon you can use the article linked here in any form if you like.


  49. whoever this poo-butt is, he needs to get off his ass, go to art school, get an apprenticeship and do it right…. or fuck himself.
    that goes for all the rest of you.
    anji is too nice.
    respect the craft and respect your clients (or victims, as the case may be) by doing it right.

  50. Fuck all the folk with the lame ass comments, im a pro and i respect the dude, the best artists in the world started out the way he is now.

  51. 74, ozzylynn on February 29th, 2008 at 1:22 pm

    Arguments, please.
    Dutchweirdo’s comment sounds very sensible to me.

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  53. Could someone tell me what you would call someone that got an apprenticeship and now tattoos out of there house?

  54. ozzylynn, nochi, resonanteye etc etc:
    Tattooing from home doesn’t necessarily suggest a lack of training in art and/or bloodborne pathogens… Personally I’ve been art making most of my life and I’ve passed a bloodborne pathogens course with flying colours… not everyone’s circumstances and opportunities are the same and you shouldn’t paint every person who practices at home with the same (contaminated) brush dudes.

  55. #41: lilish

    Actually, I have a (totally) freehand tattoo that is excellent, and it actually looks better than some other stuff that I have which was done with stencils by other artists.

    Oh, and it was done in a basement of a house, and the guy took pot smoking breaks. And it was awesome. Sorry resonanteye!

  56. Really not much to comment on about the interview, I’m too busy alternating between cracking up and cringing in horror as I look at the porfolios on bigdogzink! I seriously thought the first tattoo posted came from a joke site, you know, collect the crappiest tattoos you can find, and archive them here. My jaw just dropped when I saw they’re an actual studio, where people PAY for that! I’d be strongly inclined to punch the shit out of someone if I went into a “professional shop” and came out with whatever you want to call that garbage. I loved the line on the home page, come on in, what are you waiting for? Oh let’s seeeee….how about, either for you to learn how to tattoo, or for you to stop fuckin’ drinking on the job. The guy in the interview – his work looks ace when it’s compared to that, even if he is a beginner. Those images are going to haunt me forever…

  57. i’d get a tat from Jae. he’s more professional and talented than the only tattoo shop in my town.
    @ resonanteye – not all amateurs are scratchers, and not all scratchers are amateurs. the guy who tattooed me while i was drunk, 17 and in exchange for teaching him how to use google earth, he was a fucking massive scratcher. the tattoo looks like shit, of course. and he owns his own shop, and uses listerine to “sterilise” his piercing jewellery.

    seriously… i would rather go to a guy who works out of a clean house than one in a ratty, filthy shop.

  58. not to imply, of course,t hat all shops are ratty and/or filthy. most body art studios are awesome in their hygiene and general practice. the one in my town just absolutely sucks balls, and i used it to point out the exception to the “rule” that studios are cleaner than houses, rather than to make a generalisation against tattoo studios. sorry everyone.

  59. if you can’t even do the basics good, why would you even be thinking of realism and doing portraits? it’s one thing to fuck up a kanji (as bad as that is) but to fuck up a portrait of a loved one…

  60. Listen to all these haters. You guys sound jealous that you had to scrub tubes, fetch coffee, get lunch, sweep floors, make stencils and everything else before you were even allowed to pick up a machine, and here’s Jae doing his own thing and you hate on him for it? Grow up. How is he affecting you, personally? If he is happy tattooing people that are happy to let him, then who the fuck are you to cast aspersions?

    I am a professional tattooist of 19 years and I say good on him. Sure, his work isn’t the best but practice makes perfect. If it was up to the “new age tattooist” nobody would get apprenticeships, the art would die a slow and agonizing death and then where would all you so called “pros” be then? Bitching that everyone else fucked things up for the tattoo industy and the art in general. It’s never you …

    Keep it up Jae, you will find a lot of people such as the ones on here that hate you for what you are doing, then you will find equally as many if not more that will support you. Old school professionals included.

  61. im not hating on shit. my apprenticeship taught me respect for the medium…… i earned it.
    i realize tattooing at home doesnt immediately mean scratcher.
    mike roper works at home.
    eddie deutchse (sp?) works at home.
    but guess what?
    they have HALF A FUCKING CLUE, as they have worked in a professional environment, and gotten to a level where they can do what they want.
    this clown bought a kit and probably a teener, and went to work.
    do you think when this asshole infects some senators daughter, that the lawmakers will say “its OK, hes a kitchen wizard.”
    bullshit……. they will lump ALL OF US togeather in the same pile.
    and then we’re all fucked.
    wake up.

  62. i myself have worked in quite a few shops and have done a formal apprenticeship and i can see both sides of this debate. i think quality work and a safe clean environment and equipment is the important thing. i currently tattoo from home after being ripped off by the owner of the last shop i worked at. i DO have an autoclave and ultrasonic and i have taken my bbp/cross contamination class and am certified i DO tattoo in an area away from my family and i don’t cut corners but still in the eyes of the tattoo “elite” i would be called a scratcher. so you can’t please everyone. my clients leave extremely happy and always come back for more work.oh and resonanteye…jeff gogue is self taught and he is not from back in the day and he is AMAZING and wins awards at many tattoo shows all the time(i know this is not typical) but self taught doesn’t ALWAYS equal scratcher……….

  63. Not all artists that work from home are scratchers, plenty of amazing artists I know also have a smaller set-up at home, even including small purpose-built bio-rooms. In fact my partner is a tattoo artist & the set-up we have at home is without a doubt cleaner than most professional tattoo shops.

  64. I just checked out the peircing gallery of bigdogzink website. Some scary stuff there as well…

    Jae, I like him from his interview. One big thing he has going for him is the fact he’s not an arrogant asshole who can’t admit he’s made mistakes. This sets him apart from quite a few very wellknown artists. All he needs to do is get the bbp/cross contamination classes and an autoclave, keep the heart and soul and practice practice practice.
    Self taught doesn’t always mean “scratcher” (as #93 wrote) and a schooled pro in a shop doesn’t always an artist make.

