Nintendo Controller Skin Removal Scarification

This intense scarification project was done on Metal_Games by Jeffrey at Paradigm Bodyart in Arnheim. He describes the experience,

“Starting with the lines, the pain wasn’t half as bad as I’d expected. In fact, it was a breeze for the most part. It took Jeffrey, the artist, about twenty minutes to cut all the lines. A couple of deep breaths, and we went straight on to removing the skin. I wasn’t looking forward to that, but again, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Obviously, it was a lot more painful than the linework, but never unbearable. I was able to watch calmly as Jeffrey was working on it, although for the most part I just concentrated on the ceiling or the wall across from me. Some parts on the more sensitive parts of my leg had me clenching my jaw, and after about forty-five minutes I just wanted it to be over with. We were nearly done at that point however, and after another painful ten minutes it was all over.”

“Stopping the bleeding was a different matter though, and I lay there for a while until it stopped. After bandaging it, it felt like a large abrasion. So, back to Utrecht, where it turned out the bleeding had started again, but the next morning when I cleaned it for the first time, it had stopped. Cleaning it for the first time turned out to be pretty painful (duh), but the second time it was a lot better. Now all I have to do is to care for it according to Jeffreys advice, and I can’t wait to see how it’s gonna come out when it’s fully healed. All in all, it wasn’t the most fun experience I ever had, but I’m glad I went through with it. It looks so cool!”

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42 thoughts on “Nintendo Controller Skin Removal Scarification

  1. I like the idea, but this is very poorly done.
    Did they even look at a controller before starting?

  2. I have to say I also like the line work alot better maybe its beacuse in the second photo the lines look a bit off to me.

  3. Shaun – Maybe you’re not realizing this is an oldschool NES controller? Because it sure looks like one to me in terms of the general dimensions. etc

    Briggitte – The linework in the first and second photos are the same. If it looks different it’s due to swelling.

  4. Oh NES how we love you! I have to agree I love it as line art, but because tis swollen in the second it looks slightly distorted to me. It’ll probably look awesome when healed.

  5. It needs a box around it, I think. The grey boxes in the middle of the controller aren’t as iconic as the dpad/a/b/select/start buttons, and they sort of throw it off.

  6. critiquing the piece I’m not too keen on the linework, its a but uneven and not crisp and clean…

    However what we should remember is, lets wait for it to heal before we judge it. Cuz the finalized piece might very well look a lot different then when its freshly done.

  7. I saw the top part of the pic, read the post and thought ‘Eh, doesn’t sound that bad.” Then I scrolled down a little more and saw the actual removal, haha.

  8. Shannon: You know how I love to talk in double-speak…I was simply implying we COULD critique it but its hard to because at first view it looks not that crisp clean,etc but the final out come can be VERY different.

  9. Wow.. the removal is really too deep. The difference in the linework before and after the removal is not only due to some swelling but it is also directly linked to the issue of depth. The deeper you cut.. the more connective tissue is severed therefore releasing more of the skins natural tension.. hence why some areas have “bowed” out. This can also happen in areas of the body where the skin is particularly taut.

  10. Wayde – I was thinking you can see a little of that same effect in the linework, where parts spread more than others.

  11. it looks great to me.

    i remember the playing games with the old school NES controller.
    so many memory’s.

    i love the thought of scarification but in the back of my head im afraid of the pain process to get scarification.

  12. Shannon – Yeah your right… width is a direct indication of depth… unless your working in an area where skin tension is naturally low.

  13. Cool idea! Maybe he can come visit me (I also live in Holland) and connect to my 8-bit NES controller port on my arm hahahaha ;)

  14. I think I actually like it better as just the linework aswell, but this is what he wanted..

    As for the lines that look a little of. it is due to swelling of the tissue around the scar and there’s a little tension on de tissue aswell because he was laying down when the photo’s were taken, when he was standing up it looked nice.
    dont think this picture gives a really good impression of how it looks on michiel.

    thanks for the comments :)

  15. I love the design, and it’s actually to scale with the original NES-controller. The linework looked great when it was done, but the transfer was applied when I was standing up, and the shape changes a bit when I bend my leg. The tension of the skin did warp it a bit, but it’s already thightening up nicely. I’ll post some more when it’s actually healed. And Theo, are you talking about a tattoo? Think I may have seen it op, looking good!

  16. I’m really scratching my head at people who say it doesn’t look like an NES controller… wondering if they can remember what they look like….!

  17. Nice concept (who doesn´t love the old, sweet NES?) but I wouldn´t have included the light-grey boxes, just the buttons.

  18. this was just done, swollen and with tension on it because the leg was layed down.. when it’s all healed up, you’ll see that it all comes together..

  19. How bad is it that it makes me a little hungry since the peeled parts look like pepperoni and bacon?

  20. It does look cool, but I can’t help thinking it looks a little deep, glad it’s not just me who thought this. Though I am also glad to hear that it’s healing nicely so far! It’ll look ace when it’s finished – I think it’d look really cool if it was accented a little with some tattooing as well.

    I really miss my NES, somebody my dad knew gave it to me for free when I was in my early teens, but I foolishly traded it in a few years later along with my mega drive and seemingly endless games, so that I could buy a playstation game. Live and learn, people, never do this!

  21. I love it :D And for those who don’t think it looks like a NEScontroller: I think it does, and even then, it’s his design, and he wanted it this way. Probably not everyone wants an EXACT copy of something in a modification :)

  22. i LOVE THE CONCEPT…But wade is right, the removal is way too deep… but on a white guys lower leg, it’ll be a bit wobbly but I don’t think it will look horrible

  23. Pic 2 = ouch!
    Personally I like the result from pic 1 but if he is happy , good luck & lets see some healed pics.

  24. Hmm, I have to agree whit some other ppl and tell you that the 1st pic whit the lines looks realy nice.
    the 2nd doesnt looks to good becaus it looks like alot of the lines are off.

    BTW: do u have any pics from when it healed?

  25. First off, come on people, if thats not a NES controller i don’t know what is.

    Though, I have to agree with ” The Thunder” (Wayde, ofcourse). The linework is (sorry) sloppy and anything but fluent – mostly because the depth of the cut. I can’t help but wonder how this piece looked when it healed though.

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  28. Thats not even the NES Controller, thats not ANY controller. Have fun wearing sleeves the rest of your life, tool.

  29. That’s not even the Nintendo pad, you put too much emphasis on the gray bars, wtf? Have fun wearing pants the rest of you’re life tool.

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