Tattoo %$#$PISSFUCKING#^%^CUNTSHIT#$%@ by Cere

Cere (more) explains,

Here’s my latest masterpiece. It’s a tattoo on my friend Johnny, who has Tourettes. It’s a portrait of him during a Tourettes tick… He was also “ticking” during the procedure, which was quite the fun challenge!

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77 thoughts on “Tattoo %$#$PISSFUCKING#^%^CUNTSHIT#$%@ by Cere

  1. I’m gonna sound like a bit of a modblog noob now, but can someone explain what the deal is with Cere? Is he just like some legendary scratcher or something?

  2. Way to really raise the bar there, Cere. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: You won’t find any brilliant tattoo artists anywhere on IAM or BME. Sure, you may find some pictures of their work (Gupta, Saigh, the Aitchisons, Cornolo, etc), but you will not find them participating directly at all. Why?

    Because they’re busy being brilliant tattoo artists instead of circle-jerking fuckbags.

    But please, keep the mediocrity coming. And coming. And coming.

  3. Legacy: The deal with Cere is that he is a synthesis of IAM, from top to bottom. He was created, in much the same way Milli Vanilli was. There really is no substance here.

  4. PISS.. OUT YOUR ASS, ONTO KYLE’S MOM’S FAT FUCKING JEW FACE!! oh, oh I’m sorry… that was a bad one.
    my buddy has tourettes and he just blinks. like, blinks hard. he could probably crack a walnut with his eyelids; it’s pretty funny.

  5. Yeh, Johnny doesnt ahve the cool Tourettes where he yells stuff, he twitches a whole lot, although one time at a restaurant some lady yelled at him fro using profanity and we were like “He has Tourettes!” (even though he just talks like a trucker naturally.

    I saw this TV show on it and they showcased this girl who all she did was squak like a chicken REEEEAAAALLLY loud….

  6. Was the TV show by any chance True Life?

    I just saw that episode a few days ago.

  7. I like his shit. Lotta artists, like Pollack, Picasso or Haring….don’t care for their work. Bet if Cere here ever gets famous yall posers are gonna be scribbling goofy shit all over your asses. Technic brilliance, no. Funny as fuck, absolutely. If it makes you smile is that such a bad thing. I’d let you doodle on me bro.

  8. Yttrx: I really wish your commetns werent moderated so I could reply immediately instead of waiting an hour or two before they even popped up.

    The point is you REALLY dont understand the concept.

    Id explain it to you, but youd probably go have a panic attack and then swap sexes instead of dealing with issues like a human being.

    Maybe if you changed your “Panic” attacks into “Im a Fucking Adult” attacks you wouldnt be so grumpy.

  9. I really don´t care for Ceres “artsy” approach to tattoos (that looks like something a eight-year old could scratch, which we have seen on Modblog before that they actually CAN…) or the self-glorifying, high-sounding empty phrases that describes him on the wiki. For me, it really stands as an symbol for over-pretentious artists (postmodernism or not).

  10. wow, i just got a peek at the wiki, and i couldnt stop laughing, im tempted to fix it :)

    but im tempted to pull a cere and start calling my “art” minimalist just to apparently make it good? (btw, im terrible, but i geuss that means good)

  11. I never called my art anything. I knwo what it means to me and the message behind it. I dont expect more then 2% of you to “get it”.

    As for #29, Its not self-glorifying if its not SELF.
    I didnt write the wiki. I didnt even know about it until someone pointed it out to me. Honestly I dont even know who the artists referenced in it are and their names and works mean nothing to me. I dont care about art history or movements.

    I create what my soul tells me to create and I dont care if the world understands it or not.

  12. i think my friend stacey has tourettes…when she gets in stressed situations for some reason she yells out things like ‘VAGINA!’ …or she could be just crazy-either way she’s fun at parties…

    i read that post about cere’s work…interesting…i can’t really say i’m a fan of the work itself, but i understand the concept…his pie piece wasn’t bad though…

    to each their own…i use to work with an artist that let people sign their name in his skin with his machine…personally, i thought it looked a bit crappy-but it meant something to him-so who am i to judge the motivations of others? would be interesting to see if he masters the mechanics of tattooing further-it might give more credit to the minimalist aproach he’s seeking…i get the point of his simple designs-but if his lines were as clean as that pie piece he did, he could still get his point across without these pieces looking so ‘scratcher-ish’…

  13. oh, and i hope that’s not to offensive, cere…not calling you a scratcher…just offering an opinion :) please don’t huck rocks at me…

  14. who let this cere guy use a tattoo machine? be scared, ladies and gentleman. especially if he hasn’t had his box of dunkin donuts coffee prior to your tattooing experience.

