MedicID Bracelet for Implantees

Rachel (iam:Freedom), who wears a silicone heart-shaped implant in her chest (put in by Brian on — unintentionally — 6/6/06) was concerned about the very real possibility of what would happen should she be in an accident that left her unconscious or unable to speak and under emergency medical care. How would the doctors respond to a heart-shaped lump on her chest if she was banged up? In order to reduce the risk factors, she wears a bracelet which reads, “SILICONE HEART IMPLANT LOCATED ON MY CHEST”, which may well save everyone quite a bit of grief one day.


30 thoughts on “MedicID Bracelet for Implantees

  1. this is a wonderful idea – very thoughtful and helpful. i remember being a little traumatized when i was informed that the surface piercings on my chest would be ripped out by an emt if i ever needed defibrillation (as will nipple piercings). obviously if i needed it, i have been entirely unconcerned about it but i think the more you can do to prepare a doctor or surgeon for anything out of the ordinary that they may encounter the better. i wouldn’t want doctors to waste time and energy trying to figure out something that isn’t a mystery to the unconscious person.

  2. very interesting… a little disappointed though – when i first glanced at the headline, i thought i read “MedicID Bracelet for AMPUTEES”. was trying to figure out by the picture if her bracelet was held on by dermal anchors because she had her hand amputated. oops.

  3. oh man, either these pictures were takan at unflattering angles, or that implant looks a lot like some kind of swelling or skin reaction.

  4. the silicone won’t melt if she ever has to be defibrillated, people get shocked all the time with implants. we don’t remove any piercings usless we absolutely have to… if a piercing is directly under where the dfib pads are placed then we would need to remedy the situation, other than that we generaly leave them alone. as for rachel’s heart, i think its beautiful.

  5. Great idea! Is there a website something like this could be ordered w/ custom text? Do you think this is a precaution everyone w/ microdermals, surface bars & implants should take? I think it’s a great idea, could save a lot of grief/confusion in the event of an accident.

  6. I used to date a girl that was allergic to latex. It was really inconvenient. There are no interesting forms on non-latex condoms. I want my Ultra-ribbed sensation in a form that won’t make her vagina feel like its on fire…

  7. I think that’s an awesome idea, afrer I got my microdermals I actually was thinking about what if I were to get into an accident, I’ve already been in one severely bad accident and they removed all of my body jewlery, which I never got back BTW but that’s a different story, anyways yeah I think anyone with any sort of implant should look into doing this.

  8. Hmm, that implant didn’t really form well in her chest, you can’t really tell it’s a heart in those pictures. But, this is a neat idea!!

  9. I would be pissed if they took it out, let alone if they didn’t give it back!!!

    And I was thinking about that with having microdermals. What if I was out and they needed to do a cat scan or something, but didn’t know about them… Gross..

    Great Idea!

  10. just google “medical bracelet” and you’ll find a ton of sites that make custom id bracelets, tags, and necklaces. i wouldn’t get any old bracelet engraved because i think it’s supposed to have the medical symbol on it. not sure.

  11. just google “medical bracelet” and you’ll find a ton of sites that make custom id bracelets, tags, and necklaces. i wouldn’t get any old bracelet engraved because i think it’s supposed to have the medical symbol on it. not sure.

  12. i dont see any heart in this picture. im looking at her boobs. implant what? i think its the angle, it has to be, right?

  13. I wear an SOS Talisman, which contains a folded strip of paper with emergency contact details, medical info and also states that my microdermals cannot be removed and are safe for MRI.
    [after a nasty incident where an ER nurse tried to pull them out while i was unable to explain to her what they were.]

    i also carry a laminated card with the diagrams about microdermals from the BME Encyclopaedia on one side, and a brief info / materials spec from the manufacturer on the other; to whip out every time someone inevitably asks What are they?” “how do they stay in??”

  14. That is a very good idea. I can see how that would be quite confusing to a doctor or medic who doesn’t know much about body modifications like this.

  15. Last year my friend came out to visit and she wound up in the hospital from drinking too much, and they removed her labret jewelry in the ambulance, and she never got it back.

    I like the idea of a medic alert bracelet for this kind of thing.

  16. the medial bracelet thing is very uncommon in germany but if I would buy one it will read (apart from general information about my allergics and heart disfunction) “leave my piercings alone or I will kick your ass!”.

  17. fantastic idea, i will remember this if i ever get some relevent mods done.

    and i, personally, think her heart looks good. im sure its just the angle that makes it a little hard to spot.

    for #21, its not on her boobs its on that part of her chest between her boobs and where her necklace rests.

  18. i think that will confuse the issue. they might think the implant has something to do with her heart, not that its heart-shaped.

  19. unfortunately. her bracelet can read as “allergic to: latex silicone heart implant located on my chest.” maybe allergies should be listed last next time?

  20. Hello great site and info but I recently read about a medical bracelets that could store all your medical information. I’m wondering does any one know where to get these?

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