At first kids love this tattoo… and then…

So I was talking to the artist who did the “Beavis/Lisa/Butthead sandwhich” tattoo, and he was telling me he loves doing these sorts of tattoos, and had another piece that he spent two years trying to find someone willing to get it (as a point of trivia, I think it’s on a firefighter). Anyway, I give you this orgy of carnage and perversion, featuring among other things, Santa Claus being banged by an elf and the Grinch… Credit goes to Stephen Hummel from Ink Addiction Tattoos located in Daggett, Michigan.


23 thoughts on “At first kids love this tattoo… and then…

  1. Motive aside (which I find quite juvenile), I don´t find the quality of this tattoo very high… :/

  2. #2 Noir. it looks exactly like the old cartoons its taken from. so in that respect, its spot on and good work.

  3. i’m with #4. no rhyme or reason for things to be where they are. maybe some background will hold these together, eventually.

    and what’s up with the base of the tree that the grinch is holding? it just abruptly cuts off…

  4. i dunno if you could argue that it looks ‘exactly’ like the old cartoons- a wee bit more carnage i might say- but even still I agree I am not one for floating images wiht nothing bringing it together as one piece…even the old cartoons had a background.

    really- I couldn’t tell what body part this was at first….and is it a work in progress or will it stay partially colored and partially blk and white?.. just curious..

  5. So the Beavis and Butthead artist has been outed, then? It is difficult to believe this guy is a professional tattoo artist! this one looks a bit better, on the technical side of things. But may I just say: what an utter waste of good canvas.

  6. 12 Noir yep. these are all old american Christmas cartoons. the Grinch, Rudolph, etc. they are really old stop motion animation is alot of them.

  7. Oh, my. I live 25 miles south of this shop, and I can’t believe there’s a tattoo artist in Daggett. Why am I not surprised that this is the kind of stuff coming out of a little horse crossing in Upper Michigan…

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