21 thoughts on “It’s not a tapeworm, honest

  1. thats very very nice, I really like it, but i think i like it even more before the large patches of skin were removed, either way it is very nice indeed

  2. Didn’t expect this to get modblogged so i didn’t put a description up, but i got that design done to represent my two older brothers and i (hence the big, middle and little circle)

  3. The cutting looks sweet, but that pic of the strip of skin actually gave me chills. Pretty impressive considering some of the things I’ve seen posted on here.

  4. Awesome Paula, awesome indeed.
    I have said that word to you far too many times in the past week.
    congratulations again and yet another incredibly piece of artwork by Sir Dunn.

  5. I prefer the outline as well, pretty sure it’s about time south australia got some love from a well known scar-artist though 🙁

  6. it’s bizarre, but I reckon the photo on the left looks better. Maybe it’s just the angle…

    I’m sure it’ll look ace when it’s healed though!

  7. Thanks to everyone for the great comments 🙂
    Ward : I’d love to come to adelaide sometime.. ive not ever had much interest from people there in the past… but it could be time to try again!!

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