Healer’s Mark

Karla wrote in to share the story of the first session of her healer’s mark tattoo being done by Muriel at Zao Tattoo in Phoenix, Arizona. She says,

“I am a massage therapist and energy worker. About four months ago I ‘got’ the verbal inner message that I was to get a ‘healer’s mark’ tattooed on me. I did not have any idea what that was. Then, about two months ago, in meditation, I got this image. Muriel drew it up, and this is the black work — she is doing the color pyramid and rainbow spectrum in the middle tomorrow. I have nine other tats, including two from Katzen, and a blue puzzle piece from The Enigma.”

Update: You can click here to see the colour in place.

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28 thoughts on “Healer’s Mark

  1. “I am a massage therapist and energy worker.”

    Read: Con-Artist.

    I like the tattoo though.

  2. I just wanted to know if he goes around giving everyone bad tattoo’s or I somehow was just unlucky.

    On topic now…

    Digging that tat yo.

  3. I really like that tattoo..
    I have also had tattoo images come to me in dreams and such!

  4. can’t everyone just keep all their snide comments about this person to themselves? It’s not necassary, and it has nothing to do with the tattoo.
    I personally love the tattoo, i saw it in the galleries on BME and hoped it would be featured here. I love the design, and the placement is really well done.

  5. there was a picture posted a few days ago of a kundalini back piece- no one commented on their issues wiht *energy* or healing there- mind you the girl was half naked and probably weighed less.
    We see tattoos of band names and cartoon characters and all sorts of various plays on the word *shit*.. i like to see tattoos with spiritual significance to the one hosting it.
    to each their own i guess?

  6. cheers, richard! i agree!

    anyway, (1) Shaun I disagree. I’ve been going to a massage therapist who closely works with an acupuncturist as well as does energy work and I have found it to be amazing. Many people do.

    As for the tattoo – i really like it. i think it will look amazing when it’s finished and it will always be deeply personal. hope to see a finished pic soon!

  7. Jeremy you aren’t unlucky. I think (hope) most people get them for the novelty, not because it will be a phenomenal tattoo.

    I got a puzzle ankle band from the guy, and I kept it wrapped with saran wrap through most of the healing. My tattoo does look a lot better than other ones I’ve seen (from the same day) but still not the greatest tattoo ever. I think the fact that he colors in the tattoos with the same needle he uses for line work doesn’t help…the color is pretty patchy, in addition to some sketchy lines.

    I will say though, I absolutely love my tattoo from him, and if I see him again I would consider having him do another row of pieces.

  8. I don’t think people get tattoos from The Enigma for the quality of the tattoo — it’s for the experience/connection/etc… I don’t think he’d claim to be a tattoo “artist”.

  9. I totally agree with both of you, I hung out with the guy for most of the day and he definitely said a few times he was no good at tattooing. He is without a doubt one of the coolest individuals I have ever met and the tattoos he does are purely for novelty. I will say I expected a cool puzzle piece and I got that but at the same time, after doing as many as he has done I thought maybe the quality would be better.

    Doesn’t matter, the man is still amazing and I don’t mean any disrespect.

    Cool tattoo though.

  10. Knowing Karla, I can confirm that she’s not in any way a con-artist. And that the finished tattoo looks fantastic.

  11. Karla got the coloring done recently, and it looks absolutely gorgeous.

    Also, the hand and arm marks are henna. I agree that they’re gorgeous. :)

  12. Hi!

    I’m the woman in the photo posted here – and I just received the final color on my tat last Monday, by Muriel at Zao Tattoo – I would LOVE to post the final photo! I am not certain exactly how.

    I’ve read all the comments – and I just am grateful to you all for being your true selves.

    Perhaps because I’m 44 years old, and have been a massage therapist for 20 years, and a tattoo’d person since I began getting ink at 17, there is nothing anyone can think or say that phases me. Blessings to you all!

  13. The tattoo work and the sentiment behind it is beautiful. I’m new to this blog—are there always disparaging comments like this? It’s very disappointing from a community who was stuck together and should stick together.

  14. The finished tat is absolutely gorgeous. And knowing the woman personally, I can honestly say she comes from a place of good. She is not a con-artist by any means.

    A massage therapist (licensed, btw) goes thru constant education, and is held to a high level of ethics in the community. Those who combine their art with energy healing and Reiki are doubly blessed.

  15. I think it looks wonderful. The color really looks great. I didnt think you could improve on it but you did.

  16. Nice work. Should get the henna one as a real one. The henna is very nice, too.

  17. well i wasnt intending comming here :o) was looking for something compleatly diverse but ended up here and glad i did :) food for thought perhaps for a short article i had been contemplating so will link back to here if thats ok ? and may i wish you a happy new year.

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