Bart pimping Lisa

Have I mentioned that the entry below this one contains some very intelligent discussion of tattoo removal and tattoo cover-up options?


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79 thoughts on “Bart pimping Lisa

  1. my only question, is how is it that lisa appears to be a teen, and he still looks 10…i lurve beavis and butthead.

  2. Sade – I’d go with the assumption that the artist was a little uncomfortable doing childporn, even if just a cartoon.

  3. I actually like the idea, but a lot of the lines look really unpolished and i dont get some of the colors. like why are lisa’s eyes red? why is beavis’s hair grey?

  4. i think the unfinished lamp might be a stylistic choice. and i can’t believe i just excused an aspect of this tattoo.

  5. There is almost nothing wrong with this tattoo. The only problem with it is the placement: back tattoos mean they won’t be viewed and loved each and every day by the wearer. I hope this person invests in a good quality hand mirror.

  6. CrabbyPatty – “There’s almost nothing wrong with this tattoo”???? Have you even SEEN a good tattoo?? Subject matter aside, this is a piss poor tattoo as far as the artist’s skill goes.

  7. when it comes to dumb tattoos I usually just shrug and shake my head and then move on… but this one takes the cake.

    Shannon, you should interview the guy who got (and maybe the guy who did it) as a piece on why people get tattoos that they are guaranteed to regret the next morning

  8. This is just one of those tattoos that, when you are asked just WHY you got it, you use the age old phrase: “No comment.”

    Yes. A coverup would be a great idea.

  9. I don’t really mind the tattoo design – if the owner wanted it this way, fine. It’s just really poorly done.

  10. I think if you;re going to do a tattoo like this it needs to be very good quality, otherwise it just looks like some drunken, rushed decision.

  11. Hmm. No offence to this person but this is a crap tattoo… It looks like it was tattooed by a brain dead monkey… Not in the good way.. Lisa is all out of proportion… Everything is all out of proportion…

  12. I love it. A total “because I can” tattoo. Which is why we’re all here…….RIGHT?

  13. Vile, badly done tattoo.
    I much prefer when good quality tattoos are shown on modblog and not some utter crap like this.

  14. *vomits* and thats just for the quality!
    this is absolutely horrible, If I ever did this to a client I think I would just black the whole thing out!
    I just cant get past how horribly done this tattoo is…. I have no comment on the actual picture

  15. I can’t even form a good enough sentence on how bad the entire thing is. I hope the dude who got it likes it, I guess thats all that matters.
    *looks at it again*

    ….good grief. >_<

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  17. Sarah I suppose Lisa has red eyes for the self same reason she finds herself in such a position. Apparently she’s on drugs.

  18. Lisa’s chin is attatched to her neck well I think its her chin??? This is awful whoever did this should be hanging up their machines asap.

  19. @ #19 MrPajitnov – i think he DID already interview the artist. musta been that scratcher dude from a week or so ago…

  20. maybe its perspective…but those tallywhackers are HEeAUGE!
    the cracked wall really adds to the feel of the piece.
    did both the simpsons and BnB both have purple couches?

  21. why did this tattoo make me want one of charlie brown and snoopy tag teaming lucy while linus corn holes that little yellow bird……?

  22. Please be drawn on with crayon, please be drawn on with crayon..wait…its a tattoo? ….*Slowly walks away whistling*.

  23. i’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the redness in the eyes is due to bleeding from the application of white ink. i would assume the “floor” suffers from a similar lack of clarity. it’s unfortunate that the timing of the photo doesn’t explain away the rest of the badness in this shit-tacular tattoo. but to each their own!

  24. Seems to be Lack of Sense of Humor Week in other parts of the universe. Glad they banned that where I live.

  25. There are a few bits of this tattoo where I am not sure whether its extra body parts or just the sheer crapness of the art work. Like what is coming out of the back of Lisa’s head? It looks like a doll arm.

    I’m totally confused. Props to the bloke for having this done though for sheer baaaallls. I just hope the artist was good and was being rubbish on purpose.

  26. umm personally i dont like it, someone has already said, good idea bad implementation. maybe this kinds thing should just be drawn on paper and left at that?

  27. Perhaps if we all chip in 0.05 cents and pool our donations, we can buy this person a tattoo removal gift certificate for their birthday…..? Seriously, I’ve seen some horribly done tattoos but this takes the cake. I hope the recipient didn’t pay for it!!!

  28. Why… would someone allow something like this…

    … it’s going to be on them for so long…

    Although, I admit the crappy art is fitting, since I doubt a good artist should put any effort into something like this.

  29. sweet mother of christ that is truly awful..

    offensive tattoos can be funny.
    but its just too shit to be funny.

  30. This tattoo fails so well it’s almost awesome,I’d like to know what the made the wearer want this done though.
    SARAH: I’d imagine it’s a home done tattoo where the “artist” had a limited color pallete available.

  31. All I can say is wow…. It’s awful work. Awful message. I never understood the disturbing fan art such as this, or something like george jetson fucking elroy or something. I mean seriously. Don’t people have anything better to do with their time? And also it’s interesting to think of people twisted enough to be aroused by unethical cartoon sex.

    I feel like society is getting less and less intelligent by the minute.

    While I feel it is the person’s right to get tattooed anything they want on them, I think if I met this person in person I would just laugh at their ultimate stupidity.

    But again it’s not my problem because I don’t have shit like that on me….

    Just sharing my opinion……

  32. This is just… wow. I hope this was done by someone in their house, and not by an “artist” – if you can use that word – who regularly tattoos people for money :S

  33. Anyone think that the ‘carpet’ or floor might be a birthmark, looks kinda like one to me and it could just been an excuse to use something he/she was born with.

    Maybe they’re big simpsons/BnB fans? Maybe the wanted it to look like this?

    Think before your brain takes a shit next time, cheers.

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  35. also #72 the carpet isnt a birthmark, or barts skin would also be that colour, and ive never seen a birthmark that ends in such a straight line as the left. he does have stretch marks on his right side though, my brother has them on his back too, no idea how when hes skinny.

  36. anybody ever watch beavis and butthead? geez the show itself wasnt perfectly drawn either. hahaha

    [i loved that show btw, just saying]

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