  65. Now really.. If I did drugs do you really think that I’d have enough money to buy a tattoo kit?? come on use your brain. Duhh

  66. Roger Rabbit is right.

    Now there is a sentence I never thought I would have to type.
    But I agree, I have found (judging mostly by reading comments of these “elite” apprentices on modblog, so bear with me) that tattoo apprentices who do grunt jobs have this whole ego trip thing going (talknig about earning their right, respecting the medium etc etc) YAWN I’d rather get a tattoo off Bigdogz ink dudes than have to listen to the constant whining of tattoo apprentices.

  67. O and if you are on the bigdogzink website, check out the piercing gallery. I saw many horrible things, the worst being worlds wonkiest labret and if you see the pic of a couple of kids with tougne piercings, there is a sign behind them saying “we are proud of our work”

    Those dudes have some Loooooooooooow standards.

  68. “Grow up. How is he affecting you, personally? If he is happy tattooing people that are happy to let him, then who the fuck are you to cast aspersions?”

    I’m the one that follows the law. I’m the one that learned properly, in a safe environment, because I CARED about my clients and myself. I’m the one offering him some information on how to do this the right way.

    As I said, the “great artists who learned at home” – most of them learned at home before GLOVES were even standard. Times have changed, pathogens have evolved, and the public’s level of knowledge about tattooing is changing as well. People who work with no training in an unsafe environment are scratchers. They shrug into tattooing, a field I love and have given everything for, as if it was a joke. It’s insulting.

    If he is happy to work with no dedication, no training, and no skill, and possibly infect people who DON’T know any better and are therefore being put at risk AGAINST THEIR WILL, then why the fuck not, is that what you’re saying?

    grow up… I have worked in a lot of strange environments. But I started out with supervision, and knew my shit before I put anyone’s health or appearance at risk. There is a big difference between Guy Aitchison working from home, and Big Dogz ink. This guy, and people like him, are NOT onthe right side of that equation. Before you whip out your gogue again….yeah, and it has taken him how long? Ask him how he feels about being self-taught before you drop name. That guy came with talent, and had some guidance. The fact that he did the wrong thing and still succeeded…well shit man, there are millions of shitty scratchers, and one gogue. Get it? The vast majority of scratchers will NOT be that skilled no matter HOW long they “practice” on unwitting victims.

  69. If it were up to me, people would have one apprentice at a time, once they knew their shit. no “learning” from teh internets and hurting people and fucking up, no kits, no scratchers.

    No newbies teaching newbies.

    You know, not everyone who wants to tattoo is going to be good at it. And this is one thing you should be good at, to be doing.

  70. oh, and mephistopheles? I’ll bet you that your scratcher shop owner friend was self-taught, and opened that shop because all the “jealous” professionals wouldn’t “give him a chance”, or wanted him to work his way up instead of being on top from the start….massive ego makes shitty work.

  71. yuck, he’s not my friend. he’s some unsterile douchebag who happens to have a monopoly on the tattoo industry for about a 100km radius from my town.

    i’m just saying, i bet Jae’s living room is more sterile than the douchebag’s studio. because i bet Jae doesn’t consider Listerine to be as effective as an autoclave to sterilise metal. am i right, dude?

  72. you can drop the hostile attitude if its directed at me resonanteye i paid my dues and did an apprenticeship too so you have NOTHING to hold over my head and preach about. i’m not advocating self teaching and unsafe tattooing at all but you were saying all the self taught guys were from “back in the day” that’s not completely true steve morris is another example of a self taught artist from todays tattoo world. i agree that most self taught tattooers are shitty artists and unsafe but you can’t make complete generalizations like that. and you have to admit that finding an apprenticeship is nearly impossible and the majority of tattooers now days just want it to remain a “secret society” so they can keep the prices sky high and keep the cash in their own pockets (who could blame them we all like money)i’m all for earning your way and learning properly and EVERYONE who picks up a machine should be held to the same health standards to prevent disease. so basicly i guess i support the right to learn for anyone serious about this artform but i also think tattooers shouldn’t act like they are the only people on the planet to act like they deserve the opportunity to do this.

  73. i got some questions for jae.
    what are the “baby wipes” you say your mommmy STEALS for you from the hospital?
    where do you dispose of your bio-hazardous waste? if your mommy does this for you as well, then shes breaking more laws than just STEALING “baby wipes”.
    do you have a proper business liscence for your house?
    has the health department ever inspected your kitchen?
    you are not only a public health risk, and a talentless fuck…
    but also a CRIMINAL.
    and so is your mommy, it seems.
    maybe you should ALL go tattoo in prison together.

  74. Well since the popular vote is that it’s OK to tattoo out of your house. I’m going to order a kit from Huck Spaulding and clear my table.I’ve worked in tattoo shops long enough to THINK I know what I’m doing. Oh, and I’ve always wanted to learn to do cosmetic surgery, I’m heading to the local bookstore to buy a book and teach myself. It could be a one stop shop…cosmetic tattoos, a nice tribal armband, a rhinoplasty, and finish it off with some botox.
    Do some of you really not understand that these are people you’re dealing with… Family, friends, friends of friends?
    I love how no one wants to have an apprenticeship these days. Artists that have gone through apprenticeship respect and love their craft because they had to work for it.
    But I guess ignorance is bliss for most….SAD!

  75. CHEERS to eric. He is on point.

    and nochi I don’t know about america but here in Canada it is possible to get ahold of Caviwipes (which im guessing is what he’s referring to, but I could be wrong) and similar products legally… now I’m an anarchist so I’m obviously biased but I think laws like that aren’t in place to help anyone, only to punish people for making their own decisions.

    It’s extremely immature to say omg you broke the law you and yer mom should go to jail you suck!

    Also, on a less pissed off note, herekittykitty, it says in the interview that he’s using disposable everything so having an autoclave would be a little pointless because he’d have nothing to autoclave :) unless he made the switch to reusable tubes of course.

  76. ALSO it is possible to dispose of hazardous waste in some/many areas from a home environment… it’s very easy to get ahold of sharps disposal containers and here they can be dropped off for proper disposal at nearly any pharmacy. a lot of people have diabetes and stuff and need this service so it’s not very difficult and that is really the most dangerous waste that you’d get normally from tattooing.

