Nipple Shields

Dominik from Germany’s wife has a body like a mannequin! Another couple photos from BME/HARD follow (get a membership) after the break.




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131 thoughts on “Nipple Shields

  1. Now that’s dedication to judging women’s bodies. Even a body that is perfectly ‘pornariffic’ gets a denigrating comment. thanks! p.s. “Dominik from Germany’s wife” doesn’t have a name of her own?

  2. Obviously she wants her identity withheld, or her face would be shown, and her name would’ve been given.

  3. I wouldn’t say “body like a mannequin” is necessarily a denegrating comment, in so far as, it could be argued that the mannequin is also a form of the idealised woman, at least by some standards, and thus, to have a body like one is to similar to the ideal.

    But mainly I was impressed by the labia weights!

  4. “Body like a mannequin”…how is that denigrating?
    I’d be flattered if anybody said that about my body.

  5. i think she looks great! funny, how fake breasts get bashed on a body mod board where people put implants under their foreheads and symbols and stars under their skin. but put in fake breasts and oohhhh thats gross! well getting fake bewbs if you think about it is a HARDCORE mod. on a level alot of us will never reach. and! she did it to feel better about herself and her apperance right? so why are we here and do what we do?
    DOH! same thing eh’?………

  6. she looks super fake, which isn’t what i consider beautiful, but i can’t say i don’t envy her legs, or her butt, or her tummy, or her arms or her breasts…

  7. i want fake boobs. but people say that i’d look too scary since i already have big boobs. i like scary though, and i like hers, they’re a nice shape, and the genital piercing ladder thingy looks really nice from the front.

    she doesn’t have a body like a mannequin, because mannequins, were they humans, would not have enough muscle to get out of bed or enough bodyfat to maintain organ function. she’s alive and she’s hot, so i’d disagree on that point.

  8. >>DOH! same thing eh’?………

    Nope, not the same thing at all. Very different, totally different in fact.

    Believe me you DO NOT want this argument.

  9. urm…she has an odd figure…
    are nippleshields just for girls? or can blokes wear them too?

  10. no, not an argument. but i would like to hear your pov. if you can do so with out getting argumentive and defensive.

  11. “There are some well documented differences between cosmetic surgery and non vanity-based modifications. The main differences are the motivations behind such actions and the outcomes of each.

    There are also clear differences in the way that society treats and accepts those with cosmetic ( or non-beneficial appearance) modifications and are often done for several reasons but the most common is acceptance. The desire to be better accepted within the status-quo, often disguised as being a way of improving confidence.

    The modifications that many practice here are firmly outside of the status quo and are generally not accepted socially, they are also done for a larger variety of reasons, the least of which is to make the person more attractive to others (although this is a small part of some people’s reason).

    Whilst technically getting your body changed via silicone implant is a modification it is psychologically and aesthetically a very different procedure.

    External coercion and interpolation play huge parts in many people’s decisions to have cosmetic surgery including breast enhancements.

    NB- This does not include re-constructive breast augmentation.

    Cosmetic surgery is precisely about achieving an aesthetic image based purely on society’s values of what men and women should be (not fat, large breasted, perfect skin, no wrinkles etc etc). It is purely about creating an ideal of beauty as perpetuated by media enforced images of an ‘ideal’.

    Body Modification as practiced by most here is the opposite. It is about creating an image not associated with societal values but associated with individual freedom.

    Cosmetic enhancement is generally an accepted structured part of society where it rewards women who adhere to its values (just take a look at any popular magazine, music video, TV programme). All reward the ideal perfect image of women (and to a lesser degree men) and portray beauty as normal where in fact the vast majority of women do not look like models.

    Cosmetic surgery is in fact an extreme negative to body modification in that it is about conforming to a normative image as opposed to an individual celebration of non-normative codes of look.

    I would ask you to read several works on the politics of body modification including Featherstone’s body modification and Sieber’s brilliant The Body Aesthetic.

    Far from simply being “my own opinion” they offer a challenging insight into the true reasons behind why people change their appearance and the different motivations behind them.”

  12. I agree with 6. There’s really no other argument.

    @10 : Nipple shields are fun for everyone! ;]

  13. ok, so you cut and pasted someones speach that influinced YOUR opinion. basically this is someone elses opinion.
    and thats all it is. a matter of opinion.

  14. Get a life Giles. If she wants breast implants, yay for her. Do you know her motivation? I don’t. Get off your high horse for once. Jeez.

  15. @ Number 13:
    So just because fake breast are a more commen and accepted thing it’s different from a star implant..
    the only differense i see is that a proffesional dokter plants them under complete anastatics… Which is a good thing because it’s a very very heavy surgorey, which takes a lot of knowledge from the performing surgeon..
    But bassicly it’s still putting something ‘strange to the body’ in your body.. And all body modification artists aren’t stupid they know accectly what they are doing, But they have some differents ‘medical – rules’ to follow.
    But Just because it’s an heavier surgorey, and it’s commen acceptance in society doesn’t make it ‘non-body modification’

    I wonder what’s u’re opinion about extreme body building and COrset training then… (also quit un-none to be a body mod, and body building is more accepted then star implants as well…) Do u think those are body mods.

  16. Regardless of what category breast implants come under, just because an implant is consider “Body Modification” it doesn’t mean it has to be liked!

    Theres no difference here in saying “Eww, fake breasts” than “eww, fake horns”.

    Personal opinion…

  17. I’d hit it.

    Is that because I like “fake” breasts, nipple shields, or labia piercings? No. It’s because it makes her happy and confident and confidence is sexy. She’s obviously very happy with who she is and how she looks. We should all be so comfortable in our skin. But then isn’t that part of the goal of our ‘mods’?

    Not my body, not my wife, not my life… who am I to judge.

