Gooey and Foamy Nipple

Continuing the gross-out trend, XWV from Estonia claims that his nipple was just fine before the beer… Not sure if that means this was a beer-related incident, or if he was using beer to clean the piercing…


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55 thoughts on “Gooey and Foamy Nipple

  1. Dylan, can’t say either of mine ever did that. There was a fun stage where I could push in the middle and a very small amount of white stuff would come out both holes but nothing ever approaching that.

  2. My piercer was always very VERY adamant about avoiding beer when I had fresh piercings. Being in college, that sucked real bad, but he said that especially with my tongue, something about the yeast getting in the hole and agitating it real bad. I don’t remember exactly what it was since I haven’t gotten a piercing in something like a year now (I know, its kinda depressing), but I can kind of understand whats happening here.

    I never believed it would have any affect on anything but oral piercings though. Thats very strange. Maybe he bathes in beer… To keep his hair soft of course.

  3. BME should have a little section to the side for juicy pictures of stuff like this ;)

    lol i wanna squeeze it ;)

  4. wait so beer is bad for piercings? as in drinking it or getting it on there?

  5. xeightx, I presume he meant just the yeast in beer, drinking it would obviously expose oral piercings, but apart from that everything else should be fine, unless they’re regularly dipped in beer.

  6. perhaps he got beer splashed on it at some sort of party where he was shirtless or wearing a thin shirt that got soaked in beer?

  7. to me it seems he was so drunk that he can’t remember how or where it got stuck, but no more beer + fresh piercings for me. better safe than sorry ;P

  8. i had a similar situation with my nipple when it was freshly pierced. it would produce yellow and green puss. i went surfing one day while it was pussy and it cleared right up, the next morning i woke up and there was no more puss and has been healthy ever since.

  9. A) there is no yeast in beer. It dies when the alcohol reaches a certain level, that’s why you need to distil to get spirits. No 7, Matt, your piercer was probably a teetotaller. Or a numpty. Especially if he claims that anything you drink will get to your nipples.

    B) yeah, what’s going on here? is that foam clinging on, or is the piercing produsing it after exposure to beer? Cause that would be…interesting.

  10. the real question is why people feel the need to TAKE A PICTURE instead of, oh i don’t know, CLEANING THEIR DISGUSTING LEAKY HOLE.

  11. glad to see that estonians have made it to modblog, of course it could have been a prettier start (sorry if someone from estonia has been featured before and I”ve missed it). anyway, I’m also an estonian and it is very common around here to be told that drinking anything carbonated is very bad for fresh piercings. even worse than sea salt soakes. luckily I found bme years ago.

  12. AshPlant -

    A – you’re right about 80% of the time, but not for the reason you state. There’s no live yeast in most commercial beer in the US because it’s been pasteurized.

    Yes, yeast goes inactive after a certain % of alcohol has been produced but that % is usually higher than the % of alcohol in the beer. The amount of alcohol produced in the beer is controlled by the amount of sugars in the grains.

    Please not that ‘inactive’ is not the same thing as ‘dead’. A lot of american microbreweries started their yeast cultures with yeast harvested from bottles of famous European beers.

  13. Nipple piercings in distress hits home badly here, because I have all of four nipples due to migration / rejection from the ones I used to have. I hope that one clears up soon!

  14. Somebody get the poor guy a shot glass, full of sea salt soak. He might want to lay off the alcohol for a while…

  15. Ok, well, I don’t know what a teetotaller or a numpty is so…

    I also never said that my piercer claimed yeast would make it to your nipples.

    Also, there is yeast in beer. Well, at least there could be. It would survive the alcohol, but its filtered out in a process to produce a clearer liquid. Distillation is really a different process. A beer called Flag Porter was made using yeast recovered from a bottle of beer from 1825 found in a shipwreck (

    So I checked around some websites, and though none that seem respectable claim the yeast has anything to do with it (so I was wrong in that respect), most do advise to avoid alcohol, though no real reasons were given or possible side affects mentioned. These were also regarding oral piercings, so the nipple mystery shall remain unexplained for now.