  77. i never said his mom was stealing…. he did.
    cleaning products are very easy to get.
    scratchers dont care to bother, this is shown by the fact his mommy gets his wipHi everyone I’m Jae. I just wanted to thank all of you for all of the posotive comments and thanks for all of your support. And to babs Yes there is wipes that kill every thing from HIV to the common cold they’re just really hard to find. (lucky for me my mother just happens to work in a hospital that has a stock pile of them) :) doctors usually use them to disinfect opperating tables and stuff. I dont mean any disrespect but I just didn’t know how else to say it.sorry if I offended you in any way. Oh I almost forgot I just finished another piece like 30 mins ago.I will submit it tomorrow after I get off of work. Just thought I’d let everyone know in case you wanna check it out. LOVE,PEACE,AND CHICKEN GREASE….eys.
    this is a direct quote from the rockstar in question.
    i also would like to say fuck BME for giving this douchebag what amounts to free advertisement, and an un warranted ego- boost.
    way to devalue the TRUE art of tattooing, fellas.

  78. A) I’ve already read that thanks.
    B) doesn’t sound very rockstar to me.
    C) He didn’t say she stole them, just that they had a stockpile at the hospital where she works… perhaps she has access to them. Who cares anyways, it’s just some wipes, its not like she’s taking fucking autoclaves or something. The hospital probably pays next to nothing for them.

    And the point of BME is to show a spectrum of work. If they only interviewed artists who are amazingly talented and have been tattooing for years and years, you don’t get this sense that people DON’T AUTOMATICALLY start out being amazing at this art. Tattooing is an intensely difficult medium and I think showing where (some) people start out is very valuable.

  79. he cant even name the product, or how it works.
    by his own words… he cant explain it.
    now that shows integrity, and love of your craft.
    you’re defending a scourge to the art of tattooing… he says he does it for love.
    i say he does it because he thinks hes cool for it.
    and to the admin of this site….. quit censoring my wife…. she has an educated opinion on this matter.
    she has commented twice on this, and been denied twice.
    way to show both sides.
    this place needs an enema.

  80. Oh Miss Megan,
    There is so much failure in you logic. I peeked at your profile.How old are you honey?
    You want to tattoo, right? No self respecting tattoo artist is going to take you on as an apprentice with a home portfolio. If you want to get hacked up by a kitchen wizard, more power to ya.
    I admit to not being a tattoo artist, I have worked as a shop “Bitch” for many years. But my hubby has busted his ass for many years to learn his craft. He respects it, he loves it and it is his PASSION.
    You’re missing the bigger picture sweetie!

  81. DAmn. Big Dogz piercers quote a healing time of 5-10 days. Hot damn. They must have like, fucking super magical wizarding needles! Im so there…. :)

  82. i have a home done tattoo i fucking love it. its not perfectly done, but i love its imperfections.

  83. WOW what a Fuckin pissing contest….I paid more then you so im better bla, bla, fuckin bla.
    Theres so much info out there now unlike back in the day were the only place to learn was at a shop . Anything you want to know is right at your finger tips. Everyone has a choice dont go to his fuckin house and dont eat off his table. Jae please find a room away from everything and everydody (family)to work out of…….

  84. WOW!!!! nochi I didn’t know that you felt that strongly about it…I think that I’m just gonna go ahead and throw away all of my equipment.(YEAH RIGHT)!!! Your such an arrogant bastard. Do you really think that I give a freak about what you think? OH OK just because you were somebody’s BITCH every body has to be other wise were just CRIMINALS right. HA HA HA your very funny shit bag…

  85. BIG UP Jae…keep improving and doing what YOU love…if they hate, then let them hate.

  86. and that attitude towards established tattooers, who are respected by thier peers is why you will ALWAYS be she shit on my heel, ankle-biter.
    go ask your mommy what kind of wipes she steals for you and study up on your terminology…. you sound like a 6 year old trying to explain fingerpaints.

    moron….im arrogant in your eyes because i EARNED THE RIGHT TO BE ARROGANT TOWARDS ASS FUCK SCRATCHERS LIKE YOU.

  87. Apparently if your lucky enough to find a place in the “secret society” that is the tattoo community, you are better than everyone else.
    No one earns the right to be a arrogant dick, apprenticeship or not.

  88. Nochi post some of your fist work you whine litte fuck bag!I am also self tought and use all desposable but I will not tattoo in my home I have built a shop behind my house for that.I dont see why it should matter to you what we do if you are good enough we cant take your clients and if EVERYTHING is disposable , covered and our clients are happy why should you give a fuck. I love tattoing and have tattooed for free just to be able to, how many free tattoos do you do? Thats all this fight is about any way MONEY, you could give a shit less what who is giveing what to who ,just the more people we get the less money you make.Or your just a nice guy who cares about everyone I bet you donate to all kinds of charities and go visit all the people in the hospital that scratchers are giving shit to dont you.

  89. did you ever notice that you NEVER hear big name tattooers like bob tyrell,kore flatmo,joshua carlton, or anyone actually uber-talented ranting on internet forums about this stuff?? it’s always some self proclaimed tattoo master that no one has ever heard of talkin all the shit! the really talented tattooers are FAR TOO BUSY doing incredible tattoos to waste their time blowing hot air on a message board! hey nochi! shouldn’t you be spending your time drawing gettin ready for a customer?? i hear SOME of what you’re sayin and do think EVERYONE who tattoos should be held to the same standard of cleanliness and safety but damn man it IS a free country and if someone would rather get less than good work then who are you to tell them they can’t?? if you’re as good as you tell everyone you are then you will have clients booked til the second coming and plenty of the almighty dollar. i did an apprenticeship and have worked in a shop too but i could really give a fuck if someone gets a lousy tattoo as long as they don’t tattoo my children. concern yourself with things that involve you! you’re never gonna win this debate you and i both know that.

  90. Nochi, your wife isn’t being censored and neither are you. First-time commentors go through moderation, and I’ve got better things to do on a Sunday afternoon than to sit here reading her comments, which are now visible. So sorry she had to wait all of three hours for her comment to show, but such is life.

