Cheese Cutter Theory Disproved

(At least this once)

Julias says that despite the thin wires he wears through them (there’s a closeup after the break of his dubious choice of jewelry), his nipple piercings haven’t rejected after a remarkable forty years. He did these piercings back in the mid/late 1960s on a dare (a friend did them for him at his home in the UK), and has worn them ever since!



26 thoughts on “Cheese Cutter Theory Disproved

  1. dude.. ouch.
    looks nice though, although its hard to appreciate the beauty when all you can think of is how easy that could go wrong if you snagged them on something. ick.

  2. I have 14g barbells in mine, which have gotten caught every once in a while on my bracelet in the shower. While it doesn’t cause any real damage, it’s one of the most painful things ever.

    So major props, I guess, to this guy… definitely beat the odds.

  3. i think its funny he did them on a dare and ended up liking them for this long! totally commendable and i’m glad nothing went haywire

  4. Small wires like that scare me. I guess this is a perfect example of some people can heal anything but that doesn’t make it a good idea.

  5. Now that I think about it, I think it’s the jewelry quality that would worry me more, but that’s because I have sensitive skin. My nipples would be oozing and red after a day…

  6. One of my fathers friends wears thin wired gold loops in his nipples and he has had them for over twenty years. He doesnt wear heavy loops like this guy though!

  7. Those look like the earrings of a middle aged woman, maybe he snagged them out of his wife’s jewelry box? Reminds me of the crap jewelry I wore in my horrible 9th grade DIY belly button piercing in the mid-90s. Proper respect to anyone who maintains their piercings for that long though.

  8. Haha I never pay attentioin to anything the body does, sagging wise, anymore simply because there’s so much that body mods can make look better! His oldie nipples are fine with me!

  9. 1960′s? I bet drugs were involved too. The best kind of mod is when you don’t remember getting them until looking in the mirror.

  10. “The best kind of mod is when you don’t remember getting them until looking in the mirror.”


  11. Shannon, I would like to put a serious request in for more “Old people are cool”-type photos. I know I’m probably weird, but I’m obsessed with what time does do the human body, and even moreso what time does to the human body with piercings. This is cool.

  12. It’s a “WOW”.
    I see that, and I hardly can believe it.
    Going to as thik as possible jewelry (also beatign odds about healing…), I see now the opposite, something which I yet saw always rejecting even after years – but not here, how?! his tissue must have been modifiing itself to withstand the force – but: how? Thicker skin inside, stronger convective tissue, cartilage-like tissue formed (I have that at some chain-implants)? it is highly interesting to see that working – and I am absolutely curious about the biochemistry behind!

  13. WOW that same jewelry for forty years ?!
    and i agree DICK NIPPLES! maybe the weighty jewelry did that? if he took the earrings out, would they go “BOI-I-I-IING !!”

  14. the cheese cutter theory is disproved but christ, it just goes to show you can cause ALL sorts of stuff to sag!

    props to the 40 years!

  15. My first ever piercing was a nipple piercing done with a hypodermic, snow, and a 25ga (at a guess, it was extremely thin) “sleeper”. It healed MUCH faster than when I had it repierced “properly” at 14, and then later 10ga. I had it for over a year before opting to take it out.. Rules have exceptions! 🙂

  16. I love my nipple piercings. I plan on being buried as an old lady with mine. I’ll prolly be in my casket nekkid with my nipples pointing to heaven. Or wherever idk where they’re gonna point when I’m old. But I don’t think I’ll be the only one in the nursing home with nipple rings or stretched lobes or even full sleeve tattoos.

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