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  1. Universal alignment moment #87534:

    Listening to Blank as I typed “modblog…” into my address bar…

    Broken Heads
    Hatred Pulls Me Through
    In Your Mind
    Instinct For Survival
    Censored Views
    Trick And Confuse

    It Began Just As I Knew It Would
    Black And Blue Crayon Scratches


  2. is it bad that i missed all the other stuff and was just drawn to how crappy his chin tatt is?

  3. it’s cool….God still loves you…he can take a pissed off body modifier with a ‘tude,He’s just good like that.
    notice,I said “love”..not “like”.
    however love none the less…

  4. hahahaha, that’s so awesome, mainly just because of the tag
    shannon, do you listen to eyehategod? ^_^

  5. i think it would be uncomfortable to shave one’s eyebrows with that many piercings in ‘em

  6. This isn’t my cup of tea at all, but… kudos to the guy for doing what he loves. I like that.

    #3, Cardboardfrog, where are you from? The way you said it is the cutest thing ever.. I want to move to wherever you’re from. 🙂

  7. Didn’t we just see this dude on modblog, or are there two guys with the same cheek piercings & tattoos around them running around?

    Or have I been dropping acid again?

    So confused…

  8. Oh, but I definitely admire that he washes his hair. Because the last time you posted someone with extensive facial mods, they looked as if they hadn’t seen a shower in months. I’m all down for personal choice and autonomy and all that, but shower, please!! For the love or hate of whichever god you choose!

  9. @ Nature223: At the ‘Team Christ’ post a couple of days ago I didn’t comment. I’m not religious, I’m actually quite opposed to it, and I couldn’t just say ‘hey nice tattoo’ and not go into how the meaning behind it made me feel. Which would go against the ‘community of friends’ thing on Modblog which I enjoy.

    Your ‘Christ still loves you’ comment can be equally offensive to someone who is opposed to your religion. It sure upset me…

  10. I’d like to know what he does for a living or what he plans on doing the rest of his life. The only thing stopping me from going all out like this is future careers. Someday, I hope, people running businesses and corporations will have facial tattoos and will be accepted in the work place.

  11. I agree, Marc. this is not the place for proselytizing. but given the tone here, I guess it would be fitting for me to mention that I love these eye lid tattoos, especially because of my religion. 😀

  12. ugh. this is about the most aesthetically unpleasing mess of thrown-together tattoos and piercings I’ve seen. it’s like they’re just strewn about his face. the failure at symmetry (asymmetry is fine, but it looks obvious that most is intended to be symmetric and just isn’t), the sloppiness of lines.. terrible.

  13. I agree, Ethan. I’m very much into symmetry, and I really hate it when symmetry fails. I retired my labret piercing because it was a smidgen off-center… so this just drives me batshit!

    That, and as a pagan I really hate the inverted pentagrams.

  14. i agree witht the last few,i personally feel like somethings not quite right…

  15. i think its hilarious (in a good way) …. especially im stoned and when hes next to me sleeping

  16. That ring in his septum! I just imagine it bouncing up and down whenever he talks.

  17. #26, I totally agree. ‘Thrown together’ is the best description of this guy’s mods. There’s just no coherency.

  18. I’m a sucker for symmetry and his chin just annoys the hell outta me… I’m in love with those cheeks though!

  19. DK @ #23: His iam page says he is a tattoo artist or piercer or both (I just woke up and can’t remember what the hell I read 30 seconds ago).

  20. Wait..Its not just swedish is it ? I dont know but we have them over here and over here is sweden so lets stay with that..

  21. i am confused by this. good in theory, not so good in the above picture. the chin tattoo is mortifying. it looks like its drawn on in biro. is it drawn on it biro? if someone did that to me i would die!

  22. i just dont think most people would dig half arsed attempts at mods all over their face.
    obviously you’ve done it by choice, its your face so its your choice, but it was always gonna be slightly controversial!
    i have to say, although initially confusing the only part of it i dont like is the chin ink…simply because it looks badly done, and i dont like badly done tattoos. but thats just my opinon!

  23. I dont think its nice to insult peoples mods like that. I think the facial tattoos looks nicely put together and they compliment eachother very well. The mods look like they have a theme and bolong togther. I really like the cheek tattoos 🙂
    The chin tattoo may not be perfectly symetrical but I never noticed that until someone pointed it out. Also a little touch up could totally even out the tattoo.

    My leg tattoo is not perfectly symetrical because it was done by bamboo in Thailand and drawn free hand but it kicks so much ass and I love it so much (even though it could use a touchup which I will get when I return to Thailand) I have two tattoos done by that artist and they both have a traditional, organic, unique look to them and I think Im gonna get all my work done by him because the designs he comes up with are unreal.

    You know that saying “if you cant say something nice then dont say anything at all” ? It really seems to aply to some people on here.

