“My Two Bills”


Owella writes of her two “Bills” caricatures by Saint Kele Idol at Aerochild Tattoos in Birmingham, Alabama,

People are gonna ask why… Mostly because they make me laugh.

Bill Cosby is the reason I understand the concept of time: around age three or four, on a car trip, I asked how much longer until we arrived to our destination. My mother told me it would be 30 minutes. I had no idea how long 30 minutes was, or what it felt like, so I asked her how long 30 minutes was. She responded: “one Cosby Show”, as it’s the show I watched the most as a child. The memories surrounding Mr. Cosby are part of a long list. All in all, his face makes me smile.

Bill Murray… he ended up being my all-time celebrity crush. He makes me laugh, he’s totally cute, and again, I’ve got tons of memories that he’s a part of. It just seemed right. And yes, they are going to remain in line-drawing form. No shading. That would look a tad too serious, I think!

Check out her amazing owl skeleton tattoo as well (which is still healing in this picture)… Even if you’re not into the tattoo above, I’m sure you’ll like that one, done by the same tattooist, but based on art by Chris Buzelli.


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42 thoughts on ““My Two Bills”

  1. I really like how there’s a faint outline of the body of the owl. Really neat effect. Very nice! And of course, I enjoy the “Bills”!!!

  2. Bill Murray is awesome!

    And that owl piece is brilliant, I love how it looks more like a painting than a tattoo, its great.

  3. I’ve seen her posts in the Livejournal communities. (:
    That owl is indeed, awesome.

  4. the two bills are an absolutely brilliant idea, their both funny and sentimental, an excellent grounds for a tattoo in my opinion,
    nice owl too :P

  5. Loving the Bills.

    And as for the owl – fantastic. I love the ‘ghosted’ outline and the cute little heart :)


  6. I love the outline concept (got one myself). I think you’re right in that it emphasizes the idea of not taking it too seriously. Shit, don’t take anything too seriously.

  7. I love it! The bills are amazing. And the owl is sweet too, very nice watercolour effect

  8. picturepages, picturepages,
    time to do some picturepages
    time to get your crayons and your pencil
    picturepages, picturepages,
    open up your picturepages
    time to let bill cosby do a picturepage with you!

  9. I want to say I’ve seen a ripoff of the owl piece– it was on a livejournal post about tattoo stealing. I feel like the ripoff was blowing bubblegum or something, maybe?

    Or maybe this one was the copy. Anybody know what I’m talking about?

  10. Nice.

    And I seriously thought I was the only kid who used the TV show time telling method. For me it was more like:

    “How much longer till we’re there?”
    “3 Mr. Dress-up’s”

    Ah…childhood goodness.

  11. Ellie, I posted (on lj) about how I’d gotten this piece…and then someone else promptly got the piece shortly after I posted pictures of the b&w/outline.

    My owl is based on the original artwork by Chris Buzelli.

  12. When I started reading the explanation about Cosby and the concept of time, I thought she was going to make a Picture Pages reference. Anybody else?

    Also, the owl is marvelous.

  13. Awww, I’m sorry to hear that, Owella.

    That is seriously my biggest reason for not wanting to post my back tattoo on BME or on livejournal. I guess it wouldn’t totally kill my tattoo just because someone else has it too, but it’s original-ish and I kind of like it that way.

  14. I also think outline portraits are a good idea just from an aesthetic point of view, because a lot of shaded portrait tattoos just look strange. It’s not easy to do good chiaroscuro…

    Or maybe dotwork like those miniature portraits that the Wall STreet Journal has.

  15. I absolutely adore the Bills portraits! I certainly agree that keeping them as line drawings is the best way to go. It’s perfect just the way it is. And kudos to the tattoo artist for doing excellent work; it’s so much better than the bungled tattoo portrait that Shannon posted a week or so back.

    Oh, and great bird too! I enjoy how the bird is sharply in focus, while the background trees are less defined and more subtle.

  16. The Bills look like clipart, or maybe it’s just me. The lack of shading really brings them out well.

  17. Martin–
    Cosby was found on a CW website (oddly enough) and Bill Murray was traced from the poster image from “Stripes”…

  18. Thanks for all the kind words, everybody!
    I’m glad the Bills make you smile like they make me smile. :0)
    And for those who prefer the owl, he’s my very favorite tattoo I’ve got. His name is Roy G. Biv.

    Thanks again!

  19. My friend Fiasco’s Response to the Bill Tattoos:
    (And yes, Fiasco’s his last name)
    “so thats what bill cosby would like like white!”

  20. Wow, the owl is unreal, that’s a shoulder to be proud of! And thanks for the Chris Buzelli tip off.

  21. that owl freaks me out big time.
    seriously creepy bird.living birds are scary, dead birds are scarier than living ones and living dead ones is the creepiest thing ever.

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