  18. @Giles -> You’re right, I don’t want this argument. However, my opinion: maybe she loves her husband so much that she wanted him to have a huge set of fake boobs to play with. With no offense to anyone who practices an alternative lifestyle, while modders’ political interests most often run parallel to being allowed to do whatever they want with their bodies, most of the bondage/hard/extreme crowd I’ve seen and met have modded themselves for play purposes and not the cultivation of some pseudo-intellectual PSYC 201 “Negative Body Image – Popular Culture and the Media”, cooler than the mainstream ‘personal liberation’ front (nullification and Texas Dildo sales aside).

    Long story short: No one here approached you in a public forum to criticize your lifestyle choice, say that your body looks awful, and then tell you you’re wrong via some article you dug up from your freshman health and phys ed curriculum.

  19. >>Body Modification as practiced by most here is the opposite. It is about creating an image not associated with societal values but associated with individual freedom.

    And, I’m afraid I’m going to have to disagree with you here, Giles. Many of the “modded” have modified themselves to fit in better with a subculture of society that *they* identify with. I suspect that your research has downplayed that aspect, not giving sufficient credence to the “culture of rebellion” and the hierarchy in the modification community, where certain mods are seen as “trendy” and therefore “not interesting” or “too mainstream”, forcing those who want to fit in with this community they’ve adopted to push their modifications further.

    For example, see Stormchaser’s comments in post #24: “not really exciting or unusual mods” and “but xpretty standard things”. The implication there is clear: her mods are “standard”, ie. commonplace and relatively “mainstream”, and therefore not worthy of discussion or inclusion in “our community”.

    The “modded community” is really no different from anyone else in terms of identifying others who are or aren’t members based upon their physical appearance – that’s a very human trait. The divergence from mainstream “non-modded” culture is in what physical criteria are acceptable.

  20. Ok… I see both sides, but honestly would she be on here toc omment about if here tits were’t done? Do you really think she would be this proud wearling niplle shields? I doubt it.

    Many women really don’t need sugery, but many of us seriously do have tiny tits, or irregular shaped ones or whatever, so just because of comments liek eww fake tits, I’m supposed to be happy with myself while men and women out there make me feel like a 12 your pubecent girl has a more “womanly shape” than I do? I’m sorry but things like this sadly really do get to us after a while and if there is a solution, why not get it done? I see how there is a connection between teh media and teh demand for it, but in all honesty, even I lived let’s say 100 year ago, I still woudl have noticed my tits are les tan half the size of every other girl around me.

    I know ideals and stuff change over time, they always do, however, as much as I like to feel I’m unaffected by media, I do live in this society.

    Giles, if we wree to talk about a man with a one inch penis wanting to get silicone work or whatever else work done on his penis, would you be just as hostile?

    Also, do you really think this woman would be here on Modblog with nipple shields on if she hadn’t gotten impants? Maybe, but i doubt she would have been half as proud.

    We can classify what is what with body modification all we want, but at the end of teh day, many os us do what we do to look more appealing to ourselves and that is exactly what she did alongw ith many others. The fact soem do it purely to fit into or please their society is one thing but how many peopel do you think got tattoos or other mods because teh ythought the’d look cooler, sexier and whatever else for the public or their peers?

  21. Well, that’s it. Never had the interest before, but I’m moving to Germany. See you all later…

  22. My little problem here is, that I have the somewhat feeling, this entry has not been done due to itneresting mods, or particularly beatiful mods, ot thrilling ones, or mad ones…

    This entry has benn done – sorry that’s my feeling seing it, because “sex sells”. That’s the reason for my statement of beeing a bit average here, everything is nice, and definitely ARTWORK, but somewhat off topic (as long as there is not really a cathergory “act + erotic” – then even sometimes w/o mods at all.

  23. “Cosmetic surgery is in fact an extreme negative to body modification in that it is about conforming to a normative image as opposed to an individual celebration of non-normative codes of look.”

    Really? Is that what all this is about then, ‘codes of look’? I have no idea how people who formulate these theories have any idea what drives ‘most people’ to undergo any procedures. What naive generalisation.

  24. @giles
    is there such thing as a non-vainiy body mod? its my understand that a person will choose to have a certain mod to a) achieve a certain look
    b) achieve a spiritual closeness
    c) any other personal reason

    isnt that all vanity?
    wether it be on a clear canvas or to hide scars or disfigurments, its all about vanity.

  25. I wish my body looked like that ><

    Giles you’re just jealous you don’t have boobs to enhance.

  26. shelleth – It’s as simple as I don’t know her name — there’s no hidden meaning. Also, when I say “body like a mannequin”, I most definitely mean it in a positive way — clearly she’s gone to serious effort to have a chiseled and “perfect” (under her definition) body, both through hard work and body modification. I think she has used a full cross section of body modification (atypical, cosmetic, and exercise) to achieve an impressive look, and I have nothing but admiration for what she’s pulled off.

  27. Is there any true definition of body modification? under literal terms, it could cover a whole range of things right?

    I have a surface piercing on my wrist, and a friend of mine goes to the gym to keep a toned body, and a celebrity has a nose job. Would you say therefore that we are all to a certain extent modifying our bodies?

    As an issue, this confuses me greatly!

  28. Thank you Giles, for demonstrating it’s obvious that the Puritan spirit is alive and well, even here in the BME community. I’d have thought that a liberal attitude towards the choices of others would be the norm here, but it’s almost refreshing to see your robust condemnation of how others CHOOSE to live their lives.

    Ordinarily, I’m not a big fan of breast implants, but Ms Wife-of-Dominik here carries them off rather well.

    And the ladder ending in weights … damn, that’s cool.

  29. Giles,

    Cutting & pasting?! Recycling is good and all, but come on.

    Surely you can be more original than that.


  30. Let’s all just have fun. Perception defines reality. She’s beautiful; because that’s how she see’s who she is. It’s not everyone’s ideal, but it is someone’s ideal. Basically it comes down to whether or not you have something better in your life to define you’re reality than screwing with other’s beliefs. Fuck it all… Have fun… Be who you want and do what you want… In the end that’s all that matters.

