36 thoughts on “Measure of a Man

  1. LOL, shoulda planned that one out a little better. I would have atleast made it say 10 inches where it hangs to. I know a woman that has a ruler tattoo on her forearm for just that purpose lol. It don’t pay to brag around her unless you got something to brag about.

  2. Shaun, Shannon is referring to a man’s habit of over-exaggerating when it comes to the size of their member.

    So, for a guy…5″ is really….10″…well, that what’s you tell people.

  3. I cant get over the look on his face haha

    & Kenevin you soo right. Iv only met one guy in my entire life whos penis was the size he said it was.

  4. You know, I must be the exception to the rule.. (ha ha.) because most every guy who has alluded to the size of his business has been spot on. And all but maybe two have been gargantuan. Having said that, I’d like to state as a girl that dating a guy with a 9-10 inch winkie really sucks… let’s just say I’ll never, ever be able to have a fourchette piercing. Good thing I didn’t end up falling in love with the guy, or it would have been a sexless relationship.

    Yay for small-to-medium winkies!

  5. just so you know the tattoo is almost half scale. Its just under 5 inches long.
    I got it as a joke and to make fun of the fact that most guys lie about how big they are and think that it makes them more of a man.

  6. the tattoo is almost half-scale. its about 4 and 3/4 inches long.
    i got it one cause i think its hilarious but also to make fun of the fact that most guys lie about how big they are. does it really make you more of a man or really matter?

  7. Uh, yes, sorry it does matter somewhat.
    I am not going to have amazing penetration sex with a 3 inch cock.
    Does it mean you can’t be amazing in other areas? No, but I love my penetration.

  8. I still really don’t understand the maths behind this:

    “he’s about three inches short of the end of his ruler (in guy-speak, that means he’s 10″)…”

    b/c the thing ends at 8… :S

  9. 2 things about this…1. shouldn’t the tattoo be ABOVE your penis? If you erect penis is hanging down, you need to go to the doctor. And 2. You got it as a joke? On YOURSELF? Anybody who gets a tattoo like this will not be showing it off to too many people. At least not women.

  10. Am I the only one that noticed that the tattoo artist in the first pic is working on the guy’s right thigh, but the closeup pic shows the tat on his left thigh? What’s up with that?

  11. Yeah, he should have thought that one through just a “little” (LOL) bit more. Us ladies are laughing at him right now!

  12. Man, that’s awesome. You’re a fuckin’ champion hobosteve! It must take great sense of humour to wear something like that. Thumbs up.

  13. hey ,well done i thought it a great idea , so i also had it done .I must say it really hurt when he had to tatoo the last 2 inches on my knee cap.

  14. I got a ruler tattoo on my inner thigh 4 and a half years ago……. Where did you get my idea from??? Either you’re a poser, or great minds think alike. Either way, i’m slightly pissed that someone stole my idea.

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