  15. cere didn’t write the wiki on himself ( which I found rather amusing by the way ) but actually someone by the name of Erica Skadsen….don’t ask me how i know that.

  16. Cere’s tattoo work always makes me smile. And sometimes, thats enough.

    You keep on keepin’ on, Cere.

  17. Cere, there are people in the field who are very egotistical and have a perfect right to be, as in those with a couple of decades of brilliant work behind them.

    One of the troubles with you is that you’re doing this elitist “no one gets my art” thing when really—there’s nothing at all to get. There’s nothing wrong with there being nothing to get–there are plenty of very good tattoo artists floating around who produce nothing relevant at all, and that’s just fine. Most of them do it without pretense.

    Your pretense sells the dumbing down of the tattoo scene and reduces a lot of expectations to work of your caliber. You’re making things worse for everyone, and you’re doing it for the gratification of your own ego.

    But it’s not your fault, don’t get me wrong. It’s Shannon’s fault for dumbing the community down in the first place, and propping you up on a pedestal that you in no way deserve.

    That’s not to say that you will not one day deserve it. I can’t tell the future, maybe one day you’ll be brilliant and have lines around the corner of your very own shop. But that day is not today.

  18. Cere you’re awesome.

    People are beyond stupid. Why can’t you just LOOK at the picture? Do either of them look serious? No. They are friends having fun. I don’t really know if that’s why Cere does it but that’s what it looks like to me. It just looks like a good time. Yes you’ll be marked forever, and it won’t be a fucking epic masterpiece ( or it might be depending on who you ask ). It’ll be something your friend put on you when you were together, joking around and goofing off. What’s better than that?

  19. 34: Then why do you again and again write fiery replays when someone “doesn´t get you”? :/

  20. cere-ok, i get that then-likening the shaky lines to the nature of his condition…i was kinda wondering, because the last piece i saw you submitted on modblog looked as if technically, your lines were becoming more consistent…

    you could tattoo stick figures playing twister in a kiddie pool of K-Y, adorned with your social security number right under it, and it would not effect me in the slightest, subject matter is not for me to decide-unless its on my own skin…but if the lines were inconsistent and poorly executed, i’d probally say something about the line work (respecfully)-cuz i’m a tattoo apprentice and i’m so anal about lines…really-its bad, i’m so OCD about line work…

    (should you be inspired by my stick figure/K-Y concept and create a masterpiece-don’t forget to give me props…i took a whole minute coming up with that)

  21. i think it’s funny and fine that cere likes to tattoo his friends. we do that kind of thing with sewing needles sometimes.

    it doesn’t need to be modblogged everytime though. it’s like you’re saying “look how not-seriously these people take tattoos!”
    that’s fine, but we get the point already.

  22. #53. I think there should be Cere tattoo posts every day!

    Why hasn’t there been an interview with Cere yet?

  23. n0ir: Theres been nothing fiery. If you think that my replies ahve been fiery then you lead a very sheltered life. Unless you are referring to me replying in here as being fiery but that is more of a condition of myself being utterly bored at work.

    ytrx: Ummm… that was actually a well thought out response and although I disagree with it you completely stole my “fiery” retort by being civilized.
    In short because I am now LEAVING work, ill say this quickly.

    I dont think that those having decades of brilliant work should have egos. I dont think anyone should. I am not elitist. Some people do get it, some dont, some come clsoe to getting it. Most of the people on here, dont get it. Thats a simple observation, not elitism nor pretense.
    I dont think Shannon is dumbing this community. I think this community is the same its been since Ive been here and the only thing that has really changed is we’ve gotten older and realize some things we didnt before.
    As for bringing down the tattoo scene you are crediting me with far more authority then I even credit myself, thank you for that compliment. Although, I DO deserve this “pedestal” that you suppose I am on.

