Kick Ass.

Continue reading for some more shots of the tattoos that iam:kickin’ ass since 1985 has running up the back of her legs — I quite like that they end in 1/4″ jacks — as well as her nice pubic penguin tattoo. The pubic piece was done by Vicky at Wildcat in Antwerp, Belgium, and the legs are by Gaïtan at Paul and Friendz Brussels Tattoo in Brussels, Belgium.

38 thoughts on “Kick Ass.

  1. I was thinking about getting similar ink, only with roses at the end. They’re gorgeous, especially on her beautiful legs. The penguins are just adorable! Thanks for sharing.

  2. That’s so awesome. Not only is it a sick tattoo, but it also accentuates her legs and makes them look even better.

  3. That kick ass tattoo is well… kick ass! I’ve been thinking of a similar sort of ‘stocking seam’ based design 🙂

  4. Oh, the penguins are fabulous. I hope she doesn’t mind that I’m saving for my personal tattoo inspiration — I’m wanting to do something with bird silhouettes (that will compliment what will probably be a whole-body bird & floral theme), but I hadn’t decided on placement….this looks amazing. =D

    Of course the leg ones are great, too, but the penguins! So cute.

  5. Awesome. The backs of my knees are super ticklish, though–couldn’t imagine having to get tattooed there!

  6. I like this a lot 🙂 A really cool, different take on the old stocking-seam tattoos (which I also really love). The jacks are awesome!

  7. the tattoos are excellent and look really original.

    the woman is amazingly beautiful, so i think a new rule should be put in place: all tattoo pictures should be accompanied by at least one that shows the owner’s face, smiles don’t hurt either

  8. I totally like that she did something new and interesting with the stocking-seam tattoo thing. It looks really good!

  9. Wow, I LOVE the tattoos, and she has absolutely killer legs. I like how the tattoos make them look even longer! Very nice.

  10. I’m getting to be a huge fan of the back-of-the-leg tattoo location. I never would have thought of it before but there have been a few posted lately that I just love.

  11. As a sound tech I feel obligated to point out that those aren’t just normal 1/4″ jacks; they are, in fact, TRS jacks (presumably to help her balance 😉 ).

    ….and nobody gets the pun.

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