    The fact that I put up an interview with Jae isn’t me recommending people get tattooed by him or think it’s a good idea. The fact that I put up an interview with Johnny Thief or Dan DiMattia isn’t me recommending them either, nor is the fact that I put up an interview with Wanda me recommending that people eat stolen shit. My stance is that everyone’s life is interesting and everyone has an interesting story to tell, and that by learning as many people’s stories as possible, we discover what is right for us. I think most will choose not to go to scratchers or eat shit, and most will choose Johnny or Dan, but the fact is, people can make up their own minds and the more they have to go on — at all levels — the better a decision they’ll make.

  91. the work is decent but you’re no bob tyrell and certainly spend too much time worryin about shit that doesn’t involve you. but waste your breath if you want to i do agree on some levels there are alot of shitty “tattooers” out there doin horrible work. but if someone is too cheap to pay for quality they get what they get in my opinion. i’m not gonna lose any sleep over it. people are free to make poor decisions in this country………

  92. it all involves me.
    if you’re a professional….. it involves you.
    these parasites endanger the entire medium.
    educate the public… erradicate the hack.
    and i never said i was a tattoo god.
    but i care enough to pursue my career properly… with respect to the history, my peers and most impoortantly of all, my clients.
    this IS NOT a hobby…. its a life.
    i will never stop bashing hacks, because with every client they deface or infect…. the interity of the medium as a whole is damaged.
    thats what nobody seems to get, yet professionals are accused of constantly…..
    its not the money…. i get paid, and have a large client base to work from…. with new ones daily.
    its about keeping the medium alive and well.
    there is not much that is worse for someones self image than a bad tattoo…… except, perhaps, and good case of MRSA or hep.

  93. Nochi I want to see some of your first tattoos! I know your so good now that your in magazines and all but jae had the balls to post his fist or did you go straight into the big time? My point is every one starts at the bottom including you!Apprenticeships wont teach you artistic talent your born with that. And all you that are aginst disposable ,what happens when you spore test your autoclave it passes then a day later it breaks do you test it every day or do you go on steralizing for a few weeks with autoclave that hasent steralized shit. My tubes havent ever touched skin whos cleaner?

  94. we have three autoclaves, and two statums.
    seems we wont be having any problems with that.
    and i am cleaner, as i have been trained to be that way.
    theres no eggs and bacon on my station.

  95. i can see what you’re sayin i guess and i DID say anyone who picks up a machine should be held to the same safety and cleanliness standards. i’m all for not spreading disease. i just know that there will always be scratchers period…… gettin all bent out of shape about it doesn’t do alot to change that. but you do make some valid points.

  96. but getting bent does help.
    people are listening.
    just accepting hacks is what harms the craft.
    we may not be able to get rid of them all……..
    but we certainly dont need to make them comfortable, or welcome.
    or give them free publicity.
    the only side of tattooing this guy represents is the bottom of the backside……
    where shit gathers if you dont wipe enough.

  97. nochi quit crying like a little bitch with a skinned knee..GOD your so annoying just shut the hell up already.You haven’t earned the right to anything. I can tattoo better than you with me feet….your such a MOTHER HEN grow up already dick face……

  98. Jae………
    Are you for real? Honestly?
    Do you not have the intellect to understand the points that people are trying to make? Seriously?
    Maybe if you stop, drop and roll…(because you’re on fire),
    you’d be able to get the grand scheme of things. You’re an uneducated tattooer(self proclaimed, might I add)…point blank! You have the potential to damamge the indusrty as a whole. That is the point that is trying to be made………either you get it or you don’t!
    I’m sure with a proper apprenticeship, you could be a respected tattooer…the choice is yours! I hope this helps you get a clue.

  99. Dude, I’m not an uneducated tattooer I’ve taken classes, I know how to clean up afetr myself, I know what measures to take when dealing with client’s, I know how to not infect people… You guys are just tripping because you saw a fucken kitchen table, that dosent mean that I tattoo off of the same table that my family and I eat off of, It just means that I don’t have enough money to open up a studio and buy ultra sonic cleaners and autoclaves. That’s why I use disposable stuff. Who are you guys to look down on me just because my tubes arent stainless steel or my tattoo room isn’t a studio with a big sign out front that says TATTOO in big red letters? You guys can kiss my ass because I know that my designated “tattoo room” Is cleaner than most studio’s Because I clean the damn thing top to bottom every fucken day. So untill I infect someone, shut the fuck up….I may not be some great artist but when it comes to cleanliness I know that the hell I’m doing…

  100. Dude!!! I wouldn’t waste my precious time mopping your floor.. I gotta keep my money makers clean..lol

  101. lol you probably don’t even have a studio… I bet you that my tattoo room is bigger than your so called studio..lol I bet that your just pissed off because you started out tattooing in a men’s bathroom stall. You dirty little bastard..lol

  102. Nochi, independent of your skills as a tattoo artist, I really wouldn’t want to go to you because you have an extremely negative energy… Cool down.

  103. Whatever you say Jae, let’s all bow down to the scratcher!
    GET A FUCKING CLUE! I’ve tried to be nice with my comments.

    You don’t know shit about what your talking about!
    I’m sure I’ve forgot more about tattooing than you’ll ever learn. Your EGO is YOUR downfall. Good luck trying to make a legit career in this business. Learn to take your licks, they build personality (and skills).

  104. Dear Shannon,
    I understand you had a reason for this whole interview. Your friend had the balls to admit to it, now he has to get some feedback. Energy-Smenegry, it boils down to principles!
    Some people have them, some do not. Hummmm?

  105. Is that right??? Well all I have to say is that it’s not my fault that you guys can’t take a fucken joke..Get your ass hair out of a twist….

  106. I don’t have any ass hair……..
    There’s a thing called a razor. And I’ll learn to take a joke when you do.

  107. Cocob – Please, don’t say that you “tried to be nice”. You didn’t. You freaked out when your comments weren’t approved fast enough, and, whether the underlying sentiments are accurate or not, you’ve put them very aggressively and rudely, which has made them far less productive than they could have been.

  108. Whatever you say sir Shannon.
    I had made a comment a day before that was never posted, so if you consider that “freaking out” I don’t know what to say.Maybe you should have better moderation on this site. My second comment was posted and I thank you for that. I tried to handle this on email, and I found YOU to be rude. Whatever, I’ll bow down to the mighty BME gods. And for me being agressive and rude……I’ll slap myself on the hand, but I’m not going to apoligize. Sorry that people have opinions.

