A Shrimp’s Nightmare

I think this “zipperback” tattoo is a neat idea (my only nitpick is that I don’t think the spinal anatomy is quite right) — it was done by Ron Stoolfire at Munkehed Tatu in Newark, Ohio. Design-wise it could be continued down the arms I suppose and flow into another piece quite nicely on a design sense…


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21 thoughts on “A Shrimp’s Nightmare

  1. The spinal anatomy is definitely off, if it was more accurate I think I’d dig it more… cool idea though.

  2. it looks like a wetsuit zipper. and the anatomy looks like sharks teeth to me. it works.

  3. when i was going in for spinal surgery my mother took one of those washable fabric pens and drew a dotted line down my back with little scissors at the top, and wrote “cut here”. my whole family (including myself) tried to have a positive and humorous approach to my surgery… this tattoo reminds me of that, for some reason. not that the tattoo is humorous, but that it takes me back to 4 in the morning the day of my operation. even if the anatomy is wrong, it’s still a neat concept – the zipper looks fabulous.

  4. sweet tattoo. and does anyone else think “Stoolfire” is an unfortunate last name? i guess “Firestool” would be worse…

  5. Cool ta2,and also i think the artist and the victim had a great idea changing the appearance of the spine this spine is really innovative and fuctional it suits ok to me ;-)

  6. Is it weird that I automatically thought of Spina Bifida, and how cool a scar cover-up this would be? If so, I’m guilty. Had my uncle with Spina Bifida been born, oh, four decades after he was, I can see him getting something like this.

  7. Wow, the zipper part looks amazing. But the spine is just all wrong in terms of anatomy :(

  8. RE #7: Oops — make that scars, tattoos, AND microdermals!

    I have a very literal backbone tattoo and get asked a lot if I plan to extend the theme to other body parts. I’m thinking no … but I would like to add something (not sure what it will be) to integrate it better with the surrounding skin. I like how the zipper sort of does that here.

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