    I have one question for you BIOHAZARD. Do you wear that septum ring all the time? I would imagine that it is really heavy (ouch the pulling on the septum!) and I would imagine that it could make eating difficult or maybe knock against your teeth. I have a 4g septum but anything too heavy is so uncomfortable for me.

  24. Also I have to say that as Im looking closer at this pic, the chin tat does look bad, but it isnt that bad in RL. It is slightly off, and this specific pic makes it look way off.

  25. Badline, i usually only wear it when Im goin out or to work. It slides in and out easily cause I have a 1/2 inch plug as my always jewelry. I have to take it out to sleep and also to eat or it would get food all over it.

  26. I also want to point out that I have seem thousands of peoples IAM pages and every one of them has at least one mod that isnt “picture perfect”. Not every piercer or tattoo artist is perfect they are human too and sometimes make mistakes just like the rest of us.

    Also remember that some of the best musicians are super sloppy at their instrument but its how they put everything together and the songs they write that make them great.

  27. i dont like the linework, and his chin tat sucks.
    it’s not often i dnt like someone’s art work – and i rarely slag it off….today however i ‘m feeling slightly evil…the septum is OTT and the eye lids just looks wrong; esp the right one its not straight!!

  28. I would love to see how perfectly YOU can tattoo someone’s eyelid, deadlypoison.
    oh, wait…

    you negative people are unwarrented.

  29. Kidd – You don’t have to be a professional to know when someone else can’t do something too well. I can’t skateboard for hell, but I still know that when the kids down town can’t land a kickflip, they’re doing it wrong. Agreed it’s probably bloody difficult to tattoo someones eyelids.

    The overall look is pretty cool. The brandings on the eyebrows are probably a favorite though. 🙂

    The only thing that bugs me is the non-matching nostril jewllery. 😛

  30. Marc…..I never said “christ”..I said “GOD”..as in His FATHER,and if your so offended by My pointing out his unwavering love for ALL of us..you got the problem..not God.
    you cant READ for your offending people just a bit more INTELLEGENT then you,who DID and got my intent.

  31. Nature, Marc point still stands, he doesn’t go around trashing Christian tattoos and would like the same respect for non-christian or anti-religious tattoos. Modblog is hardly the place for the same old tired religious debates.

    Besides there’s plenty of times in the Bible it claims Jesus is god, the two are one and the same (ok, so there are about as many saying the two are seperate, but what-ho, let’s ignore them)

  32. leroy…You can debate that for all you wish,I know what I said,and as for YOUR version of how things are..Meh,we’ll see.

    if I’m wrong…well let’s just say…only pissed off a few haters.

    if I’m right,the haters are in a bit of trouble trying to explain why they werent on the same bandwagon…oh sorry,”Religious bigoted,bitter,gun owning,persons afraid of others then themselves”…according to Obama

    guess the haters are running for a power play,your call

  33. I find things like this really interesting. I am always curious to find out what people’s occupations are when they have extensive modding, and since BIOHAZARD stated that he did, indeed have a place of employment, if you could share that, that would be great.
    I’m not trying to be critical or anything, but in a world that does not value artistic expressions on a person’s face, when people are able to maintain employment I think that deserves recognition of sorts.

  34. surely this is a place to express opinions though… i find it strange that people take so much offense to others expressing personal preference in a place like this!!

  35. so keep it alive…it’s your ass in the end run…I’m merely saying that there is alternatives.

    and just because you SAY your all for Satan,doesnt really mean you might not regret what you got,after you meet each other.
    and how the hell can a “nihilist” even ascribe to BELEIVING/PRAISING/LEANING to Satan,let alone God…when they dont believe in ANYTHING.
    they are the ultimate in….”meh-ology”,stand for nothing and are the biggest cop outs ever.
    now puting that on your body in plain view,and your a TATTOOIST?!?!?
    that isnt standing up for your beliefs,or who you root for in the afterlife…that is ADVERTISING.
    and in that I congratulate BIOHAZARD for being his own walking,talking,thinking, billboard/menu….KUDOS!!!

    yes…that was sarcasm.
    it’s a God given gift….on loan

  36. so does this “advertising” view of religious tattoos apply to even christians who have crosses and jesus fish on them or are you just being a condemning, close-minded, holier-than-thou bigot who can’t spell?
    you are so very annoying yet I can’t help checking back to see what kind of hateful propaganda you’ll spew forth next, nature23.

  37. Bravo to Biohazard for having the balls to express himself.
    And to Nature223, since when is christianity the automatic default religion? Come down off the cross, we need the wood.

