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  1. I think he’s really attractive. He’s probably a really cool guy if you get to know him for himself rather than what tattoos he has.

    I wonder if he does have a full body coverage ^-^

  2. I can hardly believe the text above the picture :s
    Its weird to hear you (shannon, modblog, bme) imply that a heavilly tattooed person enforces your prejudice over some place being terrifying.

    I’m not talking about russia or the admitted prejudice or whatever. I mean that even you seem to experience some heavy tattooing as negative.

    Or at least thats what I’m reading. I hope I just didnt get the joke here 🙂 I dont want to be negative or whatever, I’m just amazed & surprised.

  3. Gen – Obviously I’m kidding, but I think it’s very safe to assume that the wearer’s intent (and I’m assuming it not just from the picture but from their email as well) with these particular tattoos is to put off a hardcore punk “no future” vibe. The GOAL is to be scary!

  4. Holy shit.

    I would not wanna mess with him! I know its kinda going along with the stereotype that just because he’s tattooed he’s gonna be a violent nutter, but i think this guy looks worthy of that stereotype.
    And yeah, a lot of them look like prison tats.

    A few questions-
    Is his face scarred, through the biohazard sign?
    Does he have a swastika just above his index finger knuckle?
    What the hell is he eating. Looks like raw flesh. Way to go with the whole psychopath look!

    I like the chain though =] In fact, I quite like the overall look!

  5. on the right hand is written “Чирик” – his name (Chirik)
    on fingers, I think, is “WASP”. It is a music band just in case somebody donnow =)

    Actually I don’t like his tattooes… =\

  6. God, this made me laugh ^^,

    Not that the bloke is a laughing matter but because… well the context. Aw, whatever you know what I mean. I love it!

  7. Those facial tattoos are bizzare, but for some reason I really like them. Normally facial tattoos work with the anatomy, but this guy’s face is tattooed like an arm or some other body part might be. I dig it.

    I still want to go to Russia

  8. It looks like raw bacon that they’re eating.

    Wow. That’s pretty hard core but…geez!

    I don’t think I’d even make it to the plane, Shannon! They’d hear I was on board and go “She’s not tough enough” and kick me off. Haha.

    I like the lip work, it reminds me of the guy with the full facial skull tattoo.

  9. Someone compare the wallpaper in the jae photo and this photo or just the scene in general… maybe its just my eyes but its quite similar.

  10. “This picture of Moscow punk Chirik does little to change my prejudiced Amerocentric belief that Russia is a terrifying place that would leave me dead in the gutter within fifteen minutes after leaving the airport…”

    At least you’d last that long!!
    I’d be gone before I got off the plane.

  11. the was could also be related to the swastica tattoo in a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant meaning

  12. he is mighty scary looking, and he sure did a number on those shrimp. His tattoos remind me of when i used to draw all over myself in elementary school and I would love the drawings so much until all the ink started to smudge together.. although his tattoos are clear they have that ink smudged look

  13. the lip tattoos are the only thing that really get me; they make his mouth appear sewn together. i want to see him in a photoshoot.

  14. his face looks like he passed out at a party and everyone went nuts with a sharpie. makes me want to go to russia that much more though

  15. I actually like this, even though its not well done.I’d like to see pics of thr other side of his face & I’m trying to make out whats on his forehead..looks like grafitti or soemthing but I cant tell.

  16. “looks like a swastika to me” et al

    This is the power the swastika has come to possess, thanks to people continually honing in on it: Out of all the comments, conclusions or generally thought provoking topics that can be rendered upon viewing a pic like this someone has to go for “Hey, is dat a swastika on his hand?”

    Seriously? Of all the things going on the itsy bitsy swastika tattoo on his hand is what you want to talk about? It’s like watching a plane full of people fall from the sky and saying “I hope they don’t hit any birds on the way down.”

  17. i think it is very dangerous to have face like that in russia. maybe we can have some interview with russian friends here to read more about stereotypes of that place???

  18. I think he is hot and not psycho or evil just not impressed that his picture is being taken

  19. I could have sworn he was the unfortunate victim of shaming by permanent marker. If only that were the case. I dont necissarily find him scary, I just find the kids who live in the closed down train stations scary.

