14 thoughts on “Magnetic Implant Ultrasound

  1. and, while we’re at it – The artist is Roland from Visavajara – that’s in beautiful Freiburg, Germany. A real nice and knowledgeable person and an awesome shop! Somebody should convince these guys to finally get on here…

  2. Stormchaser – Even with the problems I’ve had with mine, having a magnetic implant has been a remarkable experience. I think it’s one that you especially would appreciate a great deal. I can’t recommend it enough.

  3. Taht’s why i also am happy to see, there are people I know starting to work with it… 🙂
    Ans I also wonder somehow, if there could be a fine possibility to use magnetic jewelry in 5mm diameter and 55mm long piercings :-))) or magnetic (but these then are likely too weak) parts instead of the discs.
    But these implants…. good to know 🙂

  4. Neatorama. As a biologist dating a biomedical engineer, I’d love to see more stuff like this.

    I’ve been thinking that body modification enthusiasts would make great subjects for studies on biomaterials, implantation, cell adhesion molecules, etc (none of these are my field, by the way). I would love to see piercers collaborating with scientists. It seems like there are two parallel fields of empirical research going on but neither of them learns much from the other because of mutual snobbery (“counterculture” vs “institutionalized”).

  5. Xenobiologista: Sometimes even in one and the same person… oh giving my piercings (implants) a scientific background, that would be a nice project… (indeed I could even write a paper ((self) cas study) on localized argyrie (dark silver staining of the skin) due to solid silver implants… Cell adhesion molecules and tissue adhering to implants / piercings (and how you could reduce – or for me: enhance that) – that would be also my field 🙂
    At least I learned a lot for my mods due to my job!

  6. Another “I want this so bad” comment.
    From the first article I saw on them there has been nothing I’ve wanted more

  7. Besides myself there are about seven other competent modification artists around the world who know how to install these properly. I will be doing some at the Hell City tattoo convention for those who are interested on the East Coast.

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