Happy Early St. Patrick’s Day

Kevin (owner of the ass-swipe tattoo) is already drunk I think? Alouicious of Shaman’s Den in Binghamton, NY did another goofy piece on him with this “shamcock” tattoo below his navel.

Did I mention that the entry a few below this one contains some very intelligent discussion of tattoo removal and tattoo cover-up options? :P


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45 thoughts on “Happy Early St. Patrick’s Day

  1. The ‘chops are doing nothing for me… :)

    But otherwise, I have to agree with Kero. It actually is weirdly cute, as far as penile tattoos go.

  2. Oh god. Those sideburns are distracting so I keep looking away from the tattoo image.

  3. hahaha reminds me of that joke about the Blonde who had bruises all over her stomach…. Her boyfriend was Blonde too Hahaha (wrong hole incase you didn’t get it)

  4. probably the funniest thing i’ve seen in a bit
    but tbh
    first thing that caught my attention
    was how gorgeous the boy with the amazing ears is
    aha wow

  5. Nice to know dudes get stretch marks too. Thought I was the only one!
    I think thats a cute tattoo, it looks really well done and hell it’s funny, but I hope the joke is still funny in a couple years.

  6. i’m all for serious tattoos, but you’ve gotta give some serious respect to people who are prepared to have something this funny and stupid on them forever!

    nice one.

  7. hem, I looked in this once again, and got to mention, that the guy (not green dick’ed elvis) has mods that seriously fits his face.

  8. haha, i love his look… and the shamcock complements his lightning bolt stretch marks nicely.

  9. #31
    He is so sexy! I keep coming back to this picture to look at his tattoo and tummy :)))

  10. SHAMCOCK.!. This is my favorite ‘joke’ tattoo by far. Wicked fucking awesome. I love how it goes all the way with hairy balls. Bravo.

  11. If you knew kevin then you would know how totally this is him. He’s Awesome and so is Alie.

    P.S. And yes, Dustin, the boy in the red shirt is hot in person. You should see him shoot a carrot out of his libret hole.

  12. I think that man is so hot… The Elvis gettup is what does it for me… Ummmm… ummmmm… ummmmm…

    & I say to the poster immediately prior to mine that if you thought that what Dustin can do with his libret hole was hot, then you’ve never seen us light up & shoot things from his other orifices… It makes for some VERY good theater!! =))

  13. Epic Mick Fail!
    But they did get one thing right, and that’s those tiny Irish weenies!

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