  31. Nope, not at all like a mannequin. Or at least, not at all like a Wolf Form size 8 mannequin, not even the evening wear/lingerie forms. Her bust is entirely too large; I’d guess she’s somewhere beyond D cup size, and most mannequins are in the B/C range, since ideal averages are used for draping and for display.

    I will agree that she appears to spend a tremendous amount of time maintaining her ideal physique though; it makes me wish that I had a lot more time to spend riding my bike instead of whiling away the hours draping, test-fitting, and re-draping muslins. (Sadly, it was the “mannequin” part that caught my eye, and not the picture. I’m getting way too insulated at school…)

  32. #7, you really have a good point. i’m not a fan of breast implants, and, in fact, i usually say “ew” when i see fake breasts as well. i never really thought of it as the same type of body modification that i practice, but it really is the same in a sense.


  33. Body like a mannequin, yeah, great, except that mannequins have always struck me as exaggerated, unattractive molds of the fashion industry’s idea of “perfection.”

    I like her corset, though.

  34. I don’t see what’s the difference in having fake boobs, as say, having a guy with his balls pumped full of silicone. Seems fake boobs get a bad rap. So do skinny girls. Fat girls. Black girls. White girls.
    Fact is, women’s bodies are more judged than men’s regardless.

  35. All of the Serious Business comments aside, if it makes her happy… I just love, love, love the third picture where the cherub is peering coyly around her butt. brilliant!

  36. I think she looks awesome! All you haters need to chill out, seriously. As long as she thinks she looks good, and her husband thinks she looks good (and they both obviously do), why the hell should she care what ‘mould’ she might/might not be fitting into?

    Feeling good about yourself is reason enough!

  37. And on top of that, everyone who critiques people on here: YOU’RE helping reinforce all the notions that you have to look or not look a certain way in order to be respected and appreciated and loved. Whether it is they’re too skinny, too pierced, too plastic, too what.

    Hope you realize what you’re working for.

  38. I talked to a reconstructive surgeon who does boob jobs and tummy tucks and all that good stuff about this very topic. In the end, I came to agree with him that people should be able to do whatever makes them happy at the end of the day and not be judged by others. Even if what makes them happy is entirely based on social pressures or whatever else; it is something which obviously concerns them though it may not concern us. Being unable to understand these different points of view seems shallow and close minded to me.

  39. I just… don’t like fake breasts. I mean on some people they look really good, but on someone as thin as this lady it’s apparent that they’re fake, and I just don’t like that personally.

    I do like her tan though. That’s a nice tan. And waist cinches are aweet as.

  40. Am I the only one that thinks the labial piercings on the first picture look Photoshopped?

  41. >Cutting & pasting?! Recycling is good and all, but come on.

    >Surely you can be more original than that.

    More original than cutting and pasting my own text?

  42. >>The “modded community” is really no different from anyone else in terms of identifying others who are or aren’t members based upon their physical appearance – that’s a very human trait. The divergence from mainstream “non-modded” culture is in what physical criteria are acceptable.

    Another difference is that ‘modded’ people are often an ‘active’ audience in their identifying of others. Most modded people will modify themselves (stretching, piercing even tattooing). Breast augmentation is always done by someone else.

    Research shows quite clearly that those wishing to beautify themselves through cosmetic enhancement have more ‘passive’ reactions to images in the media allowing themselves to ‘soak up’ textual semiotics (i.e. to be normal you have to have large breasts, a message disseminated via Hollywood for over 80 years).

    The mainstream media has happily pushed the idea of ‘normal’, it is up to us whether we choose what we want or what society demands.

  43. Perhaps the media has little influence at all, simply responding to a demand for something that people just want.
    Giles: Do they really disgust you?, I’m not really questioning your oppinion just the reason behind it.
    Oh and I’m probably not the only one that would have liked close ups of that last picture, the weighted look is very interesting.

  44. i’ll say to giles what i beleive i already said to him in another thread regarding this topic. breast implants are NOT widely supported and accepted. when i told my freinds and family i planned to get them, EVERYONE i know except my husband was either disgusted, outraged, or disapointed in me.
    the fact is, breasts are feminine. some women want bigger ones, some want smaller, who the fuck are you to decide thats not their descision? thats its some shallow descision influenced by the media?
    also, how can you possibly imply that a woman who is wearing pretty extreme body jewelry such as this, is striving to meet the medias ideas of normal?
    your argument makes little sence. i’ll use myself as an example here. if i was getting augmentation done to be veiwed as normal by society at large, wouldn’t that show in more areas? wouldn’t i bleach my hair to be blond like all the large breasted porn stars? wouldn’t i want to be tan and have blue eyes? wouldn’t i cake on foundation to hide the hereditary circles under my eyes? and i’d surely get a nose job!
    but guess what? instead, i’m a 5’9, 160lb pale woman with long mediocre brown hair, who wears no concealer, has brown eyes and love them, doesn’t get her nails done, and loves her rather large (and therefore defining :)) nose. i just happen to want a larger breast size to go with my large ribcage and even larger hips.

    P.S: i love when MEN decide what is sexist FOR a woman…does anyone else see the irony here?

  45. “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”
    - Dr. Seuss

  46. giles, why does body modification inherently have to be butting heads with “mainstream” society? my choice to modify is my own, improving my own aesthetic just as breast implants do for some women. your argument presumes we’re all making some kind of statement about our rebellious disconnect from society. me, i just want to look purty…

  47. why do fake boobs always look so artificial? I mean, is there no way to modify/enlarge/shape/whatever breast without ending up with something that looks like a pair of footballs nailed to a plank? cant plastic surgeons just make them look a little “nicer” without taking away the natural look? or is it just because women want them to look like that?

