Being three is an OK excuse for being a scratcher!

Continuing in the trend of many very young tattoo artists, let me introduce you to Xavier, Aaron Prosser‘s three year old son doing his very first tattoo on his dad at Whitsunday Tattooing in Airlie Beach, Australia. I know, as always there will be a variety of naysayers about this, but I think it’s charming, and something that they’ll both value for life.

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46 thoughts on “Being three is an OK excuse for being a scratcher!

  1. To be honest, I don’t think the kid will remember this and cherish it. But it is pretty cute!

  2. The only thing I’d be concerned about is if the kid accidentally tattood himself. Other than that, cute. very cute.

  3. I would wait until their a bit older, to make and actual picture. however, i really really dont like kids, so i doubt it
    although, it is a cute idea

  4. he probably wont remember it but he will have these pictures when he’s older to show off about how he was the cutest little motherfather EVER

  5. kids are better because they are not all concerned about “art” and shit. also, their relative lack of a concept of “permanent” or “life-long” would allow them to get their tattoo on without all these crazy worries about the end result

  6. While I think it’s a terrible sweet sentiment, I find child worship truly banal. It is definitely a symbol of the connection between child and parent, which I completely appreciate. But outside of that…

    Nothing at all.

  7. I think your child should be able to at least trace something before you let them tattoo you.

    Then when they can successfully colour between the lines, a second session.

  8. awh, how adorable!
    Will most artists agree to letting someone else tattoo while they watch?
    I’m curious, my boyfriend wants me to tattoo XOXO on his wrist.

  9. ah you naysayers are a miserable bunch! just you wait til you have kids and turn into baby-bores like the rest of us ;)

    i would LOVE for my 7 year old daughter to tattoo on me, the closet i have is her writing her name on my wrist and having someone tattoo it over! and the same goes for my unborn son (when hes bigger obviously!), i wonder if i can convince my tattooist? :D

  10. i don’t think there’s anything wrong with it

    personally i’d rather spend time coloring, drawing, painting with my children.

  11. awww, I think its very cute, and even if he doesnt remember that exact moment when he gets older… his dad can be like… hey… look at this. lol

  12. This is so much better than the lame plates my elementary school had us kindergartens kids design for our parents – our artwork is almost identical.

  13. i agree that the kid should be able to at least trace a little. but thats me not him and his kid. good for you two. i dont think the tattoo will be very noticeable later on if it even takes. then the kid can touch it up when he has some skill.

  14. i know a guy whos sister got her 4 yr old son tattoed!…made me sick to hear it…some people are so idiotic. i dont see a problem with this though…kinda the other way around!

  15. #26 Not everyone will have children. And having children does is not something that immediately changes your views.

    More power to this guy if he will wear that tattoo with pride but personally I would never let anyone other than a professional tattoo artist tattoo me.

  16. Personally I don’t like the tattoo, but I like the idea. I personally have my sister’s hand print tattooed on my shoulder. She’s my only sister and lucky to be born, after my Mum having two miscarriages. Its my first tattoo and I love it!

  17. That is so sweet. Although I’d personally have the kid wearing about 50 gloves incase he slipped. It’d be really nice to do a series of them as he gets older, kinda like an artistic height chart.

  18. That is really sweet.
    When I have kids I would like each of them to do a tattoo on me.

  19. He’s more professional than most scratchers. He’s wearing gloves, using a real machine, sterile needles, & working in an actual shop without carpets, pets or ashtrays full to the brim. He’s light years ahead of many kitchen magician.

    Funny, he’s only three, & already he hates tribal armbands & Miami Ink,…

  20. I think that this is very sweet. Who’s to say that he isn’t feeding the creativity of the next huge name in tattooing? I mean we have parents who encourage their 3 year olds to be violin players….why not encourage children in other artistic venues? I’m all for encouraging creativity of any kind. This is beautiful.

  21. This is so beautiful. I’m sure it will fade some, but damn that father must love his son.

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