éRicK sent me this teaser for AЯT KØR Kollectif‘s upcoming tour..

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DivX download link for BME members: Extreme2 or Full members

For more information you can visit their Myspace page (the second link above) or contact Lukas Zpira (IAM/Myspace) directly.

16 thoughts on “AЯT TØ THE KØR

  1. I cant stop watching.
    -Upcoming tour? Where do I find information on this?
    The myspace page doesnt say anything about it.

  2. Wow, such an alluring video 😀
    Especially love the cracked skin makeup, looks beautiful
    …That is, assuming it’s makeup? :O *ideas flow into head*

  3. totally agree the manson influence during antichrist superstar era is pretty apparent,I almost felt like i was wathcing the tourniquet video ha
    its a cool video though

  4. All of the work Lukas Zpira is involved in has a wonderful aesthetic backing. It is rare to find truly unique macabre/gothic themed works, but Zpira has again produced one.

  5. whats the scene with that mask/ maybe a tattoo of some japanese symbols on that guy with the kimono girl? I mean were can i get more pics of whatever it was?

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