  48. Maybe this is just me, but I don’t find her body attractive at all. I feel like if I touched her she’d be plastic-y. I hope Dominik, her husband who is so insecure he needs to whore is wifes silicone injected body all over the internet likes that whole “I’m screwing a barbie” thing.

  49. If anyone changes their body in a voluntary mannor then (in my opinion) it’s a mod. I personally don’t like or agree with cosmetic surgery, but then my gran never agreed or liked my piercings and tattoos! Everyone has thier own idea of what they want thier body to look like. Some people sit there and depress themselves because they are unhappy with how they look, others (for thier own reasons) take steps and make changes (modify). Basically, what I’m trying to say is, if you change your body through piercing, tattoos, implants, etc. then you can’t diss people for getting cosmetic surgery. At the end of the day, it’s all about changing and modifying what you got, in any shape or form.

  50. @59
    Giles, I typically do a good job of ignoring you. Not that I don’t see your point of view, I just don’t like the way you seem to use your educational background as a weapon. Sometimes when I read what you’ve written, I get the distinct feeling that you care less about the matters you’re discussing and more about sounding like the world’s expert at (choose your topic). And I’m not even going to touch the women’s issues (particularly that of safety/objectification/abuse). Stop it.
    As you seem to be pointing out (either directly or indirectly, depending on post) the ‘modded community’ is one that wants to think for itself- barring any of those that fit into the ‘scene kid’ category- so LET US DO SO. I don’t need any of your intellectulization of my reactions nor do I need to be ‘shrunk’ sociologically everytime I read modblog.

  51. Oh, and btw, I have stretched piercings (though not to any ‘extreme’ level), but all of my work, both tattoo and piercing, has been done by professionals because I trust in them to have the knowledge of anatomy, tools and safety (both in the procedural component and lack of contamination) to do so where I lack those skills.

  52. I understand that everyone has an opinion, but why do some feel they must to talk negatively about the subject. It is one thing to say you aren’t a fan of breast implants or that you don’t like the look because it is plastic looking or, hell, you don’t think cosmetic surgery is body modification in this site’s sense. But is it really necessary to demean the subject (“whoring out his wife on the internet”, “creating an ideal of beauty as perpetuated by media”, etc)? Obviously this person wanted the various mods (whether is be cosmetic surgery, piercings, or body sculpting) for THEIR body.
    As for people thinking that this entry was only done because “sex sells” and her body is “average” when it comes to mods- since when must one’s body be covered in mods for it to be posted? I think Shannon does a great job in posting completely diverse entries, yet whenever he posts a naked, or half naked woman with few mods people start going off that it is just because sex sells, blah blah blah. I don’t know about anyone else, but I read this blog daily for the variety whether it be a naked 125 lb woman with 36C breast with one nipple piercing and a rose tattoo on her hip or an interview with an eunuch or photos of a 250 lb graying man engaged in blood-play. Who am I to decide what is good for someone else, what is standard in one’s mind may be extreme in someone else’s.

  53. Thanks Kiera for saying what I’ve wanted to say to that pompous ass since I started coming to ModBlog. Not that Giles gives a flying fuck but I’m getting utterly steamed at this intellectual snobbery that really doesn’t add any value to the post itself. Frankly, you can shrink me any way you like, Giles, and keep your smug superiority but stop waving your intellectual dick in everyone’s face.

  54. “Fake breasts for all!”

    I do get the joke. And I’m not going to speculate about whether this woman’s motivations are politically correct. But the “if you want them, why not, it’s all good” tone of some comments makes me a little twitchy. I’m not writing this as a hater, just as someone who considered implants myself — to the point of consulting with several surgeons — before deciding against them.

    First, there’s the cost. I think the average is around $7,000 in the US.

    There’s the invasiveness. Many implants are even placed under the pectoral muscle. It’s major “hardcore” surgery, as #7 pointed out.

    There’s the need for eventual replacement, or removal plus repair of the stretched-out tissue.

    There’s the risk of complications. My sister got implants from a reputable doctor, then went back for a second surgery to deal with some very painful contracture.

    If this woman (or any woman) is happy with her implants, great. Really. Personally, though, I’m not nearly that hardcore!

  55. Whether people like it or not, and whether they see it or not, every picture on ModBlog is connected, and we are all connected to those people in the pictures. I assume most of us visit ModBlong because we’re modified in some way – well, there you have it. We are all modified, we are all chasing our personal aesthetic goals. We are a COMMUNITY.

    It doesn’t matter if you have one tiny lower back tattoo or a full suit, if you have a lobe piercing in each ear or an extensive genital ladder, and yes, it doesn’t matter if you have fake breasts or detailed silicone implants. As people we have chosen to change our bodies, and in doing so have made OURSELVES happy. Other people may be influenced by our decisions, and they may be made happy themselves, happy for us, or they might even be disgusted or turned off, but WE ARE HAPPY.

    My tattoos tell my story, my experiences, my pain and joy, and most importantly, they made my skin physically represent the way I felt inside. And until this woman comes on ModBlog and posts to say that she only got her breast implants because she felt pressured by Hollywood’s representation of women and thought that the only way she could ever be loved and accepted is to look exactly like them, then you know what, I’ll believe that she did it because SHE WANTED TO. Not because of some deep psychological loathing for her body but because they add something to her perception of herself, they give her confidence, they make her feel sexy. She has gone to great lengths to achieve a physical aesthetic and for that she deserves some credit and respect.

    We have no right to judge her any more than we judge the girl walking down the street with a single nose piercing for being “under modded”. We are perfectly free to say that in general we don’t like breast implants (some people really don’t, that’s fine), but who are we to say she’s stupid for doing it? HER body, HER choice. We are a community joined by the collective changes to our bodies, big or small, and if we ask for respect for our choices it is only fair that we give the same respect to others as well.

  56. I don’t get why some people think giles posts are intelectual. basically he’s repeating himself over and over again, throwing “researches” in without even mentioning the source, mistaking models of group behavior for the behavior of indivduals and decorating the whole thing with some foreign words. sorry, it needs a bit more to impress me.

