10 thoughts on “Quadro Mulher Suspença

  1. That’s really quite interesting…the tapestry, hair, blood, tats, all flow together wonderfully.

  2. how big is this i wonder? also, i always really like seeing artwork posted on here.

  3. it’s suspensa, not suspença!!!

    i really don’t care about typos, but this one is far from acceptable!

  4. “Suspença” can be a shot for suspension (“suspenção”). Someplaces in Brazil people shorten words like this.

    But, of course, if it’s reffering to the woman, she’s “suspensa”.

  5. It took me a moment to see what it was. But, now that I see it, I really like it. It’s such a different style that what you normally would see on a tattoo blog.

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