34 thoughts on “Butterfly Train

  1. Usually I absolutely hate butterfly tattoos but these are just gorgeous. Always nice to see someone putting a new spin on an old idea

  2. I don’t liek butterfly tattoos either butthis is absolutely gorgeous and suits her really well! Nice all together!

  3. I dont know why but even though lots of people have butterfly tattoos I still absolutely love them. Especially when its really done well like in this entry. Same goes for wing tattoos. Even if lots of people have wing or butterfly tattoos you can still find or make a design that is origional.

    I plan to have big butterfly wings covering my whole back. I just need to find the perfect design (and finish my leg sleeve thats still got a long way to go)

  4. i just love love love the black dripping off the wings, it makes the effect so much more dramatic.

  5. I’m glad someone did something a little different and the work is of good quality, too.

  6. This is hands down the most beautiful tattoo I’ve ever seen. It’s definitely Art in the best of ways. Thanks for sharing it!

  7. *jaw drops* so…pretty…

    @ curiousgirl: my impression is that they’re sticking out a bit because they’re fresh? Hence the decoupage look and slight shininess.

  8. I love this, especially how they’re all just black, instead of the typical colorful butterflies you see. They flow nicely too.

  9. Nicely executed, although I suspect Marc took a lot of inspiration from another German artist who recently got a feature article in Tatowier Magazin.

  10. black ink*(butterflies+leg tattoos)+(wings+back tattoos)= extra awesome. Excuse me for my geekiness, I’ve just finished my maths homework 🙂

  11. I’m going to be the downer and say I’m not sold. Now if it went all the way up to her neck.. then I might change my mind (hint hint picture person, it would look aweeeeesommmme 😉

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