  57. while talking about “beeing not impressed”…if someone can show me a woman who succesfully performed a breast augmentation on herself, I’ll be impressed ;-)

  58. Sarah – Well, I would call it ‘pseudo-intellectual’. Not that I think he is being too genuinely smart and it makes my head hurt or something like that. Pretty much, when I say ‘intellectual’ I mean exactly what you’re saying. Goodness, please don’t think I’m trying to say Giles is smart or something. :)

  59. >>Giles, and keep your smug superiority but stop waving your intellectual dick in everyone’s face.

    I’m sorry that your inferiority is such a hang-up for you. There is help you can obtain if necessary.

    Sarah – I have posted my sources ‘ad nauseum’, do you wish me to repeat them again only you seem to have a massive problem with repetition.

    You could do worse than read “Psychological Aspects of Plastic Surgery: Clinical, Empirical, and Ethical Perspectives” (Sarwer, Cash & Goldwyn). Possibly THE best source of information for anyone discussing cosmetic surgery in any context. Failing that you could simply resort to bland insults.

    Choice is yours. ;-)

  60. Pressure to be perky: Society leads college women to get breast augmentations

    Jill Miller, a 19-year-old student at the U, got a breast augmentation last February to feel more comfortable with her body. While it might seem drastic, some women, including many
    college-aged women, are turning to plastic surgery as a means to solve their issues with self-esteem, said Dr. Theresa Martinez of the U’s sociology department. Before her surgery, Miller would stuff her swimsuit in order to feel more secure while at the pool. After having the surgery, Miller commented, “I am a lot more confident.” Richard Fryer, a plastic surgeon
    at the Madison Health Clinic, said that many of his patients
    have a very small breast size and are turning to surgery to help them fit better in their clothes and to help them feel
    more confident.
    “I think that if you have something you’ve been very self conscious about for a long time, there’s a kind of satisfaction you get when you address the problem,” Fryer said.
    Fryer said he believes plastic surgery has been popularized
    by TV and is becoming more socially acceptable, but surgery
    still comes with risks. According to Fryer, recovery
    time differs depending on the patients, and complications can
    occur. Fryer knows some patients who were able to go back
    to work the day after surgery. But for Dayna Keiser, a U graduate, a full recovery took a lot longer. Keiser said her recovery as “very bad” and that she was “in a lot of pain.”
    After her breast augmentation surgery, Keiser said she felt “a
    little bit more secure-but being a woman, you never really feel
    secure with yourself.”Martinez agrees. “American women have terrible issues with low self-esteem,” Martinez said.
    Usually, women are held to a stricter standard of appearance
    then their male counterparts and are pushed to be “younger, prettier, better, thinner, etc.,” Martinez said. “Girls find their self-esteem determined more by what others think while boys are more about their own ability to master and control their environment.” She cited men and society as two factors that shape women’s perceptions of how their breasts should look. “There are fetishes that some men do have with breast size. This is probably influenced a bit by biology and cues with regard to fertility,” Martinez said. Matt Christensen, a sophomore in accounting, said that breasts “help me notice the girl. It’s shallow, but it’s true.” But in Christensen’s opinion, “natural is best.” Martinez also named society as an influence, saying “in the past, larger women were on the stage and screen as sex objects. They were more voluptuous, like
    Marilyn Monroe. Breasts were bigger in part because women
    were heavier,” Martinez said. Now American culture has become
    more diet-oriented, making it very difficult to keep a large
    breast size while still fitting into size two pants, Martinez said. So breast implants can give women a distorted “best of both worlds” ideal, she said. Martinez does see plastic surgery
    as a healthy option in some cases, such as women who “have
    been ‘fl at-chested’ their entire lives and always felt bad about that one aspect of themselves. I think a healthy woman in
    that position, who can see her imperfections in perspective, might be a good candidate for plastic surgery.”
    Though only about 5 percent of college women have had plastic surgery, 60 percent of them of them said they could envision having at least one cosmetic surgery in their lifetime, according to the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

  61. ahh, you read a book. the book that holds the ultimate and only truth about plastic surgery. like the bible. sorry for the irony, and just to get this clear: I’m not picking on your opinions, I’m picking on your “perfomance”. doing researches, reading books? fine. drawing conclusions from what you’ve read? fine, too. presenting your conclusions as if they are the one and only truth? not fine. not matter how much you learn, read and research (which is in no way wrong), it will never be more than just the actual state of your knowledge (which forms your opinion), or, on a higher level, the actual state of science. but every research, no matter on which subject, might be proven wrong. god luck for us, otherwise we would still believe that the eart is flat and that homosexuality is a disease. just leave the preservence of the one and only truth to the catholic church, they have performed perfectly at this subject for ages.

  62. #66- Yes, it is entirely possible for women to get breast enhancement that looks natural. There are a wide variety of sizes and shapes of implants, and many woman spend quite a bit of time with their doctors deciding which shape is best for them. Obviously, many women choose breast shapes that aren’t natural, which points to their original reason for getting enhancement– they don’t want what was “natural” for them, they want something that is noticeably different.

  63. >>presenting your conclusions as if they are the one and only truth? not fine

    I don’t recall ever saying or even hinting towards this.

  64. i have one view on fake tittes

    as long as they don’t pop when i play with them i’m just fine :)

  65. thats why I wrote “as if” and not “you did” or “you said”. and even if anybody around here would read the books you recommend, it still doesn’t change the fact that people 1) might not agree 2) those researches might be proven wrong. I won’t repeat myself a third time, I’m quite sure you understand my point.

  66. Could everyone just shut up already?? Shannon already explained that she wanted to look like that. If you wanted to remove your hand and submit pics to show it off, would you want bullshit comments like “OMG what a homo” or “She looks like a moron”? No, you wouldn’t. So how about everyone just sit back and thank her for the submission.