  16. dylan, my nipple piercings , and the 3 surface bars and 1 surface CBB done at the same time, couldn’t have been more uneventful (3 weeks in). absolutely *nothing* has come from the piercings other than a tiny bit of dead skin. i’ve been pretty lazy with them, sea salt for a week then LITHA; as we’ve seen today though, having a SKILLED piercer can make all the difference. suddenly i need to shower…

  17. my guess as to why it is advised to avoid alcohol is a) because it thins your blood. which isn’t significant awhile after getting the piercing, but when it is still in the “new piercing bleedy stage” that some people get, having thin blood will NOT help it to clot. same with tattoos, if your blood is thinned out from the alcohol when you’re getting tattooed, you will probably bleed a lot more, hence more scabs, hence more color loss. and b) alcohol generally involves doing dumb/aggressive/violent things. and when a new piercing is involved in getting intoxicated… sometimes you neglect to clean it before bed/bump it on something/you get drunk and take your shirt off and someone licks it…etcetc.

  18. Yeast dies at 18% alcool and some special yeast + carbon mix can reach about 25% (the highest I ever got without distilling, you don’t work in a place selling wine and beer kits without learning a thing or two)

    In a beer you need the yeast because right before bottling sugar is added and that’s the yeast transforming this sugar that will “create” the bubbles (transforming sugar in alcohol, CO2 and other stuff), well, it’s the case for quality beers, stuff like budweiser, wild cat and such have the CO2 inserted artificially…

  19. is it strange that i am infinitely more fascinated with the whole dissertation on beer than i am with the pic?

  20. So about the beer thing and side effects, my friend had her cheeks pierced on her birthday, warned about yeast fermented alcohol, only to drink beer, wine and smoke cigarettes that evening. Her piercing exuded puss for a ridiculous length of time, had a huge keloid that had to be surgically removed on the outside of her cheek, and caused swelling and inflammation on the inside of her cheek. Needless to say it never healed and she had to remove it. The dermatologist summed it up to beer on the piercing, however, i am more likely to believe that the increased sugars and alcohol made her teeth and mouth bacteria (namely staphylococcus) more than happy to reproduce all evening and eat themselves into the healing piercing, irritating it and forming an ulcer.

  21. 37 by the end of reading all posts I had the same thought. Also I want to lick it. mmmm

  22. in europe, real men lactate with respect to the german reinheitsgebot… a little too much head though.

  23. LOL LOL 32: “Take that fucker OUT! GOD DAMN!”


    and guys, just remember: it doesn’t detract from your manliness if you don’t know how to brew your own beer from scratch. ;D

    31: I searched em on hehe

  24. and this white shyt on da ring is Helosan. i try to heal it whith it. Now Nipple looks beter but still itching.. after week.

  25. nik e little : in fact alcohol and sugar would prevent the bacterias from multiplying, sugar is a very good preservative (that’s the reason behind the sugar in jams) much like salt is…

    I just wrote a rant about the fermentation process to say that there wasn’t supposed to be any sugar left in your beer until I realized that I was forgetting the types of sugar we sold that would not be completely processed by yeast… I stopped working with alcohol (how wrong does it sounds) a year and a half ago so I guess I forgot a thing or two! =D

  26. alcohol affects the liver which also helps keep the body clean of toxins. alcohol also dehydrates the body which will then make skin drier as well. so if you are going to drink, at east drink plenty of water between drinks and at the end of the night of drinking. and don’t dip your healing piercings in alcohol either. i know most educated people will know this, but you just never know.

  27. to MatLax. NOP i dont hit it. i have 2 pirsed nipples before. And when i drink lemonade.. or non alkohol beer.. nipples were irritated.
    and right one doesen t want to be healed, and i removed the ring. After thitse i dont drink any whater with gas…and than after long time, when i think that everything is healed… i try to drink it agen.. and reaction was the same. may be it wasnt healed enaf..
    may be its individual…? but my pirser .. told me thats i must dont drink anysing with gas before pirs healing finish.
    (my best english, sorry:)

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