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  1. She must have one hell of an immune system to be able to heal all those surface piercings with rings. Craziness.

  2. The surface rings don’t look very healthy to me.
    Imho, her face looks a lot prettier before all the piercings. Kudos to her for doing what she likes best do. She seems a nice enough person.

  3. Wow, here we can see what her face looks like, unlike the previous post.
    (I’m not judging, I’m just mentioning a fact)

  4. Christ! What the heck has happened to her in the last 10 years? It looks like a completely different woman in the previous post (the structure of the face and mouth i.e.).

  5. start in the ceneter and count up on the left. the 5th abdominal ring is oozing ALOT of white stuff….

  6. The overall effect is lovely, although her piercings don’t all look particularly healthy up close. I wonder how they’re doing now?

  7. Ouch! The surface piercings on her tummy don’t look very happy! As for health, it depends on how old they are I suppose! Still, they look to be long enugh piercings to be able to cope with minor rejection.

  8. I hope the piercings healed better than they looked here.

    Takes some dedication though. Looking after two or three piercings during their healing period is hard enough, let alone such a large amount.

    I presume the vast majority of the surface ones rejected reasonably quickly.

  9. I’d love to see a picture of her tummy/genitals now. And about her vagina … I’m sure if you were to remove the chain undies we’d be able to get a good look and see where it starts.

  10. wow, that doesn’t even look like the same person!. she used to look so much better than she does now, imho.

  11. Wow. I guess that just goes to show that everyone can heal something–sometimes multiple times! You can say “ZOMG NO” to rings in surface piercings, and 99% of the time you’ll be right, but every so often–you can do it. Ditto for tygon surface piercings–I know a girl (on the internets, she’s been on here before) with a tygon inner wrist surface piercing, DIY, that has healed beautifully. The rules of piercing are there for a reason, but . . . sometimes, the stuff that shouldn’t work, can!

  12. Hahahaha there’s no frickin’ WAY you can say she’s healed those piercings. They looks angry as hell and one of them is leaking!

  13. allo allo,

    she’s a really lovely lady and would probably do an interview no problem. If you still didnt get in touch with her, it’s easiest to catch her on Royal Mile in Edinburgh, so it’s best to come over here, haha!

    that was my advice.


  14. Nice style / art. The way she did the piercigns seems to be really ncie. The piercings still seem to be drndiytive and reddish yet. Astoished, that such an amout can be healed.

  15. Those Surface ring piercings do not look healed to me they just look like they’re having a hard time rejecting, i don’t think i would keep a piercing that looks as bad as those do. But that is just me.

  16. I’d love to read an interview. I’m curious about rejection-rate or if her piercings generally settle down after a bit.
    She has nice tattoo-work too.

  17. If that photo really is from 1998, it’s safe to say the piercings have healed. Because otherwise her skin would probably have rotted off by now.

  18. I love the smell of savlon in the morning… it smells like… barely delayed defeat.

  19. Looks to me like it would be difficult to remove hair down there… but she manages it!

  20. I’m all for freedom of expression and whatnot, but that just doesn’t look healthy. Some of the “surface” rings on her abdomen look like they are about to reject at any moment.

  21. I love the contrast between the huge number of piercings on her body and how simplistic her belly button looks in contrast.
    Beautiful lady with amazing dedication.

  22. What is that weird whitish arch through the piercings above her vag that she is holding? Skin?

  23. this looks… unpleasant. i don’t think it’d look too bad if the piercings were healed, but… actually you know what? i don’t like it. it’s overkill.

  24. Because she’s darker skinned she could raise more of a scar around the piercings perhaps?

  25. Any other person would be told they should take out something that is oozing the way those rings are.

  26. i wish i could see what her tattoos are a bit better- I just loveess her- I agree some of those piercings look sore- but since we are ten years into it- i am assuming they have healed or are gone …
    She can be my pierced idol- I need a bobble head elaine for my dashboard.

  27. i wanted to add again- after reading SO many comments about how sore ,er “gross” her piercings look~ this is ten years ago. Wie honestly have no idea f she removed them- cleaned em up or what have you- looks sore yes….

    I am not a fan of fame for doing something over and over if it is not even done properly- but since she hasn’t died of sepsis I think i will throw her the benefit of the doubt a bit.

  28. So… Some comments later… A lot of people complaining about her pierings looking sore.

    i am not convienced about that. Maybe because I have difficult peircigns myself, and I know pretty well,how they look like, when sore. here I see some scar tissue, dark skin. On some piercings I see some redness, clearly inflammation, liekely due to mid-of-healing ore even some infection. But I don’t see a lot of terribly sore piercings, they would be redish, not brownish. Msot of the piercigns look pretty well healed, but yet somewhat sensitive. The scar tissue still looks young, the holes are probably not completely stable yet, are is constantly needed.

    I was looking carefully, is the pics are Colour-photoshopped to remove redness, but the tattoo lloks pretty well as it should, so no trick, the pic is true. And it does not show red or purple, angry, inflamed piercings, but piercings which already healed after some period of beein angry (scar tissue shows, that the healing had complications).

    There is also only limited sing of migration / recectionon a very few piercings.

    Yes healing could be better, and waiting 1, 2, 3 years would improve the result, but it is definitely Ok.
    And: Lacking of migration is like a wonder here?!

    Rejection – no the body can not reject piercings, it tries that only for a very limited duration! Rejection is a consequence of outward migration, and this is caused either by permanent infection, which causes tissue to break down, or due to permanent force.

    now – permanent force can chance the body incredible – everything may change the form quite stringly when a force is applied for months! Even bones (my theeth were corrected with that trick, else I would have a more than 1cm gap due to an accident as small child (tried to eat the earth = hit it with mouth first, when falling). Much easier it works with skin. Apply force on a patch of skin and you can do amazing things. usually in the (surface-) piercing scene that means: Forces pull the piercings outward – leading to rejection. Forces and infection in combination can do that in a few days, but even the best healed piercing leaves you, when unapreciate forces are often appiled – and usually these are form-dependent.

    Now, here there are very inaproppriate pieces of jewelry in use, leading to constant tilting force, and pulling due to its weight – still there are no signs of movement!!!
    That is the wonder, this thnigs are, meybe not perfectly, buyt definitely healed to at least some extend!!!!!!

    By the way, you can correct piercings with taping – applying a constant force in a wished direction repairs a lot (think about 2 weeks min)!!!!

  29. those are all rejecting, I don’t care what Stormchaser says.
    I wonder how many scars she has 10 years later (aka now)

  30. wow.,sheer dedication and pain ,incorporated into a sight to be recognized as something wild but gorgeous , ravaged piece of beauty but the courage bewilders one to think deep about her mental state…..extacy unto indomitable pleasure index.

  31. what is she holding in her fingers in the genital close-up pic?? Is that a piece of plastic or did she cut her clit in half and stretch it outwards??

  32. me & my sisters met elaine at the london eye, shes a cool person & also very pretty. she loved my furry bag & asked where did i get it when i said ireland she was like wow thats a long way to go for me to get one. shes so unique & funky, & also very funny…

  33. I’ve always wondered how do you shave around all those piercings? Do you have to take them out? That can’t be the case….

  34. Amazing how judgemental people can be, it is body art and like all art it is not about the artist but the perspective of the viewer, it is ok to say I don’t like it but not ok to say I don’t like her, she is not her piercings her piercings are her.

  35. You could never meet a nicer person that Elaine, I will be in Edinburgh soon and we will go for coffee, see you soon.

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