Oh, Myspace…

This is what happens when you’re at home getting high, and you let your stoned buddy hand tattoo you with a needle and ink… you get your MySpace name permanently tattooed on you…

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17 thoughts on “Oh, Myspace…

  1. lol, turned out better than mine, and i did mine on my own. at least they finished it, i started, got caught, grounded, then forced to remove it. oh well… pretty cool though

  2. haha
    yet another reason im glad I dont have a myspace
    not that I think I would ever do that anyways

  3. [aah, accidentally hit submit before i was done.]

    oh well, it will make some tattoo artist some good money in a couple years when he gets to design the coverup.

  4. one day when she covers it up-she should cover it with a portrait of herself myspace-over-the-head-style…it would be awesome times ten…and fitting as well…

    i <3 myspace…its a fucking plague

  5. hehe I know a guy who has a jacket embroidered with his myspace name, but no myspace tattoo. He does have his postcode tattooed on him though.

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