Nudey Mister Rafa

Honestly Rafa, I know you get a little excited when you’re suspending but there’s really no need for this sort of behaviour*..

DivX video download link for BME members: Extreme2 or Full members

*Not that I’m one to talk – A few years ago the police knocked at our place in Norwich, England, because the next door neighbour’s young daughter had been watching me suspend (the inaugural suspension on the Body Evolution tower we built) in my birthday suit, suffice to say she burst into tears and ran to her mother, who called the cops. They were very good about it though and suggested that next time we put up higher screens to block the view.

I hope I didn’t scar her too badly.

47 thoughts on “Nudey Mister Rafa

  1. Hahaha awesome music. Why is it that little kids tend to cry when seeing someone naked? Granted the nudeness plus suspension was probably a bit much.

  2. hehe! i had the police called because i was fire juggling in my back garden, Apparently my neighbour thought i’d gone crazy and was trying to burn the house down :S

  3. Cardboardfrog -

    # Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours,
    Just a friendly wave each morning, helps to make a better day,
    Neighbours, need to get to know each other,
    Next door is only a footstep away,
    Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours,
    With a little understanding, you can find the perfect blend,
    Neighbours, should be there for one another,
    That’s when good neighbours become good friends! #

  4. Roo, I started to not suspend me now, that video was from my suspension of number 53 =))
    But I like to be naked, because I give a greater feeling of freedom, love getting naked in my suspensions.
    Suspension this first in my life, is what I most love.

    Hug man ^^


  5. Ah Norwich, how I love that shithole of a city, thankfully it’s not as bad as Yarmouth.

    That’s a cool video too, looks like he’s enjoying himself :)

  6. I’m not sure how the conversation turned to this, but you should try living in Liverpool!

    Gnomoweb – How many times have you suspended exactly?! Hugs back.

  7. Roo, ja me suspendi 64 times, man ^ ^

    My first suspension was for 14 years, got there early!
    Almost all end of weeks play with hooks =))

  8. Hahaha think you felt wrong, alias, I learned not properly express = \ \
    I have difficulties with English!
    Was not 14 years ago, I wanted to say that I had 14 years of age =))

  9. to be honest,jst a tad gutted that we dont get to see how he took his shorts of while suspended,that wudve been fun…
    tunes good tho

  10. Roo – I was just looking through the image gallery you linked to and I noticed John Alexander (aka xzen72) in there, do you know him personally? Just wonder as we’ve been in the same class and course for the last 2 years.

  11. haha Roo lived in Norwich – I never knew, what a dump of a place, I’m so glad I have avoided there for almost 4 years now! Rad video..

  12. Seeing him have that much fun reminds me of when I did my suspension for the first time when I was 19. Sadly I havent had a chance to do it again. Most people in my family would feel very disturbed if they ever found out that I am into doing suspesions. Im actually afraid it might really hurt my mom if she found out. Its taken her over 20 years to accept that I like tattoos and piercings. It will probably take her longer to accept that I like to hang from hooks.

    Also I dont drive so my fiance has to be there when I suspend. When he saw it for the first time he was accepting and open minded but he still found it stressful to watch. The sight of blood makes his feel so sick. And him seeing air and bubbling blood come from my back really did him in. Poor guy.

  13. “haha Roo lived in Norwich – I never knew, what a dump of a place, I’m so glad I have avoided there for almost 4 years now!”

    Ooh yes, Norwich is awful. I mean, the stunning architecture, awesome setting, pretty damn good shopping etc.
    Yeah – it’s horrid. Why would anyone want to live here?

    Admittedly our mod scene has evaporated over the last couple of years and the music scene has imploded but bar that – it is “A fine city”.

    Nice video by the by. Made me chuckle.

  14. Ahaha. Dear god, poor Roo. That’s one situation I’m not sure I’d be capable of handling with any sort of grace. Was it the nudity, or the dangling by your skin that upset her more?

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