    The end.

  67. my place in this matter is that: fake breasts are usually gotten to make oneself look more like the “ideal” woman. putting silicone implants under your skin in various places is eons different, because you’re doing it to better yourself for your own reasons, not someone else’s.

  68. Always happy to read Giles’ comments (so long as they don’t lapse into insults). Don’t always agree, often think he’s too determinist – but he does cite his sources, and makes points that can be argued, held up or refuted.

    I think that discussion based on arguments is central to any constellation of individuals that cultivate and reflect on their social and cultural ties, i.e. a community. Telling someone to shut up when they offer up debate is the opposite of community building. It is the start of sectarianism.

  69. *****I think that discussion based on arguments is central to any constellation of individuals that cultivate and reflect on their social and cultural ties, i.e. a community. Telling someone to shut up when they offer up debate is the opposite of community building. It is the start of sectarianism.*****

    oh…shit….to many….big..words…oh fuck….the apes head…..hurts…..gaaaaahhhh!!!!

  70. holy crap, what a sh*tstorm this post created. i love the way discussion here is sparked by hardly anything! does anyone else think she looks really old? since the face is blurred i can only go by the neck and hair, but she looks OLD lol kudos on the body though, alot of work must go into that!

  71. i dont care if she is old…i’d clean the cobwebs from the rafters no matter what her age with that body….

  72. She’s like body-mod Barbie.
    Great photos.
    Dominik from Germany must be VERY proud!

  73. I’m 23, and therefore not the easily influenced ‘college girl’ that Giles speaks of. I have 34 GG breasts already and I plan on surgery to make em bigger. I do not plan on doing this to fit in. If I was going to do that I would have the reduction that many people have suggested. I just happen to adore the look of huge boobs, and the exaggerated femininity. Just the same as any other mod, such as stretched lobes, forehead implants, or genital piercing, I am going to have it done purely because it is something I personally find attractive, even though many people like Giles think it’s ‘sick’. Let me ask, would I have it done to please people after hearing closed minded sexist comments like Giles has made?
    Giles – You act like the standard bearer for women, but in reality with your set, strict and never changing ideals you are just as sexist as others, but in a far worse way in my opinion. Let us women speak for ourselves…heaven knows we can do it!


    FIRST OFF, GIALS, JUST SHUT THE HELL UP! you’re smart, you dont agree with fake tits, we get it. now be off to offending another’s beliefs and pushing yours when a)its total speculation what excatly their beliefs are and b) they arent even around to defend themselves. you dont know why she did it! it could vary just as much as tattoos. for instance, some people go out and get that “18 birthday-right-of-passage tattoo” and its probably something they saw on the wall. or, you could be like me, and get a tattoo for my best friend of 14 years who just killed himself. its not because its pretty, and its not because i want everyone to know what happened (hell, its in latin). no vanity is involved, but its because i love the fact that i can just look at my arm and see the most amazing bond ive ever expierenced and remeber my favorite memory of him. i was also a very bad cutter for 8 years, some consider it a mod with its very noticeable permanent scars. however, it wasnt done with vanity in mind, but with emotional elevation in mind regardless the public scrutiny id face for the rest of my life because i had a problem in the past. one could say its my scarlet letter.

    another example; my mother got breast implants from an A to a DD because she never expierened it before, and ive never seen her happier. i, myself, am just over a DD cup and i can’t WAIT to get a reduction. i dont care about, or pay attention to, what society thinks is beautiful. there is no possible way to satisfy everyone. the idea of beauty is as objective as one’s pain threshold. some cant stand a papercut, while others get off at putting skewers through their balls.

    im sure everyone is find and dandy if you say ‘not for me, but whatever. ‘ im sure there have been people that look at your favourite mod and thought ‘ good God, why???’, even if they didnt say it.
    all beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
    more importantly, the reasons behind changing your body, in whatever way, shape, forum, is in the soul of the mod-ee.

    with that being said, shes amazingly beautiful, and id kill to be where she is right now. ive been longing so much for the beach…

  75. Giles, How simple can I make this for you ?

    I’ll keep it nursery school level.

    You have a penis ?
    Well I have a vagina.

    You know what that means ?


    You do not stand for womens rights. You do not “know what is best” for women. You may, as a human – have as many opinions and view points as you see fit. You can live your life by these personal standards for as long as you wish.

    What you can not do, what is absolutely ludicrous and pathetic that you even attempt, is to lay blanket statements of possible instances over an entire demographic of people. This includes women, big womens, small women, black women, women with small breasts, women who have their nipples removed, women who have breast implants, women who have breast augmentation, women who pierce their third nipple…Do you see where im going with this ?

    Who the fuck are you to decide and and judge any persons reasons behind altering their body ?
    How EXACTLY is it you know that it wasn’t an evening mushroom trip in Peru that the great god of all things robust and orb like sent down from the heavens the mighty inspiration of glorious breasts, causing her to book a breast augmentation first thing the next morning. DIVINE INTERVENTION.

    How do you know it wasn’t the result of needing cancerous tissue removed ?

    How is it, exactly that you claim to know that as a women perfectly capable of thinking for herself and weeding out the unyielding influence of the media IN ALL ASPECTS OF LIFE, and realize that for her personally, when she got dressed and undressed every day that those titties just weren’t cutting the mustard, and for her own personal preference she wanted some bigger breasts, or rounder breasts, or less lumpy breasts, or breasts filled with butterscotch pudding?

    You don’t know shit boy,
    sit the fuck down.

  76. x – Please get a basic education before engaging in conversation with adults.



    Stupid stupid stupid people.

  77. I wonder if Giles is silly enough to criticize women who get their ears pierced? It’s far, far more “conformist” — after all, a sizable majority of women get their ears pierced, while the number of women who get breast implants is just a smallish minority. More women get tramp-stamps than breast implants — but is he out there insulting them?

