25 thoughts on “Lotus and DNA Kundalini

  1. Oh, wow… I think that’s the most gorgeous tattoo I’ve seen in a long time.

  2. very lovely design, and well done too!
    im planning on designing/getting an anahata chakra chest piece some day…and man i miss my yoga classes 🙁

  3. Love the mixing of, for lack of a better word, icons…
    …and the colors, especially in the lotus.

  4. yes! Sara is one of my bestfriends. im so happy shes on modblog! Her tattoo is amazing, its even brighter in person.

  5. I love this girl. One of the best artists I know. Her work translates beautifully in any medium she chooses.

  6. This is a beautiful design. Wish there were some closer shots showing the symbols in each section a little better. Impressive. Great colors. Nice belt buckle at the bottom.

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