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  1. On one of the seasons of America’s Next Top Model, there was an absolutely gorgeous brunette with tons of tattoos in the top 20 I believe. Sadly, she didn’t make it too far.

  2. On one of the seasons of America’s Next Top Model, there was an absolutely gorgeous brunette with tons of tattoos in the top 20 I believe. Sadly, she didn’t make it too far.

  3. I don’t recall any pierced top model people.. except for maybe a notstril stud or something. I could be wrong though. It would be nice to see more pierced models in the main stream

  4. she’s very beautiful and her piercings are quite complimentary to her features. and those are some interesting eyebrows…

    scarlett johansson has her septum pierced, but typically wears a retainer to events. maybe models and actresses alike will soon be able to have modifications, although tattoos on actors are very common.

  5. Beautiful :]
    Not only are the piercings complimentary to her features but I love the angular eyebrows! Very nice indeed :]

  6. Sadly, piercing and tattoos are very very limited to alternative glam/fashion/etc still. However, it’s understandable. In high fashion photography, a specific look is needed, most of the time tattoos and piercings are not.

    A competitive model will avoid anything that makes them unmarketable, scars, piercing, tattoos. However, there is a slow change.

    Very slow.

    European countries are more open, although in mainstream fashion there’s still little to nothing. The alt modeling is becoming a bigger niche though.

    Also, god I love septums, I’ve been thinking on it long and hard to get one, I’m always unsure to if it’d look decent on me, a lot of people sorta freak out whenever I mention it. So possibly it might not(then again I also have a very conservative friend circle, if only they knew.)

  7. in Brasil’s Next Top Model a quite heavily tattooed girl got to be in the final 3 girls… But she end up in third 🙁

  8. Well I don’t know about the 3rd season of Germany’s next top model that just started last week, but on the last two the models were more than encouraged (if not half way forced. or so it was portrayed on the show) to take out their piercings etc. Even tongue and belly button piercings were an absolute no-go.

  9. I know a contestant named Jael wore a ring in her nostril, and had a tattoo on her nape.

    A bunch have nostril studs/small tattoos/bellybuttons pierced, but other than that, you don’t see much.

  10. I’d love to see models with symmetrical lowbrets, a medusa, eyebrows… that’d be gorgeous. But then again, designers wouldn’t want anything on the girls to “distract from the outfits”. What a shame.

  11. On Holland’s Next Top Model season 2 about half of the contestants had their tongue pierced. And there’s Omahyra (plays in X-men as well) that has several tattoos.

  12. I lover her eyes, they’re really beautiful.
    The septum piercing looks really good on her.

    I really admire Angelina Jolie for not caring what the media etc. makes of her tattoos and shows them off whenever she can.

  13. Models get paid to be pretty coathangers. Not to look ‘unique’.

    Not a fan of modded models outside of ‘specialist’ work tbh.


  14. she’s gorgeous!

    and hey, models with piercings? STELLA TENANT! she was totally gorgeous, a supermodel, and rocked her septum piercing.

  15. i googled stella tenant and couldn’t find any pictures with her septum in. while it’s cool that she and others have mods, i wish they could show them while they were working. obviously some have successfully (those photos of tasha tilberg show that), but i’d like to think aesthetics are changing enough that eventually we might see a little more. models are also required to be unusual and stand out from the crowd, not just be clothes hangers, so mods would totally fit in.

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