30 thoughts on “Two-Point Resurrection

  1. Seems impossible that those tiny strips of skin could hold your whole body weight! Not to mention how painful it must be. Wow.

  2. This is superb! I’ve seen a lot of ballet, a lot of gymnastics, but I can’t recall ever seeing the human body look as magnificent in a performance.

  3. I was honored to have facilitated that suspension, it’s probably the most amazing thing I’ve witnessed in 2 years of being on The Hanged Man team.

    And the pull was hella fun 😉

  4. I missed the 2 point Resurrection (i was asleep) Damien is amazing at pushing himself and he’s so humble. The 22 person circle jerk was fun and went for a very long time. I jerked the the longest but PiercedMel jerked so hard she broke her jerking rope. ha ha ha

  5. that suspension was amazing! he looked so peaceful!
    the pull was awsome fun! cant wait for the next event!
    getting more and more addicted to hooks! hell yes!

  6. WOW im totally jealous.
    Reminds me how much I want to do suspension..espacially knee suspension.

  7. AARR!! ITS DAMIEN! i can tell you that at work the next day his tummy was quite sore..

  8. That suspension was incredible, I’m glad I got to witness it. The pull was great as well. An awesome night in general.

  9. That 2 pt resurrection was amazing. I’m happy I was at the front of the crowd for that one.

    It was a supremely awesome night. Too bad I wussed out of the pull quickly 😛 *kicks self*

  10. the girl in the red stripey shirt was a roadie at a show i went to. death mattel, good band.

  11. the 2 point was intense, kudos to him for doing it. the pull was great! very good night, cant wait till the next time!! good photos.

  12. I’m with Albeans, it was an honor to facilitate Damien’s suspension. He was, as always, so wonderfully serene and confident.

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