  109. Give me a break — you sent me a rude and insulting message and got a completely polite reply. You’re welcome to repost it here and point out what in it you felt was rude.

  110. thats exactly what you dont get, jae.
    its NOT A JOKE.
    you suck, and you’re a public hazard.
    so, heres my addy, just so you know im real.
    industrial tattoo
    2434 dwight way
    berkeley ca 94704
    and you will never tattoo as well as me…. though you may want to practice with your feet.
    cuz when you fuck up the wrong persons tattoo…. i bet they smash your hands.

  111. and shannon… dont worry about getting work from me…..
    i wouldnt tattoo you anyway.

  112. All I did was point out the fact that this site is not what it once was. I used to be a member and now I’m not. I found the link to this whole interview off Inkednation. Sorry if I hurt your feelings.
    I did state that I would never recommend this site to a friend and that I felt like I was being censored…true. But in the end …what does this have to do with Jae’s article?

  113. Well, you and your husband are insisting that your opinions are very valuable, and that this is an important issue. I’m saying that if you want to convince someone of your point, doing it by screaming and being rude isn’t the most effective way to do it, and a lot of people will write you off for that reason alone.

  114. Never said they were valuable…maybe informative? This is a country where we are entitled to opinions.
    And if you don’t realize the impotance of this issue, well???
    And as far as screaming, I only use Caplocks when needed.

    You opened yourself, your friend, and your website to this critisim…

  115. I think the lack of grammar on the part of all people involved in the arguement adds to the irony of it all.

    resonanteye: Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee284/apudu/DSC_0012.jpg
    I’m really happy you went through an apprenticeship, I feel that it is an integral and important part of the learning process. That aside, the end doesn’t speak to much for the means.

    nochi: If you have such a problem with Shannon and BME, I suggest you go post over at “Inkednation” or some other “wonderful” website where your ego can fit through the door. Take some formal training for spelling, while you’re at it. Your arguement carries minimal weight when it sounds as if a twelve year-old is sitting at the keyboard.

    Personal “irks” aside, I do feel that Jae should pursue professional training and earn his stripes if he plans on tattooing for a living. This is not to say that he won’t get any better if he does not, but it will certainly inhibit his ability to progress into a respectable artist. The reason tattoo artists who actually matter haven’t thrown their hats into the ring on this issue (in my humble opinion) is due to the fact that they have the common sense to know that Jae is making almost no impact on their industry. Shops with broken autoclaves (or ones that have never been spore-tested), sharps containers strewn about, and a complete lack of regard for their client’s health and well-being are the true threat to the industry. Anyone can walk into those shops and get “scratched” on by people who claim to be experienced artists, where as Jae is limited to a “client-base” which consists of friends and family.
    To stress the overall point of this article: Shannon was not glorifying what Jae is doing, but he didn’t lead him out to slaughter either. Instead of spouting your mouths off about how disrespectful and ignorant he is, how about you add some thoughtful insight to the issue.

  116. (Never said they were valuable…maybe informative? This is a country where we are entitled to opinions.) Well this is also a country where we have freedom of expression.God it’s not like I’m seducing them with drugs and alcohol,everyone that I “torture” is a willing participant,as a matter of fact they come to me. And nochi stop crying already. “your a public hazard” WAH WAH WAH!!!! You talk as much head as you give. I’ve seen your work, It’s not that great, MR TATTOO MAN. If your so damn concerned about the safety of the public then why don’t you come on over with the police and health inspector and shut me down??? THAT’S A DARE……….A DOUBLE DOGGY DARE………

  117. nochi…Why did you remove your profile on inked nation???HMMMMMM. Is it because you suck? OR, Are you just ashamed of your work?

  118. When it comes down to it. The people who have talent will survive those who don’t, won’t.
    Jae, may learn a lot. Improve greatly and succeed.
    Or he may not, and will have to close down.
    He is following the rules of BBP and CC.
    If he wants to tattoo and he has willing clients, we really can’t say anything about it.
    I admire his heart. Like everyone though. He has lots to learn.
    Leave it in the hands of the consumer.
    All this shit talking is stupid.

  119. whats your adress,jae?
    and the only time you will EVER have a talented bone in your body is when my cock is in your ass, so give up the shit talk and go to your room.
    grown ups are talking.
    crumb-snatching wannabe scab vendor.

  120. As if I’m gonna make it that easy.If you really want me you gotta find me,You wasted enough time and energy crying like a little bitch why not waste more looking for me? FAG!!!You would want my ass wouldn’t you you little homo.Well I cant blame you Thats probably the way you got your apprenticeship..LMAO!!! You gave new meaning to the word (SHOP BITCH)…ROFL

  121. omglolzroflmao……you realize you misspelled the word argument in the first sentence of your post right?? right before you went on to crack on everyone’s grammar and spelling errors! if you’re gonna talk down to people and play the pseudo-intellectual then you should use spellcheck so you don’t look foolish……that is all(oh and i’m sure i made several grammatic errors in this post so mi’ll save you the time of responding)

  122. Why am I gonna tell you where I am? You might try and rape me or something..LOL! HOMO…

  123. BEWARE THE NOCHI!!!! He’s a very untalented DIGGER/sexual predator who preys on SCRATCHERS who’s skills developed faster than his own…Watch your back!!!! He may come for you next… MWAH HA HA HA… Rated R.. Coming to a theater near you Staring Andy dick as nochi and Jae as himself…..ROFLMAO!!!!!

  124. Jae, you are a funny little guy, at least you think you are.
    This whole argument is getting tiresome. I have nothing but time to play around here with you though. Why don’t you go back through the posts and try to absorb some of what people are telling you? Hopefully you can read and your skull isn’t too thick to grasp some of the knowledge that is there.

  125. LOL!!! What knowledge? All that you guy’s have done is piss and moan..So enlighten me how have you guy’s tried to help me?
    Is it by telling me to be a shop bitch, or by ragging on my work? Yes I agree this is getting boring, I’m sick of the two of you crying like little babies and then trying to tell me that your trying to help me.. What the hell is that all about?
    The two of you don’t know what the hell your talking about. If
    your so concerned about helping people then help them, don’t sit there and bitch, moan and groan and resort to name calling.
    The two of you are acting younger than I am and just as unprofesonal. I got an idea why dont you submit some of your first tattoos so that everyone can compare your first to my first. Or else just shut the fuck up…..

