Cat Portrait Neck Tattoo

E-Vomit really loves her cat! This tattoo portrait based on it was done by Gil at Jolly Roger’s in Montreal, Canada.


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35 thoughts on “Cat Portrait Neck Tattoo

  1. hehe cute tattoo, i wanna give her cat a cuddle, its soooooo fluffy :3

  2. I think it’s cute that she got a portrait of her cat, but I’m not a huge fan of the design.

  3. not the best work i have seen on this site, the teeth and the toung dont work well together. bla

  4. ok dumb question, i just got muh nipple pierced and ive seen pics of them, but mine was pierced like, not the nipple, but the areaola going thru the nipple, is it supposed to be like that on a guy?….or go right thru the nipple?

  5. I’m a start thinking you have a thing for Veronika, Shannon!!

    Neil: It was done purposely, for a cartoonish look to it. The thing is, her cat ACTUALLY hangs out with his tongue out.

  6. Aw that’s really cute. I love my cats so much, I was thinking about a portrait of my first one too.

  7. I really love my cats, I got that one done to represent all my animals, I just love them so much, I couldn’t imagine my life without them. On the other side of my neck I got a lilly flower done to represent “humans” I love.

    @Dookie: hummm not the subject of conversation but it goes slightly on the areola in some case (like 1mm on each side, very minimal)

    @Neil: As Kenevin said, I wanted him to have a “grin” and to stick his tongue out, he does it often so I think it’s a good illustration of him and his “personality”. And the picture isn’t the best either.

  8. @ Enthean: The lines are pretty good, almost perfect, but as I said, this isn’t the greatest picture, but it’s the best one I took.

  9. Awww I have a tattoo of my kitty Stella on my shoulder. She’s an orangie, too! Yay kitties!

  10. yay for cat tattoos. i am one of those who is VERY wary about what i tattoo on myself and i can say that boyfriends come and go, your love of a certain band will come and go, and your irkings for getting some fancy little star designs might seem good at the time but be regrettable later, but my love for my first cat will never ever wane.

  11. @KayKay: I got 3 portraits on my legs of Jim Morrison, Alice Copper and Ozzy :P hehe (although it’s more than music to me) hehe didn’t get any BF’s names tattooed on me, my EX got my name on him :P (got my own name though)

  12. I LOVE when people show their love for animals and their pets. I think he is super cute! And the tattoo is wonderful. I love the colors and how its slightly cartoonish.

  13. i’d need to put an entire sleeve aside for my cats if i got a portrait for each of them, and a bodysuit if i wanted memorial tattoos for the others. haha. i’m not ruling out the possibility ;) this one’s cute (cat AND ink).

  14. (@shannon/mods)

    I’v been trying to get in contact with Veronika (E-Vomit) but can’t find her online anymore. Would you guys please send her my email? I know this is a cheesy method but I just wanna talk to her. :P )


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