Op Art Tattoos

These gorgeous tattoos on the other hand will likely not be in line for removal any time soon. I just love all the heavy-on-geometry dotwork I’m seeing these days (for some reason, much of it out of French-speaking nations). These pieces are by Asn (Alexis Calvie) in Saint-Raphael, France. Continue reading for more pictures, or check this weekend’s BME update for even more.





33 thoughts on “Op Art Tattoos

  1. Wow, just WOW!!!!
    those tats are amazing!!

    I wouldn´t like to be the tattoo artist though, looks like way to much work for my lazy ass :p

  2. That’s unbelievable… The artist should be so proud of himself for that work. I’d love a full back piece that looks like that.

  3. *bows to tattoo artist*
    this is truly amazing.
    beautiful body art for sure, I’m in complete awe
    now THIS is why I look at modblog

  4. those are pretty awesome. how many hours did it take? I can kinda see that last shoulder peice becomeing a bit of a dizzying eye sore after a while

  5. I did not think there was such a tattoo artist in my hometown!
    Could we know the shop’s name where he works? Google don’t want to tell me.
    Thanks! 🙂

  6. hehe i love these they are absolutely gorgeous 😀
    Am i the only one who thinks they look like origami paper patterns?

  7. While watching the pictures I caught myself puzzling through the labyrinth. Is this stuff (partially) hand-poked?

  8. Pardon my ignorance, but how would a dotwork tattoo hold up over the years?? Would it lose it’s definition??

  9. It looks like the crowd would love to read an interview with the artist who does this amazing work … 😉

  10. Just amazing and gorgeous! If I could afford any large tattoo work it would be this exact type/style. Just unfuckingbelievable…

  11. That backpiece is incredible! Well, they all are, of course, but the backpiece in particular is completely stunning. There seems to be so much good work coming out of France and Belgium! Makes me happy I’ll be spending next year in France – hopefully I can pick up a souvenir or two!

  12. Absolutely fantastic work!! Gorgeous!
    I saw something similar in Indonesia. It was an old fashioned “batik” pattern in color!!
    I still dream about and if and when I can find something like that I will definitely have it done, whatever the cost!
    Bep Kole.

  13. Bep Kole does not have to save up her moneey. I am taking her on an extended trip to Indonesia and she will get the most gorgeous batik and wayang tattoos ever. It is on me !

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