  126. “The only time you will EVER have a talented bone in your body is when my cock is in your ass, so give up the shit talk and go to your room.” LOL!!! I really can’t add to that…Other than to say that Nochi is a hell of lot more nice to you that I am gonna be…He also has more skill and talent than your sorry ass could ever dream of…thats why you work in a house scratching on little kids and crack heads you sack of festering rectal cheese wanna be tattoo guy…

  127. I guess your just not seeing that are plenty of others on here that have had to same thing to say to you myself included.Refer to post #132
    1. You might have potential to be a real tattooer oneday.
    2. The way your going about tattooing isn’t the best way to go.
    3. The way you are trying to progress in the medium is not the best choice if you are SERIOUS about it.

    You sir just don’t get it…

  128. big bad scratcher telling me to shut the fuck up.
    put up your addy, hack.
    i did.
    but, of course, you know your wrong and need to hide.
    i bet the irs would like to know your making illegal money and not reporting it.
    you break laws…. do shitty work…….and probably are filthy (as you cant even explain surface decontamination.
    but im the asshole.
    just like a hack to be totally delusional.
    you’re right… you yule… and professional, safe and ethical tattooers suck.
    you ARE on drugs.

  129. you know jae, i was defending you a lil bit (not completely) but now you’re bein childish. and in nochi’s defense his work is 1000% better than yours. it doesn’t bother me as much that you’re tryin to tattoo at home as long as you are bein safe.(that means go take a bbp/cc class and adhere to the rules STRICTLY) but to say your work is better than his and resort to name calling as well………well it makes you both look foolish.

  130. well eric whats your fucken point? Am I supposed to kiss your ass or something? And nochi, you seem to have enough time to talk shit and stuff, so why dont you do something productive with it and go fuck your self. And cocob,you just dont know what the hell your talking about…

  131. man…. someones defensive.
    scratchers are funny.
    delusional, disease spreading, uninformed, unethical health hazards…….
    but funny.

  132. you know man you got a big fuckin mouth dude i wasn’t bein super rude to you man and i never asked you to kiss my ass but a word of advice dude……shouldn’t just run your mouth without thinkin of consequences bro i live here in phoenix too and go to superior alot so if you get knocked on your ass leavin there and wonder why well now you know. i stood up for you to a point but i guess you are just an ignorant hack with a big ego(unjustifiably) and a bigger mouth. watch your back dude i know what you look like

  133. What the hell? Why is a site dedicated to body modification wasting time spotlighting a scratcher?

    Aren’t there enough REAL tattooists to cover?

    And the amount of people defending him is stupid! How about an article on “How to properly spread hep without even trying?”

    This place is a joke!

  134. i dont know what started this shit….and i dont care…all i know is nochi is a good shit…if it comes out of his mouth consider it gospel, i know he has the tattoo artists best intrest at heart….

  135. Fuck you eric I’d like to see your ass at superior you little bitch. pick a fucken day and time, I’ll be there bitch you better watch your back because you dont know who your fucking with.. lets meat up and i’ll school your ass, (muthafucker said it like I’m supposed to be scared of some little bitch) OOOOOOHHHHH I’m pissing my pants…. If your so fucken big and bad DON’T TALK ABOUT IT BE ABOUT IT!!!!!!!

  136. You know what I’d like to see your ass step to me.. Fucken internet soldier…Do something and see what happens… Dude I’ll fuck your shit up.. You dont know me like that, so you better watch the fuck out…

  137. as a matter of fact I’m at superior every day..So go a head and try to creep up on me.. Just know this, you ain’t gonna catch me slippin… So make your move…

  138. see ya soon telephone tough guy go do some more horrible tattoos. we’ll be sein each other

  139. i’ll give you my address via e-mail if you feel like puttin your ass in harms way. be about that……..god you’re an idiot now you got me resorting to this childish shit. you really do suck though dude and to think i started off half ass defending you what a tool……….

  140. Jae,
    Your sooooooooooooooo right. Sorry I won’t give you all the tricks of the trade.I have nooooooooooo idea what I’m saying. You are a dipshit. Fuck you….and your infected house and your non-talented ass! Hope karma bites you in the ass………CHOAD!

  141. Well fuck it lets do this..No one told or ask for you to be captain save a hoe, so you can take your half ass defending me and cram it up your ass.. If you really want me to hurt you keep fucking with me…..

  142. somebody opened a can of worms.
    uncomfortable, hack?
    get used to it…… nobody likes a wannabe.
    god, i wish i still worked in phoenix.

    and you use superior…… supplier to scratcher worldwide.

  143. and is that a drink on your workstation? or are you using a constant wash out?
    way to drag your arm across your dirty field.
    pictures are priceless.
    what a cock-holster.

  144. you’re real scary lookin with your pencil arms man. i’m quakein in my boots. i live on 35th ave and northern not hard to find. anytime poser. hope you fight better than you tattoo or you better make an ambulance be standing by.

  145. you got one thing right though assclown. stickin up for you is the same as savin a “ho” fuckin mouthy bitch .you’re a hack

  146. body art yes living canvas no and worked in sacramento ay fat cats and downtown sac at murder ink a couple others not really worth mentioning

  147. shannon is right this is lame…………have fun spreading disease and doin shitty tattoos. love the linework and fill on the love hate tattoo jae real quality work……..oh and cocob i think you got me confused im ERIC A. anyway i’m done with this horseshit . jae you suck. and this article was w aste of space.

  148. bwah ha ha ha so you CAN’T fight!! knew it any coward can pull a piece. typical take the easy way out of everything…….punk

  149. eric, i helped big chris open fat cat….
    i also worked at body art for a while….
    is this eric v.?

  150. what the fuck are you talking about? I never said that I was gonna do it. I said for you to do it…

  151. be quiet now, hack.
    we’re trying to have a conversation.
    it’s not your show anymore…… you screwed the pooch.
    at least i didnt threaten anyone.
    good move……….real professional.
    and shannon… the comedy satrted when you gave this joker the spotlight.
    i just helped it along.