    As a show of good faith, I will not charge you when you come in for your “Cere” tattoo James. Itll be on the house.

  24. Sydney: The really funny thing is that Decker is having a hard time with his interview and asked me if I could answer his for him. Then he proclaimed those exact words wondering why I havent been interviewed yet.

  25. PS: that anyone is discussing Cere’s “work” with any critical opinion shows that they are precisely who Cere is targeting with his sarcasm. The “tattoos” (and I use that term loosely) that Cere does aren’t the joke…
    you are.

  26. hahaha this is hilarious! the only things funnier than the tattoo are the comments. this may be my favorite cere tattoo yet

  27.’s are supposed to be taken seriously?

    I don’t know about you but I get my tattoo’s because I enjoy them. If I can laugh at them it’s even better. I have a few that mean something to me but really, it’s a fucking tattoo. I get them for me.

    If tattoo’s are something serious for you that’s great. Just don’t expect everyone else to feel the same way.

  28. Remember that old saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”?
    Just cause Cere’s tattoos aren’t what most people would call beautiful or epic artwork, doesn’t make it right. I think that if this is the look and style that the guy wanted, and he’s pleased with it, then thats fucking brilliant!
    Personally I think it’s an awesome drawing, and as someone who might be developing Tourettes myself I’d love a tattoo like this from Cere! XD

  29. Dear Shannon,

    Please post more things that get Cere and yytrx posting regularly, cause I like to laugh.


  30. you know what’s great about this? two friends, having a good time. tattoos don’t HAVE to be deep and profound and introspective. if yours are, great, that’s awesome. but sometimes people just want something to mark a good memory, you know? a great story that years later you’ll look back at this tattoo and remember it and laugh. the world is kind of short on things that make us smile these days, you know?

    i won’t claim to “get” it, and i’m not going to get all pretentious and claim that because i don’t “get” it then there’s nothing to get. let the guy have some fun, let his clients and friends have some fun. i know that, given the chance, if i were in the area i’d want a Cere tattoo in a heartbeat!

  31. I think this post– and Cere– are incredible. I also love when people get butthurt about srs internetz business. Keep on keeping on, Cere <3

  32. “Cere’s rejection of the despotic predominance of photorealistic tattoo imagery is imbuing the current state of tattooing with a fresh and avant-garde perspective. A new macro-genre of tattoing is emerging; out of old school and new school, the post school is born.”

    whoever wrote that wiki article is amazing – i’m half tempted to bring it up in my 20th Century art class. Cere, have you considered writing a manifesto? students everywhere would happily follow you!

  33. Ive been told by plenty of people that I need to write a book of all my philosophies. I’m far too lazy for that but I would have no problem workng with a ghost writer….

    Any takers?

  34. Cere: I still want to see you do a portrait of yourself on someone…I was almost really excited to read you had actually done it, but then saw it was of someone else, BOO!

    ps: yttrx made me nearly piss my pants laughing cuz I was picturing Cere but with fake Milli Vanilli dreads lol

    Which makes me wonder what the heck happened to all the photos from the ROP BBQ when we cut my dreads off and they were being passed around lol

  35. Did any of you people ever stop to think that maybe he’s not trying to be fucking DaVinci and is just doing his thing?

    They’re the kind of tattoos that when people ask you about them, you can say that you were amongst friends and have some good memories to go along with it. Nobody’s trying to win the Tattoo Artist of the Year award.

    There are some so called ‘artists’ out there that can’t even do what he does; and they do it for a LIVING.

    John’s tattoo is kickass, Cere. Make one for me so when I get my ass down there we can do this :D

  36. John’s socks are made of win.

    Also, dear yttrx, to quote you:

    Legacy: The deal with Cere is that he is a synthesis of IAM, from top to bottom. He was created, in much the same way Milli Vanilli was. There really is no substance here.

    Isn’t that true of just about everyone here? The magic is what you make it.

  37. my mistake, I was under the impression that only staff members could make the wiki posts and seeing it was posted by an erica and I saw erica skadsen listed in bme people (which i thought was the staff members) I made an assumption, my bad….please don’t hit me :(

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