  78. Mark – You haven’t understood he argument have you?

    Seriously the amount of stupidity and ignorance on show by some people is astounding. Worse still is the anger being displayed by people with little to no understanding of what has been written.

    Many of you clearly deserve the prejudice that society dishes out to you.

  79. Sadly, I do indeed have trouble understanding prejudice and blind hatred. But I’m glad there are some people who revel in it so freely. It’s kind of refreshing.

    All I see is a childish misogynist who wants to tell women how to live their lives, and who has ridiculous double-standards about which types of conformity are okay and which aren’t. I honestly can’t understand what difference you see between a woman getting her ear pierced and a woman getting breast implants, except that getting breast implants is much more rare and subjects a person to criticism from body-control-freaks.

  80. total side note to the sexism masquerading as academia, but only one person has commented about her age-and it was the first thing I thought of-before the implants(don’t care)or the weighted ladder(don’t care)or anything else. As someone who can’t tan, people who are very tanned tend to catch my attention. One thing that tanning often leads to is skin damage-and a faster overall aging of the skin-loss of elasticity among other signs. And her skin does look like someone who has spent-already-quite a few years in the sun. my guess was that she was maybe in her late 30s at the youngest, but possibly much older and-the breast implants do bear this out some what-someone who takes care with her appearance. Maybe she’s a seriously hot German MILF who hits the gym 5 days a week? Whatever the case, its always interesting where these threads go-some people seem to enjoy hanging themselves with them!

  81. It seems that she has morphed her body into exactly what she has wanted using a wide variety of body modifications. I fail to see how her fake tits make it any less of a transformation.

  82. I think she looks like one of those real dolls,is she a real woman? LOL my daughter has just seen what Im posting and she says she is real because she has cellulite.

  83. *dies laughing @101.

    Speaking of basic education… if we’re down to the point of simple insults then I have to point out, whether you /meant/ it as allusion or not, Giles.. X has to have a brain otherwise she’d be unable to breathe- let alone spell, form sentences in even the most basic sense (though I think she’s quite sensible!) or type.

    Casting stones… tsk tsk.

  84. >>I honestly can’t understand what difference you see between a woman getting her ear pierced and a woman getting breast implants, except that getting breast implants is much more rare and subjects a person to criticism from body-control-freaks.

    That indeed is a huge problem if you can’t “understand” the difference.

    For those who can “understand” the difference here are some more references regarding how the media ‘shape’ women and their images. All of the authors have vaginas too so you can rest knowing they are qualified to comment on media coercion.

    The Media and Body Image: If Looks Could Kill (Paperback)
    by Maggie Wykes
    Even medical opinion notes that the media can influence young women to starve themselves and therefore act as a possible causal factor of disordered eating. Yet surprisingly, little work has addressed either the nature of media representations of the body, or the ways in which audiences interpret and use such images in our contemporary cultural context. “The Media and Body Image” addresses this lack and: draws together literature from sociology, gender studies and psychology; brings together new empirical work on both media representations and audience responses; and offers a broad discussion of this topic in the context of socio-cultural change, gender politics, and self-identity.

    The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty Are Used Against Women (Paperback) – Naomi Wolf
    The author exposes the tyranny of the beauty myth through the ages and its oppressive function today, in the home and at work, in literature and the media, in relationships between men and women, between women and women. With examples, she confronts the beauty industry and its advertising and uncovers the reasons why women are consumed by this destructive obsession.

    Body Snatchers: How the Media Shapes Women (Paperback)
    by Cyndi Tebbel (Author)
    At no other time in history have women been so preoccupied with the shape they are in. Wherever we look – in magazines on television in films – the prevailing ‘ideal’ body shape for women is closer to a Barbie doll than a real woman. The cosmetics fashion and diet industries the mass media and the burgeoning business of cosmetic surgery all profit from this imagery. But for woman and girls there’s a high price to pay: low esteem body hatred and eating disorders are now a major part of their lives. How do women combat this brainwashing and begin to believe that they are more than a dress size? By challenging the messages that saturate our media and refusing to buy their lies.

    Flesh Wounds: The Culture of Cosmetic Surgery by VL Blum
    For a cultural practice to develop such a tenacious grip, Blum argues, it must be fed from multiple directions: some pragmatic, including the profit motive of surgeons and the increasing need to appear young on the job; some philosophical, such as the notion that a new body is something you can buy or that appearance changes your life. Flesh Wounds is an inquiry into the ideas and practices that have forged such a culture. Tying the boom in cosmetic surgery to a culture-wide trend toward celebrity, Blum explores our growing compulsion to emulate what remain for most of us two-dimensional icons.

  85. Glad you’ve spent so much time reading Giles. But you still haven’t convinced me that this woman got breast implants because of social conditioning. You can throw around all the statistics and socio-crit literature you want-some of those books just point out the obvious anyway-but it still doesn’t mean those reasons are why this particular woman made her decision. You have as much info as the rest of us-which is nothing but photos-certainly not enough data(qualitative or quantitative) to really make anything other than assumptions.

  86. I don’t recall EVER claiming this woman had breast implants for ANY reason. All I have done is provide evidence showing how and why many women are coerced into cosmetic surgery through media manipulation of the female form. My abhorrence is with the power of mediation rather than any individual. This has been the point that has been lost on many though.

  87. Id love breast implants not because of media manipulation either,Id just love to be able to lie down without my boobs ending up under my armpits lol.

  88. I don’t see why it’s anybodies business her what that woman has had done to her body. Quite frankly it’s disgusting the amount of comments made towards her, if she wishes to have breast implants then why can’t she have them?

    Have you all gone on and commented about others who have had implants? Not neccessarily breast ones?