  152. whatever nochi your nothing more than a cock sucker that’s pissed off because you can’t deal with the fact that your life’s work is getting out done by a (hack) that can out do you on his worst day and your best day…

  153. the… scratchers ….the…professionals – since when did we all go back to junior high? I think you all need to unbunch your panties and take this else where- right now its not a matter of whos right or wrong its a matter of you all look like idiots.

  154. again… you’re on drugs.
    i fart more knowledge than you will ever know, shakey.

  155. You know what.. I’m bored with fucking with all of you dip shits… I got better things to do than to sit here and listen to a bunch of dumb asses..It’s like the blind leading the blind… And thank you guy’s for helping me win a bet, for Awhile there I didn’t think that I could get 200 comments…lol

  156. Sweet Jesus! Half the comments here are bitchy arguments.
    At the end of the day, this website is about body modification. Stop bitching and go on with your lives. And do I really have to add the whole “special olympics” internet fighting cliche?

  157. no shit.

    by the way, I dare ya to pull up that link of my work posted above and give me a reason why coop’s flash is such a terrible tattoo. For reals man. I have done worse work, in the past, that you could easily have posted a link to.

    But at least I never spent any time possibly infecting people by not knowing basic OSHA procedure.

    And I would like to point out that I think I’m the only person who has offered any actual assistance or support to Jae in the commetns here. So before “omgzrfol” starts having a panic attack, try to think about who you are being a bitch to.

  158. It reminds me of way back when I first started. I said some pretty foul ass things to someone, a very decent well-established artist, right there at the beginning.

    When I later met him, he was so nice to me…I felt like a moron for running my mouth when I wasn’t yet educated or capable of actually doing good work. It sucked.

    It’s easy when you don’t know much to run off at the mouth and offend people. You have to realize that professionals will down you because they care about tattooing- not because they have anything personal against you- but that operating this way is terrible for tattooing as a whole. And we love it.

    If you love it too, you get that, and you don’t start acting like you’re better than others. You listen, you respond, you offer help or you try some different approach or you just lay the machines down and go about it the right way…or something.

    You don’t start insulting your elders, who could actually one day help you, because that just fucks YOU.

    One thing about this business. The guy whose guts you hate today is the same guy you’re going to sit next to at a convention two years from now, or whose word you will get or lose a job because of, or who you’ll have to eat with at a convention dinner…you should be careful what bridges you burn and who you treat badly.

    This is just kind of rambling advice for you jae. Don’t make enemies of the very people whose assistance you need (the artists that have already gotten there). Pay attention. Being defensive and unpleasant…those aren’t good traits for someone in a position of responsibility.

  159. Resonanteye, Dude you know what your right. Thanks for helping me see the error of my ways bro. And I wanna appologize to all of you guys for being such an asshole I’m sorry.. Nochi I’m sorry dude, It’s just that I thought that you guy’s were ragging on me, and now that I went back through all of the post’s I see that you guys were just trying to help..Cocob I’m sorry, For all of the things that I said to you too, I didn’t have to be such an ass to you either you were just trying to point out the wrong things that I was doing and give me a heads up. Eric Fuck you and I’m sorry I thought that you were trying to down me and stuff, I’m not asking you not to be mad at me or anything because I was an ass to you but I just wanna let you know that I did go through all of the post that you posted, and I saw that I was wrong for what I said. if we ever meet you have the right to sock the shit out of me but only once other wise it’s gonna be a fight..LOL!!! And resonanteye thank you for opening my eyes (no pun intended) lol but thanx man….. And I’d like you all to know that today I went out and bought some better supplies and an autoclave for some strange reason, and a ultrasonic cleaner, but the weird thing is I dont reuse any of my stuff so I don’t know what hell to do with them..lol!! and I’m gonna take another class for all of that sterility stuff.. so smile you guy’s finally got through to me… lol

  160. haha jae, I’m a chick

    have you tried calling up OSHA and asking about bloodborne pathogen classes? have you tried calling around to some shops/looking for apprenticeships?

    take a breath, slow down

  161. Wholy shit are you serious?? lol I’m sorry,I thought you were a dude..lol No, I havent called osha yet but I’m gonna go to this bloodborne pathogen class in may.. So thats a plus. And I called up to a couple of shops but I havent had any luck with that so I’m not to sure what’s gonna happen with that..

  162. jae, no sweat we were both bein ridiculous! i’m over it. your attitude change is commendable. be safe man take some classes if you can……..

  163. cool man, but I want you to know that I’m really sorry dude. I know that I can really be an ass sometimes. No hard feelings?

  164. Also cocob, if you come back to this thread, I know where you were coming from on your comment back to me as well as SOME of the (less hateful) other things you wrote.
    I know that I wouldn’t get an apprenticeship based on a home portfolio. I know that most artists frown on that. You’ll note that in my profile I don’t have any of my work posted… that’s for a reason. I don’t consider myself a ‘tattoo artist’ but I do tattoo myself, and I educated myself as much as possible before I did so. I don’t appreciate being talked down to in the manner that you talked down to me, I was writing in a pretty polite and reasonable fashion and I’d appreciate getting the same respect in return regardless of my age or experience. I don’t think that scratchers/home artists have very much of an impact on quality tattoo shops. Hell, I still get tattooed in a shop from time to time even though I tattoo myself, as is the case with a lot of home folks, I suspect.

  165. megan….. no home tattooers….unless they are professionals who work from a home studio, get respect.
    because you lack the respect for the craft to do it right.
    you get what you give.

  166. Jae seems to be over this critisim, so should you Megan. I will never change my stance on thinking people without proper educations should be tattooing at home, yourself included. If you felt you were being talked down to, that’s your own deal. I wasn’t rude to you, nor was I hateful to you by any means.
    And you still don’t understand that untrained kitchen wizards have the potential to impact this industry as whole. What happens when someone tattooing from their house gives someone some kind of infection or maybe they get a tattoo they’re not happy with, then this person goes to a local news media? This puts tattooing as a whole in a bad light. I was just trying to give you a heads up, with maturity, one day you’ll get it, especially if you pound the pavement, hound every tattoo shop around for an apprenticeship, paint draw, build a portfolio of your art on paper and get proper training.

