12 thoughts on “Icarus Backpiece

  1. Portland, Maine, Represent! I’m glad to see hometown ink on this site. I would recommend Chris to anyone and everyone looking to get a painting influenced tattoo. His ability to make ink look like paint is incredible.

    Kudos to you, and to Mr. Dingwell. This piece is remarkable. More detailed pics soon?

  2. That simply is incredible. Love both the colours and the style. Will this end up as tattooing over the whole body?

  3. Man so great to see a local artist on here! That man really is amazing. I was looking at that piece and thinking to myself, “That reminds me, I need to go talk to Dingwell about a piece.” WELL WELL WELL looks like I had good reason to be reminded of him. haha
    If anyone has a chance they should check out Sanctuarytattoo.com . All the artists there are wonderful!!!

  4. I got my first tattoo 2 weeks ago, and it says “Icarus also flew”

    This piece is so beautiful.

  5. God, that’s beauteous. Yet another case for one awesome BIG tattoo rather than a bunch of shitty little ones.

  6. Hi everyone… thanks so much for the comments! Yes, it is part of a full-body concept that will be devoted to flight. If you are interested in detail shots, there are some on my IAM page too.

    Chris Dingwell and the folks at Sanctuary are fantastic and I’d recommend them to anyone!

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