Glans Tattoos

Continue reading for an all hot-pink glans on a eunuch, as well as a shot of “T” who got “W”, his wife’s initial, tattooed on his glans by Irene at The Tattooed Woman in Failsworth, Manchester.




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27 thoughts on “Glans Tattoos

  1. Well, I know that I looked a bit like a 12-year old down there when I got my Reverse PA.

    The swelling in the 2nd pic makes it look like a partial bisection.

  2. I’ve always been curious: When a man has his penis tattooed, does he have to avoid getting erections during the healing process so the skin doesn’t split?

  3. Haha I live right near Failsworth and may i say what a shithole! woo for modblog stuff in England

    The “w” looks really well done!

  4. Somenone should get their dick tattooed like a mushroom…you know one of those spotted ones.

  5. #1 It’s not exactly flaccid in that picture… and #2 if a tattoo gun with sharp little needles was approaching your exposed clit, it’d shrink up too….

    and #15 I agree… if I had one I’d consider it actually… lol!

  6. whew….I was ALMOST thinking that was a political thing…
    that shows some amazing dedication to his wife,hard to bullshit a wife’s initial right there for the NEXT chick who’d see it

  7. Failsworth! LOL seeing failsworth mentioned on modblog has just made my day! I grew up there!

  8. #1 A Eunuch is someone who has been castrated to decrease sex drive because a Eunuchs job is to look after the beautiful ladies of the palaces in India and they didn’t want them impregnating them…. Well I’m pretty sure thats how it goes…

  9. I just got my penis tattooed last week. I think it hurt like hell but I would do it again.

    I thought for sure I would be hard for the whole thing after the stencile was placed on it , my penis almost instantly disapered. But I found it still to be very erotic and I accidently shot a load with having an very limp dick in hidding. It was the strangest feeling to go through and frankly imbarising but that tattoo artist said it happens to some guys

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