Some healthier nipple piercings to make up for the mangled one in the entry below? Pam had Le Satyr do a BME promo body painting (which pretty much guarantees her a post, and not just because I don’t have to go to the effort of tagging the images myself) while showing off her nipple piercings by Alex at Cracheur D’Encre in Montreal. A second photo follows after the break.



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54 thoughts on “BMEZINE Boobage

  1. Fake or not, who cares?

    Those are by far one of the best sets I’ve seen in a while.

    Too bad she’s from the snowy north.

  2. who cares if theyre fake?

    and even if they are… this is a body mod website…

    also… this is super hot!

  3. Yeah, I’d say they’re real.. She has her shoulders back (pushing out her chest) AND in the first picture she’s holding them up. Anyone with a chest can get them to look like that if they do that. :)

  4. what was wrong with her face :P
    those are lovely breasticles!
    love the way the graffiti lettering fits in snuggly

  5. I love boobs. and this just strengthened that love…i wish i could feel the love….!

  6. Having a pair myself I can say that they’re real, plus, a girl with fake tits wouldn’t be holding them like that.

  7. lol #13 i love that you say she’s hot without seeing anything other than her breasts. which look totally sexy (and real, #14 right on the mark!!!)

  8. love her hair, love her boobs, love the piercings, love the painting. overall a picture full of win. ;)

  9. I have two X chromosomes per cell myself but I still think that those nipples are pretty much perfect. As well as the piercings. And as well as the painting. With her hair. Even the not-so-perfect nails fit the picture. I have to agree with a previous post, it would be nice to include her face.

  10. real real real. but that’s irrelevant, it’s one of those pictures that begs to be a desktop to give you an occasional pleasant surprise – well done guys.

  11. just for a second, I though that as a tattoo. Now that would be awesome!

    And I gotta join the rest of you in appreciating her rather awesome boobs/piercings etc

  12. The paint is fantastic!!
    It looks SO surreal. Very very cool job!

    The boobs are nice too.

  13. Man, I just had a really strong five-second-long visual of just burying my face in those. Mmmm.

  14. I really like how she has matching moles on the inner side of each breast too – so cute!

  15. theyre definately real, no question.
    #14 is right, fake ones stay up, natural ones look lovely like that when held.
    this is cool… mine are about the same but i wasnt sure if piercings would look okay coz of the size, when i normally only see small girls with small boobs with them.. this gives me confidence to go ahead with it :)

  16. If it’s a good job, even plastic surgeons can’t tell the difference from a picture. It’s only bad boob jobs that the “rules” apply to. So while it’s fun to speculate, there’s really no way to tell for sure, unless the girl (or someone who’s felt her up) has posted and I missed it.

  17. Not only are those some healthy piercings…those are some healthy looking breasts. ;) I really like the body painting too. I’m not a fan of the black balls but I can deal with it due to the epic breasts.

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