  167. nochi is absolutely right, jae, you say “getting the same respect in return” but in return for what? you are showing the absolute disrespect for something we love and have given our whole lives to.

    Stop scratching. if you have to move across the country to get an apprenticeship, THEN MOVE. I moved 3000 miles to learn. If the limit of your dedication and interest is calling a few local shops, you’re never going to get anywhere, nor do you deserve to.

    Show respect, and it WILL be given in return. I’m serious, too. We’re not dicks, we’re trying to keep our work something that deserves respect and is safe. The things you’re doing undermine that. You know?

  168. lot of pussy footing around with this post. what i find most incredible is that this idiot and those like him, simply don’t get it. they simply can’t not understand that what they are doing is wrong. how many differant ways need it be said to these morons/scratchers? and in this case its a family tradition of scratcher reality, with the “when my daddy got out of prison…” tale of scratching.

    i don’t know if these “articles” have any worth, as they serve only to validate weasels like this wad. by the end of the article there was a sort of pride implied, and now here is a scratcher who has been “published”, i bet this idiot is proud of the article. this moron is too stupid to even understand that he is being felted.

    i get torqued at these monkeys as i am spending $1000′s and $1000′s of dollars a year trying to do it right and tight and these fees and costs to me are caused by this sort of stupidity, as a direct result of these fools screwing up.

    this monkey agrees to post pictures of himself commiting a crime,WTF, a felony actually in my neck of the woods, if you stole a car would you agree to post a series of pictures illustrating your deed? i would hope that someday this article and those like them, could be used as evidence, a confession and contribute to a conviction for these poor misunderstood scratcher(s).

    the idiots that let monkeys like this work on them deserve what they get, IMO, we need more postive articles about those that are doing it right and less of these articles about these wannabe’s, which i understand is difficult without educating the scratcher horde in general, but a line needs to be drawn it the dirt, ya can’t have it both ways with the old wink, wink, nug, nug, say no more, mixed into a valid site like BME, i am not laughing, its not funny to me, this guy sucks it and sucks it hard, he is a scratcher, a criminal and is risking every persons life that he works on, and he doesn’t give a shit. in the entire post the only thing that had any merit was was to point out that this dude IS a scratcher..

  169. It’s cool..lol..Hey nochi and cocob I was wondering if the both of you read my apology to you guys? If not, I just wanted to tell the both of you that I’m sorry for being an ass to the both of you.

  170. yeah, cool.
    if you are serious…. follow through with the apprenticeship and do good for the craft.
    show me, and prove me wrong.

  171. I did read it Jae, I hope you do try to find proper training. Just because you get turned down once, try, try again or like resonanteye said, move to make it happen. And make sure it’s a reputable shop…eventually if you show dedication to the craft,and show someone you’re serious about learning, you might go places.

  172. I think Mykel is going to cry or have a fit. Name calling “Pussy Footing, Idiots, Monkeys, scratchers, Morons?” You got a lot of anger built up there. Tatto artist, piercers and body modification are activities that have always been on the fringes of society. Osha wasn’t always around to make people like you think your shit don’t stink. I know people that have gone to precious little osha certified shops only to find the equipment is dirty and not sterile. Thank god for people like Jae who walk the line and break the law and flip you the finger while he’s at it. The dude wants to tattoo and obviously has a passion for it and is willing to listen and learn and from what I’ve read and seen it looks like he is making an effort to keep everything sterile. And I would certainly rather have a scratcher like Jae tatoo me then a little fucking whiny ass bitch like Mykel.

  173. h3lios you’re a fucktard.
    thank god for scratchers?
    jae… you’re backpeddling agreeing with this dude.
    i stand by my earlier statement. do it right, and legally.
    or fuck yourself.
    apology or not.

  174. Nochi, that’s not why I was thanking him..But anyway guess what. I got a apprenticeship interview tomorrow!!! Fucken sweet right.. Hell yeah!!!

  175. Nochi, if by calling me a fucktard you are speaking in the literal definition as in I fucked your mother last night of whom just so happens to be a tard then yes I am a fucktard which would also explain how you turned out the way you are, your mother being a tard and all.

  176. Oh and one last thing Nochi. If you actually post another comment it pretty much shows that the only reason you are coming back to his forum is to hear yourself talk because no one else appears to give a shit anymore. So get off your toy fucking rocking horse, go take your osha certificate off the wall and snuggle up in bed with it and tell it how much you love it and maybe if your lucky you’ll get some clitoral stimulation from it. And I say clitoral because if you are a man you are obviously a dickless cunt!

  177. JAE, check out that tattoo at the very top of the page. That is my next tattoo when I fly back to Samoa in a year or two! :)

  178. i dont have a mother…… me and my dad share yours.
    and tell that bitch to have my dinner ready tonight, or im beating her ass.

  179. ohhhhh snap! Whatever. Hey Jae good luck with your interview. I hope it pans out for you man.

  180. jae, if you were a girl, and i was a girl, and we were both gay, i would totally fuck you. but since thats not how things are i just want to say that your a badass.

  181. This is what I love about BME; the fact that nothing is censored and every angle is covered.

    I get pretty sick of hearing certain studio based tattooists bitch about home based tattooists when there is actually a fair bit of overlap between the cleanliness and quality of the worst studio and best home tattoos! A lot of studio artists should look at bit harder at what they do on a day-to-day way (as opposed to what they say they do when they get an environmental health inspection!) before they criticise anyone else. This is certainly my own approach; After 7 years as a studio based artist, I am still improving so many things about what I do. A tattoo artist may learn that they have to exude confidence and competance in order to put the client at ease, but when this extends to slagging off other tattooists I belive that it is wrong. Comparing the work of the poor artist alongside your own should speak volumes without you having to say anything.

    Over and above this, our bodies are our own, and if any one of us withes to have a friend or other person tattoo, pierce or otherwise modify our skin in a home environment, then we should do so, hopefully with a full awareness of any relevant risks and the skill level of the practitioner.

  182. those tattoos are fucking disgusting
    ive seen some self taught guys doing some decent work
    but this guy flat out sucks next time your going to interview
    a scratcher at least get one whos work can defend him somewhat

  183. Umm, nothing really. I got a lot better than I was. done a lot of tats and a lot of fuck ups, but I got way better.

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