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I think in definitely far less controversial territory than the previous piece, I’ve just posted a quick interview with Mohan Gurung of Mohan’s Tattoo Inn, located in Kathmandu, Nepal, about his tattoo art and what it’s like to be a part of the rapidly changing culture in this small Hindu nation just north of India. As always, click through for the interview, and return here to comment.

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18 thoughts on “Mohan Gurung Interview Posted

  1. Besides the fact that the traditional backpiece about midway down doesn’t fit the body at all, this guy seems pretty neat! Thank you for posting another literate and interesting interview.

  2. The quantity of the interviews here has gone up, but the content of modblog has seriously gone down. I’d give up short, mediocre interviews for interesting posts any day. It seems like it’s all just here’s an interview with someone semi-notable, here’s some people from brazil, and here’s some suspension. Where’s the interesting content?

  3. Nice to see tattoo culture spreading in modern quality, even in pretty poor countries.
    What a wonderful counterpiece to the recently posted indian street-tattoo-machine that story is!!!

  4. sleepwalker33 – Feel free to submit content. If you have some specific requests other than cutting back on the amount of reading you have to do, post your suggestions.

  5. To be honest, i reckon the interviews are great. Ones like this i enjoy just as much as skullboy or wandalaput, because these seem like more ‘real’ people if you know what i mean, you can see where they are coming from a lot easier than some self destructive montreal punk or a bugchasing sadomasochist. In my opinion, it is all good reading, and the interviews at the moment are what keep me coming back =]
    What worries me are posts that seem to be put up just to spark debate. A pigs ear tattooed, and a military tattoo put next to a gun? They are of no real value to people interested in bodymod, they seem to be there just to give people another reason to argue!
    I say more interviews, more interesting piercings/tattoos/suspensions, less pigs ears!

    On topic, i think its funny how i never thought of tattoos as such a worldwide thing, just because 90% of what i see comes out of the west. And that coverup is amazing!

  6. Legacy – Even though they have done so, they’re not put up to stir debate — I saw the pig’s ear in the store and just thought it was neat, and I figure a military sniper-sort with a “deadly” tattoo on his shooting hand is as reasonable to post as an EMT with a medical-themed tattoo…

  7. Loved it – And I love the increase of interviews. Even though I prefer some over others, I always enjoy reading them.

  8. I was at school with the late Prince Nirijan of Nepal (obviously before his older brother decided to open fire on them all and killed him…) and, given that this was a person from a conservative family, in a conservative country and at one of the most conservative institutions there was, he was actually fairly out there. One of the cool kids. This might have been limited to pierced ears, a risque haircut, jewellery and a small tattoo but one can guess that this was the start of a trend that would have expanded once he was free of the very restrictive school rules there. Not strictly relevant but…

  9. the Ganesh and Buddha tattoo’s inspired me
    ive always not wanted to differ n stick to
    one theme from my body
    but i just cant go past a Ganesh and Buddha tattoo
    maybe even Shiva…

  10. That cover up is amazing! Personally I thought that it was quite interesting to see not only Hindu tattoos but that Japanese type designs are popular in the area as well.

  11. “you can see where they are coming from a lot easier than some self destructive montreal punk or a bugchasing sadomasochist.”

    Maybe I’m biased, but I’m not sure it was the sadomasochism that made that guy hard to understand…

  12. Hey, This dude is the most amazing artiest, i got tattooed by this dude while in Nepal, Its too cool to see him featured on this site.

    Thanks a lot for the tattoo man!!

    Rob, from Canada.

  13. Mohan is awesome and one of the best in Nepal! He has also trained a lot of new upcoming tattoo artists in Nepal. Just ask the guy with the osama on his back… He made my tattoos. if you ever go to Nepal, you should definetly get a tattoo. But if you want one with Mohan, remember to reserve your appointment in time. His really busy!!! But hes an awesome dude so you’ll have fun.

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