He’s got the whole world, in his ears…

Well, I’d planned on spending the rest of my evening continuing the tunnel I’m digging into the vault of the bank across the street, but Derek sent me some great photos of his new jewelry (custom made for him by Dallas, one of the many talented plug makers on IAM) that I just had to post — these are his Amboyna Burl (oooh, scary) Earth/globe plugs. Continue reading for some more photos.

99 thoughts on “He’s got the whole world, in his ears…

  1. the plugs are amazing.

    although his ears don’t look like their quite as happy about them as he is.

  2. #2 Those pictures do make my lobes look slightly agitated, but thy are actually very healthy. They were a tiny bit tight when I first put them in, so the skin was pushed outward and a little taut, but I have been very lucky with my lobes and never had any serious problems with them.

  3. they look wonderful! I’m so jealous! Glad to hear you finalllly got them, ubuntu!

  4. Holy cow, that’s some really fine craftsmanship (fine both in the senses of “excellent” and “very small”).

    Although every time I see a map of the world I have to nitpick about whether they got Malaysia right or not. Still better than the Risk boardgame map though =)

  5. #10 If Malaysia is misrepresented, it is not the fault of the artist. I provided him with the image for the plugs and although I do enjoy geography and history, I must admit I did not know enough about Malaysia to have picked that out from the image. I was excited, though, that is you look very very closely along the eastern coast of the United States you can see the tiniest nub representing Massachusetts, where I grew up.

  6. assumptions are dangerous!
    I picked my iam name because of the african word which means (roughly) “I am who I am because of who we all are.” The OS is also named after this word. I am not, as of yet, using the Ubuntu OS

  7. thoose are some pretty awesome plugs, the detail is AMAZING! how much did they set you back? i’d be intreaged to know how they were carved!

  8. They were not carved but rather etched. Dallas from AnotherHole has a nifty laser engraver. I’m not entirely sure how it works, but I do know he can feed it an image and let it do its thing. He did have to play with it a bit for these plugs because they are convex to emulate a globe look, but he did an amazing job on them and they are flawless

  9. these are by far the best plugs i have seen in a longtime. if you willing to make some more please get in contact with me.
    more than willing to pay for them

    [email protected]

  10. Well here’s a face I never expected to see on a clickthrough. /salute
    Very, very gorgeous plugs.

  11. great-looking plugs and guy.

    i’ve been seeing so much nice lasered stuff from dallas, i just have to think of something cool for him to do so i can give him some of my money…

  12. Freakin’ awesome plugs! I was a little disappointed though when you said you don’t use the ubuntu OS! You should really try it out! 🙂

  13. I usually hate organic plugs, but those are AMAZING. I think they would look so awesome in a larger size like 1 1/2 or 2 inches.


  14. Those rock! Is anyone else really curious to know what happens with Isabel? Like, maybe they dated in the tenth grade or something and now they’re going to reconnect. Okay, I’m nosy.

  15. Amazing, just amazing. They’re really beautiful, kudos to the artist for doing that.

  16. am i being totally dense or have these plugs completely missed out western europe?

  17. Those are absolutely gorgeous! I want them just so I can put them in a plexiglass case and just stare at them.

  18. This is the image the plugs were based on, and although Western Europe is split between the plugs, it is there!

  19. I would of stretched my lobes years ago if i knew they could be used for something so awesome.

  20. those are incredible! it’s even more surprising because the artist manage to do A LOT of details in not that big plugs! o.O

  21. Holy COW, the quality on that is ridiculous. So beautiful. I mean, the smile get extra points too!

  22. God, I just fucking love these plugs. I’ve seen so many absolutely beautiful custom wooden plugs on BME and elsewhere, it makes me so sad that I have such awful allergic reactions to any kind of wood 🙁

  23. those are awesome! it would have been amazing to have the entire globe on each, front and back of the glug, but also way too much work for something you wouldn’t get to appreciate often enough. how on earth did he manage to carve them in such great detail – they are so small to fit the whole world on!

  24. Wow! Gotta say I am flattered yet again to make Modblog, it is always wonderful. And making these plugs for ubuntu was a challenge mostly because they are CONVEX on the front. I thought I pulled it off pretty good, but didn’t expect Modblog, thanks Shannon and ubuntu!!!

  25. Dal…..you are the BEST custom plug maker EVER 🙂 Seeing them in person …. they are even better but the pics are great too!!!! Derek wears them very well!!!!

  26. Nope there is a weird face on these one of them..lol.. And the world isn’t flat;) These are convex(domed) on the globe side so they actually look like they are half of a globe… Dallas did an amazing job!

  27. Damn Dallas, you never cease to amaze me! Those are absolutely beautiful!!

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