“Voila! I’m dead”

This bloody bathroom-wrecker explains that this photoshoot was done in order to obtain some reference photos for a zombie rib tattoo she’s having Mike Storey from Blackline Studios here in Toronto do for her. It’s a mix of red and green food colouring, water, and corn syrup, not real blood (unlike most entries). A couple more pictures continue after the break.




31 thoughts on ““Voila! I’m dead”

  1. very close to looking like real blood but the viscosity (the lack of it) gives it away on the 2nd and 3rd page.

  2. very beautiful, the blood is done very well but as NO 2 said of course there would be a lot more of it in the last 2 pictures but even if it is not real i think it is fantastic

  3. Fair point about the lack of viscosity giving away it’s fake (as well as Shannon’s recipe), but I think the first photo only looks so realistic and viscous because of the photo’s editing. I think it’s a pretty damn good set of photos and some good fake-blood.

  4. I feel sorry for whoever’s bathroom that is. My exboyfriend used stage blood all the time in concerts and wow that was a pain in the ass to clean.
    I love her tiny little bridge piercings and this little disclaimer y’all have put up, kudos.

  5. 8 – I was thinking the same thing about cleaning it all up after. Their must have been a lot of scrubbing involved.

  6. oh man. I was a zombie extra once. That stuff tastes and feels rank, though it gives a nice effect [before it gets tacky and sticky.] I hope her tattoo comes out awesome for the effort.

  7. Its probably good thats not real blood considering how much of it there is haha. Is her tattoo going to be of herself as a zombie? That would be sweet.

  8. it would have been funny if shannon hadnt said it was fake blood, i wonder how many people would have thought it was real?

  9. i have a good recipe for fake blood that tastes like chocolate, it’s like corn syrup, red and green food coloring, and some cocoa powder and cornstarch. nice body, with excellent staying power and a clean feel to the palate.

  10. These pictures are hot.

    But if it’s made with food colouring, their bathroom’s going to be a pretty funny colour from now on!

  11. You’d actually all be quite surprized, a quick rinse with some warm water, and the bathroom was once again clean…as was I (not pink)
    Thanks for the comments!

  12. oh, I fucking hate fake blood. no matter how well staged and taken a photo is, if it’s got fake blood in it, it destroys the entire effect. how extremely lame.

  13. Needs to be more viscous, as someone else said, and darker. Also, the splatter pattern looks strangely…homogenous, like someone took care to spray it evenly over everything.

  14. great pictures.
    Even though it is obvious it’s not real as other people have pointed out.
    I still think these are great pictures

  15. Not everyone feels the need to spill their own blood for fashion purposes. But thanks for the understanding.

  16. hahahaha i was so psyched until i saw the disclaimer
    still, those are some fine nipples, and is that an anti-eyebrow? very nice!

  17. Yeah someone said about having an actual blood gallery, I fucking second this motion.
    Really nice photos, nice homemade recipe for blood as well, I dig her tats

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