Oh, the drama!

I like the take that Sinstress and her partner got on the matching/wedding-ring type tattoo theme — a heart padlock, and, instead of the old cliché of a key, a bolt cutter. Wondering why a bolt cutter? Well, Sintress had actually gotten her half of the tattoo — the lock — a year earlier with someone else, and that person has the key tattoo!

18 thoughts on “Oh, the drama!

  1. Haha you’d think she’d have learnt not to get lovers tattoos after her first one didn’t work out :P…she’ll end up with quite a collection…unless she keeps making the next guys get some other tool. lol. grand idea tho, the whole key deal does get rather boring after a while.

  2. i dunno, if shes got bad luck shes going to run out of tools that are capable of opening that lock….

  3. I think that has to be the best solution to an old lover’s tattoo! If only I could find something as good for my friend Nikki’s XD

  4. The bolt cutter was not My idea. It was my partner’s. And it was the funniest and sweetest surprise. Yay for creative boys!

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