Esmeray’s Sub-Clavicle Piercings, Part Two

Speaking of deep piercing, Esmeray recently re-did what’s arguable the deepest piercing, and the only one to enter the inner body cavity. This is her second time with them. The new ones are three weeks old, with the previous ones having been retired after about six months. She was without them for about a year before having Brandon at Blackwater Tattoo in Schofield, WI redo them for her, this time with PTFE (previously it was Tygon), and so far she’s preferring this jewelry. She describes the feeling of having them done,

“People think that the piercings themselves must hurt so much, but really, I feel they barely hurt, but the feeling is so intense and so different than anything else, that if it weren’t so darn dangerous, I’d have it redone again just for that feeling.”

Body skewering people are I assume tapping into the same sensations. Anyway, click to zoom in on the various photos.

36 thoughts on “Esmeray’s Sub-Clavicle Piercings, Part Two

  1. Risks aside (she obviously is well versed and understands the potential complications), I am in love with Esmeray, ever since I saw the first posting of her sub-clavs, and then when she got her nipple stars done, WOOOEEE!

  2. I’m not personally a fan of this piercing — hers remind me of those plastic strips stores use to fix price tags to clothing — and the risks make it even less attractive, especially when a similar look can be achieved with less possibility of something going horribly, horribly wrong. I do, however, like her tattoos a lot.

  3. Bobb – I on the other hand, am a big fan of this piercing on a visual and tactile level…

    I think something that a lot of people don’t understand is that the fact that something with a “similar look” exists is often completely meaningless, because it reduces a complex and profound experience to just “what it looks like”. Yes, some people get piercings because they want a specific look; but many others want something more…

  4. I completely agree, Shannon. Just because something looks the same doesn’t make it a substitute. Two microdermals don’t surface piercing make, that kinda stuff. On the other hand – risking puncturing an artery?

  5. Personally this piercing is past my own safety threshhold… but other than that I love it and have a lot of admiration for someone who pulls it off.

  6. I know that you (and some others) feel that way, Shannon. I’m just not a proponent of taking large risks for the sake of adornment, or for the sake of sensation.

  7. I love that, I think it would look great if someone got some fitted clavicle peircings that were an actual ring around the bone ( have you got any pictures of people with that shannon?). It’s too bad it’s so risky cause it looks so rad.

  8. I personally have always wanted piercings like these since I first watch farscape…however I wanted massive steel rings which I know know would not really be possible…and it’s also a bit to risk filled for me personally

    that said I do still love the look of them on those that have the cahunas to get them so kudos to the girl

    she’s got hardcore piercings…and she’s win situation! 🙂

  9. That is utterly beautiful . . . maybe it’s a personal thing but I’ve always found clavicles to be unbelieveably sexy . . . wow!

  10. I always see these done at 14 or 12 gauge; wouldn’t they actually heal if they were done quite a bit bigger?

  11. It makes me nervous that someone with no medical training is doing this kind of thing. Unless some piercers are going to med school now? Which would be totally freaking awesome if they were…

  12. Absolutely fucking stupid. To risk going septic!!! I’m airing my opinion that sub-clavicle piercings are retarded, should never be done, and for anyone who does them(or has them) should re-think their career as a piercer/piercee. Total lack of ethics… tsk, tsk, tsk…

  13. I hope someone who has deep piercings like this donates their body for science upon death. It would be really interesting to take tissue sections and see how the body’s reacted to it, whether a good fistula forms. You can think of people who have even more extreme “piercings” like this for medical reasons, like tracheotomies and ostomates. Those are well characterized because thousands of them are done by doctors. Cosmetic piercings, not so much. (not to mention that doctors would avoid something like this because it violates “First, do no harm”.)

  14. i can imagine the sensation must be INTENSE. just being bitten on your clavicle is this crazy mix of pain and pleasure… haha going that deep must be … amazing?

  15. Blackwater is actually in Schofield, but yeah, Wausau pretty much… and people always suggested micro-dermals, but just so isn’t the same..

  16. gorgeous piercings, but when i see something so risky nowadays all i can think of is…why not microdermals?

  17. Very nice!!!
    It is one of the rare pierings I do not dare…. but they are fascinating… a kind of dream (but I would prefer other material, metal). I hope, this time they heal!!!!! It is a severe piercing, deep, passing close by the inner body cavity (there are yet some muscles and dangerously large blood vessels beneath the piercing, then the lung follows).

    If it is the deepes – here I would need to ask my biceps before, the right one is somewhat betwen 4 and 5mm below the skin 🙂

  18. she’s very beautiful – i’m a sucker for green eyes!
    (unless there contacts! LOL)

    : )-

  19. I really want these done and have done for years


    i doubt anywhere in uk would do them 🙁

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