“World’s Most Invisible Hand Tattoos”

Darrin (who you may know as the mastermind behind the BME Scholarshipthe 2008 scholarship is still available) wrote in about his hand tattoos — look carefully — by Leo Zulueta of Spiral Tattoo in Ann Arbor, Michigan,

“This is the fastest tattoo I’ve ever gotten — also the smallest. It took about two minutes for me to draw them on my left hand, and another couple minutes for Leo to draw them on my right hand — I’m right handed, so couldn’t draw them myself. It took less than five minutes to do them. Yes, they hurt, more than any other tattoos I’ve had, but the pain is mostly gone already. They’re just a little sensitive now.”

“I like facial and hand tattoos. I like big ones, but I think that small, subtle ones, in a way, have even more impact. They’re there, they’re visible, but they’re understated. Most people with small facial and hand dots, you don’t even notice them right away. While the visibility may be low, the impact on the wearer seems high. Friends have told me they feel empowered, free, in charge of their lives, maybe for the first time ever, after getting them. Maybe that’s what I’m looking for, what I need in my life right now.”

“The design came immediately, which has never happened to me before. Although I’d never seen anyone with finger web tattoos, I decided to try them. They’re constantly visible to me, any time I see my hands, but they’re very understated, nearly invisible to everyone else. Still, they’re completely unconcealable. I decided to try them out first. I took a sharpie and, for nearly a month, kept them drawn on, redrawing them several times a day, to make sure I really wanted them. Less than a week after I started drawing them on, my hands looked weird without them. I knew they belonged there. Tonight, after a month, they’re finally there.”

28 thoughts on ““World’s Most Invisible Hand Tattoos”

  1. This would be great for me too. Way cool. I think I’ll get little stars though.

  2. i like the “trying it out with sharpie” idea. i think ill to that if my (future) kid asks for a tattoo at a young age. “let’s draw it on with a sharpie and see how you like it in a month, sweetie”

  3. I’ve totally drawn on my tattoo ideas with sharpie before, just to make sure that I really did like the idea and the placement. It’s helped so much for visualizing what I actually want. Mind you, I didn’t keep it on for a month.

  4. I forgot to mention, that I really do like how it is subtle, but I’m just not sure that dots would be that exciting for me, all the same.

  5. Its a pretty cool idea, subtle tattoos, but i dont really see it as ‘freeing’ or ‘empowering’. i never was really spiritual so to me tattoos and piercings and mods are just a way of making myself look how i want, much like having a hair cut a certain way or wearing certain clothes (just to a more extreme level)

  6. I have the same dots on my hand .
    was just a stupid experiment a couple years ago.
    i felt so fucking touh doeing it.

    but thn i got a little bit older and wished i got someting more beautifull there stupid dots.

    and they say that it also has a meaning like all cops are bastards.

  7. My usual ‘mod’ guy (Mark Boyle…Pretty sure his stuff’s been on here before…) has BCRs and barbells on his finger webs.


  8. I love the look of tattoos that augment the body… I think augment is the right word. I want a lot of hand work done that just subtly alters what’s already there.

  9. its is ‘all coppers are bastards’ usually they are done on your knuckles but the ones on webs were a more discreet way of sending out your message

  10. I like them. I love my white ink inner finger tats. They are subtle enough that no one notices them unless I point them out, but once they are pointed out you can’t miss them. Having a hand tat that hides itself while not being hidden is kind of empowering especially in a small conservative town.

    As far as a tattoo having a meaning, I think the only people that can say if their tat actually has a meaning is the person wearing it. Would you want the rest of the world to tell you what your tat meant?

  11. Shityeah web tattoos! Marea and I have our webs tattooed (I’ve got XXX and she’s got XVX) — hurts like shit, but they’re really fun!

  12. old prison tattoos will always mean what they mean. anyone out there who knows their meaning will look at him and may even wnat a fight if the meaning pisses them off. not enough ppl have respect for stuff. too many people getting traditional prison tattoos cos they ‘wanna’

    im not saying he is, he prolly has never even heard of it but im seeing way too many white kids with teardrops on their faces or 3 dots who have never commited a crime whihc clearly shows how much theyve thought about it.

  13. Cory, to me wearing clothes that make me look good and having a killer haircut gives the sensation of being in control of my life and gives me self confidense, just like those tiny tattoos on that guy’s hands give to him. I’m not a spiritual person either, an atheist actually, but I still do feel certain things can boost you up mentally and make you feel better about yourself. But hey, different things to different people, maybe you get your boost from somewhere else 🙂

  14. The fact that these little dots hold just as much meaning, and maybe more than, extensive inkwork makes them special.

  15. Seems a bit like it’s apologising for its own existence, hiding away in the most concealable spot like that.

  16. “The design came immediately, which has never happened to me before.”

    he’s surprised it didn’t take a lot of though? i respect body mod a lot… but this does not deserve it’s own entry. there is nothing unique or artistic about what he did.

  17. I also drew my tattoos on every day with a marker before getting them done on my arms.

  18. Hey! I have some there too!!!! Hearts. In red. Same size! … I came accross ur tattoo pic in a search! I’ve never seen anyone else w/ finger web tattoos either! Nice! I like!

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