  20. it is dangerous. It’s dangerous to be different there anyway….but I still love my country.

  21. I saw this guy in show in Russian MTV, the usual punk, the cheerful, silly, positive person. I doubt, that it the fascist or the gangster))).

  22. don’t mess with russia *haha
    i remember seeing photos of him
    in an german tattoo-mag from the early 90ties.
    this is how punks have to look like,
    not this overall badged crust kiddies
    or this bondage trouser stereotypes…

  23. what a mess is all I can say theres no flow or story to his tattoo mess.looks like a coal miner ha ha

  24. I remember a picture in a magazine several years(!) ago.
    Then german tattooists made the stiches on his mouth, and he looked similar like now. They really liked him.
    Except his shirt anything looks clean, healthy and shaved. So I think, that he looks more extreme than he really is.

  25. molex: I only concluded that it was in fact a swastika that he had as Legacy wondered about, nothing more to it really.
    It would be nice to see some more photos of his tattoos, i really like them expect that his face has way too many.

  26. Am I the only one to think he’s hot? Haha
    I’m surprised at myself, I’ve never been a fan of lots of facial tattoos, maybe this is some new attraction I’m developing! Ha

  27. Laurel, bacon ain’t raw.. ever.. you can eat bacon right out of the pacage, it’s still not raw. Bacos is cured, smoked or salted.

  28. #28 Dried, spicy meat may be good for a hangover. Less fat and substantial. I think, its very healty.
    #57 If this is a current photo, then he is in an astonishing stable shape. I remember the old photo, it was before the internet era. If I haven’t seen the old picture, I wouldn’t expect, that he would grew old. Seems, that he fooling us more than expected with his sick outfit.
    ‘no future’ since 20 years… very interesting 🙂
    #65 Seems to be the outher ring of a ball-bearing. He was wearing it also on the old photo.

  29. It looks like he was branded with a wrench underneath the biohazard symbol. And there were none quite so cute when I lived in Russia. Not fair.

  30. Lol @ no. 43 😛

    I actually thought the same thing.. In my opinion he just looks dirty – I bet if he takes 1 shower it’ll all come off. 😛

  31. I actually thought he was a flat chested girl when I saw the bracelet. I fill silly now.

  32. Could anyone please post more photos of this guy or link to some?
    Or perhaps other tattooed people having similar tattoos?
    Would be much appreciated.

  33. чирк экстримальней чем все жоские бмешники вмести взятые 8)

  34. holy god he’s beautiful. can I take him home and feed him? We need more of these in vancouver.

  35. mmm yea, the chain on his head is my favourite i think…

    something about head tattoos, i dunno!

  36. I’m from Russia. Nice place, btw. I saw Chirick few days ago on local MTv in a waterpool party. Seems he’s not a cruel one and nice guy tho. He’s full covered with tattoos, but they’re not good at me. Low qualty… He’s punk, anyway… I think, he’s don’t mind about them…

    I know one thing – 100% it is hard to live in Russia with mods like he has.

  37. Yay, let’s all be non-judgmental to the point of absurdity. That will show the man! Swastikas totally have a completely differently meaning in Russia, I mean, Russia was barely involved in the second world war.

  38. russia is not any scarier place than america, well, maybe the other way around for me. scarry for me is a man with a bucket in his rectum, not tattooed kid

  39. “This picture of Moscow punk Chirik does little to change my prejudiced Amerocentric belief that Russia is a terrifying place that would leave me dead in the gutter within fifteen minutes after leaving the airport…”

    haha. that made me laugh quite a bit. nice, shannon. :]

  40. дааа… жестко.. стопудово был нормальным парнем, просто с модами, а потом запил, отсидел.. и пришел пиздец!
    не каждый день на улице встретишь!

    The same in English.. that’s not what you can see each day on the streets in Russia! I bet he was a normal guy with piercings and a couple of tatoos (one of them is well-done), but then made his way into prison, got addicted to alcohol.. and lost his common sense! To my mind he is bizzare! And concerning the prejudises.. I’t not that bad in Russia, believe me)))
    And those are not shrimps he’s eating.. it’s sausage i guess.. YUK!

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