Hard Palate Tattoo

I could have sworn I posted this before, but I couldn’t find it in my searches. I think that Gnomoweb has probably the only palate tattoo that I’ve ever seen with this sort of sketchy star… I don’t see any reason why — other than coordinating it — it’s so unheard of, but it is. His was done by Franca at Tattoo Way in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


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15 thoughts on “Hard Palate Tattoo

  1. I had a shot into that area once or twice, to stun nerves for dental treatment, and that was a rather nasty experience. Thanks for making me re-live those moments…heh.

  2. “it’s so unheard of, buy it is. ”

    you mean BUT…?!

    hah, sorry i’ll stop now :P

  3. maybe. or maybe shes part of the fascist group who produce Merriam-Webster dictionaries.her plan is to spell check her way into a trusted position at bme. then, when the time comes and her MW overlords give the signal, she will be in a key position to destroy BME.

  4. I love the hidden nature of tattoos such as this. I just wish it had come out a lot better. Perhaps slowly having the tattoo hand poked would produce better results?

    Also, I wonder how well the ink will stay in that area over time.

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