    Leave the woman alone, no wonder she didn’t want to be shown…jesus >_>

  89. Giles: I think you made that point quite well, its just that no one seems to understand why you’re trying to make it, since this wasn’t an entry about the power of mediation(and I think you meant the power of the media-as mediation means something totally different to me), but about breast implants. However, as somebody commented above, trying to derationalize someone’s behaviour is dangerous, gets into generalization-based on stereotypes usually-and leaves little to no room for those that buck norms despite societal influence.

    Ultimately, I hope she is happy with her body-for I believe it is that which is more important on an individual basis, as long as she understands the plus and minus of her choices-everything else is academic.

  90. actually, its not about breast implants, but that seems to have gotten the bulk of this entries comments.

  91. Giles in your own words you keep saying how MOST women get breast implants because the media, blah blah. That’s still not why every woman gets breast implants, until you show me a study that shows every woman that gets breast implants in because the media influenced it, your argument sucks. Just because you talk real loud and use big words doesn’t make you right.

    On a lighter note, HOORAY BOOBIES!!! HOORAY FOR MODS!

  92. >>(and I think you meant the power of the media-as mediation means something totally different to me.

    Mediation also means the action of the influence of media.

  93. >>until you show me a study that shows every woman that gets breast implants in because the media influenced it, your argument sucks.

    Nobody made any such claim.

  94. Starspring: you can’t tan? At all? Are you an albino? (Damn! If it weren’t for all the negative connotations to being an albino, it would be keen! The colors on tattoos would really pop!) Is there anything other than albinism that would cause a complete inability to tan?
    I’m not sure that I’m seeing the age thing; I don’t see any evidence of stretch marks (okay, I can see one stretch mark clearly on each breast, diagonally up from the sternum, but I assume that’s from the augmentation), nor can I spot any early indications of loosening skin due to either excessive tanning or the natural loss of elasticity from aging. Even her elbows look like the skin is still pretty firm… I would have pegged her at mid- to late 20′s. Could you tell me what I should be looking at?

  95. SM-G: To answer your question, I have always been fair skinned, and burned quite a bit as a kid. When I was 19 I took accutane for acne treatment. One side effect, which almost always goes away with time, is extreme increase in being prone to sunburn-but they usually only warn of this during treatment. Instead of this fading, its left me pretty much in the same state I was during treatment. I will get sunburned in about 10 minutes in direct sun-whether I slather on sunblock or not, even through UV coated car windows. I wear special clothes when I have to be in direct sun with no access to shade and usually cover up even when the weather is ‘good’ ie overcast. However, I am not an albino but I am with you on it making tattoos pop! lighter skin does do that-which I why my tattoo artist can’t wait until I start using color-she’s psyched!

    IN terms of the skin and what you should look for, its hard to explain it(i’m not a dermatologist-but because of my sun alergy and having has skin cancer already 3 times-I’ve done a lot of personal research on skin, skin aging and skin damage. My comment-an assumption mind you-is from looking at the quality of the surface and the color. even tanned skin has texture-and the texture of our skin changes a lot over time-and sun damage speeds that up. Some people have genetically better protected skin due to higher amounts of melanin in the skin while other people already have serious crows feet in their early 20s. it depends on a lot of factors. In the case of the woman in the photos, the color of her skin seems very darkly tanned, and certainly very dark for someone sporting bleach blond hair(that may be natural-this IS Germany right?). the amount of skin, the way the muscles hang, the way the skin reflects light and how ruddy it seems, would for me point to someone who had lived long enough exposed to great deals of sun-perhaps she may also be a nudist-but without being able to see her face AND the body its difficult to pinpoint her exact age, general maybe but not exact-which is why I commented about her going to a gym. Her body is defying age. which is kind of cool if you think about it.

  96. # 1. why is Giles ALWAYS hating on fake boobs. clearly he doesnt have them and his oppinions of them and his biased conceptions of people who get them are obvious. (and if he wants to argue, I have done a hell of a lot more research on bresat augmentation procedures, myths and truths, statistics, history, motivations and psychological complications that he has… not to mention I have them myself and all gile’s googled explanations of coercion and low self-image and beauty ideals don’t at all explain why i got them, or why the few friends I have with fake breasts went through the procedure either.)#2. she looks beautiful. There are a billion different types of body types that are beautiful in this world, augmented or not in whatever way. I have fake boobs, i got them because i like how fake boobs look. Mine don’t really look fake but I love how fake boobs look, i also love how super huge fake boobs look, I also love how real boobs look and how very small boobs look, depending on how the person wears his or her breasts. I also like bodies with a little or a lot more cushion, bigger or smaller butts, its about how people feel in their skin and how that comes across, that is real beauty. If you cant see the beauty that flows from people, reagrdless of whether you specifically would choose to have their breasts of legs or ass, or whether or not you want to fuck them immediately when you see them naked, you probably should work on your own self-esteem. why are people so judgemental of people with breast implants? Why are people judgemental of others in general?

  97. @Giles&C: if she gets the breasts she wants it’s great for her, isn’t it?
    So just because everybody is wearing blue jeans shoudn’t I buy a pair of jeans or whatever just because everyone got them?
    That’s crap.

    Then: it’s goddamn sexy.
    Maybe not elegant, maybe not sweet actually it’s plain nasty, but it’s the ultimate definition of sexy.

    I envy and respect those dudes.

  98. Giles, i see where you are coming from with your trouble in understanding the difference between breast implants and peircings, both are body modifications. One thing that has not been considered more fully is how gender roles influence our perception of different body modifications. Being a woman, I have the right to go to a surgeon, and get implants whenever I want, because I would be embracing femininity as our culture sees it and therefor it is legal and more socially acceptable. If I was a man I would have to prove that I had a physicological disorder if I wanted implants.
    Blatant sexism.
    How do you feel about that interferring with your rights over your own body?

  99. I LOVE wearing nipple shields, I think they greatly enhance the beauty of a womans breast. I had surgery to give mine better shape and just after the surgery had the piercing done on both nipples. I have several sets of shields and wear them most of the time. I love them!!

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