  38. I never said he NEEDED to be a christian…I said he stood for NOTHING and satan sucks.
    and your dogging my speeling,and using a liberal buzzword(BIGOT)???
    that’s your best,NAME CALLING??….get a real argument to emplace,and attempt deflection of the subject matter at hand here,I was simply spelling out the obvious lack of direction he was asserting.

    oh,sorry that was bigoted of me to insert here…..
    notice I never said he HAD to ascribe to “CHRISITANITY”…”Nihilist” remember,he doenst in the first place,and as for marking himself and placing the marks on himself,he showed that gift we all have in the FIRST place….”free will”.
    you choose your own path in this life,frankly if I place any marks on me,it’s to make myself FIRST empowered,not assault the senses of everyone I come in contact with.
    that makes you an attention whore…..
    can you honestly tell me that this is going to look so cool when he ages?…..age is the ultimate equalizer.
    oh sorry,I’m bigoted for point out out obvious attributes we humans suffer as we age.

    leftists….”reality” isnt a drug of which you partake,is it?

    you’ll note,.I do applaude well done ink,piercings…this is nothing,less then nothing but detracting one’s self to the lowest common denominator.
    yeah it “took balls”…but so does jumping off a cliff,setting ones self on fire,or jumping a motorcycle over a blind hill.
    I dont follow,or suffer fools and their indulgencies,nor do I show support in their actions.

    P.S. he really isnt a “nihilist”..he’s a CAPITALIST,and heading to the realm of being a racist/homophobe/facist/fundamentalist
    /extremist/vote stealing Republican,Kudos

    that again was sarcasm…deal.

  39. What with all the blatant fishhooks in here, you’d think this was a suspension thread.

    I like the cheek work.

  40. well thanks for taking one thing I said and twisting it around. you obviously don’t even know what you’re talking about. if I had resorted to name-calling I would’ve said you were moronic and a dumbass. see the distinction there? and just so you know, a “bigot” is a person who is devoted to their own prejudices and approaches other groups with hatred and violence. just because you consider it a “buzz word” doesn’t change it’s meaning.

    I’m wondering why you care so much about how this young man chooses to live his life? just because he wants to be a nihilist doesn’t have any effect on you, so I’m wondering why you choose to so adamantly and audaciously criticize his beliefs? if you haven’t noticed, this isn’t a debate forum, it’s a body modification forum with the sole purpose of sharing pictures and stories.

    you never said he “had to ascribe to christianity” but it’s very typical of people like you to be offended by others who choose to live their lives differently. i.e., NOT being a christian. but if you care so little, why are you here, telling him that he’s wrong? I would love an answer.

    oh, and if you’re offended by me pointing out your poor writing skills, then perhaps you should actually learn to spell.

  41. I really wish that people would take a more mature approach to stating their opinions when they don’t agree with each other. It’s really irritating to read bickering comments filled with immaturity.

  42. Nature23, i get the feeling you are just bored and you dont even believe half of what you wrote. I think your just looking to see how much commotion you can cause..

    im calling you out..


  43. You know what, you can do whatever you want to your face. Cover it in piercings, scars, tattoos, whatever. I’m not going to judge you by it. However, the thing here is that these look like shit. Not because there are tattoos and piercings everywhere, but because they are just poorly done. It would be different if each one were even and solid and cohesive. I would probably like them if they were. This looks like you let a kid draw on your face with sharpie. It’s not a good look. I have no sympathy for people who don’t do their research and find competent tattoo artists. You’re the one who’s stuck with it. You’d just think that if you’re going to put something on your body forever, you’d find someone that knows what they’re doing. Especially if it’s your face.

  44. (sigh) ok “tom”….first.
    why dont read my entry..”tom”
    nature223…as in my birthdate,my favorite caliber of firearm(yeah I own guns,tough titty),and my online NOM DE GUERRE.
    look pissant,if you were a REAL person,your “name” “tom” would show up in red…as mine does.
    I say what I mean,and I mean what I say…I have no need to whack bee’s nests and make a “commotion”.
    if I am wrong,I am an adult,and see my lack of knowledge led me wrong,and I apologize….
    but to you?…..”calling me out”
    for stating consistant and points I consider worthy(NOT YOU “tom”).
    I render my statements,how I see fit,and not some pumped up little wein is going to dissuade me from my intellectual honesty..”tom”

    I’m far from a troll,and have no further need to address you further,”tom”.
    in fact,I have nothing for you now but my utter contempt,
    believe that…fully
    not that “called me out”,but you called my honesty into question and I couldnt let that one lie,”tom”

    now go and be the over grown man child your obviously ascribing towards,your mewling isnt going to broker anything else from me….I’m done with you.

  45. nature223…you really don’t make sense at all.
    I’m not just talking about the point your trying to make,
    But the way your writing,
    And I’m not even talking about spelling,
    Its just damn confusing….
    And for the record, I like these tattoo’s…
    All of them…they seem to work well =).

  46. Eyeballs, eyelids, what next?!

    For the symmetrically obsessed, the different nostril jewellery may be the irritant.

  47. I dont think we should see this as any reason to bring about a religious conflict.
    I feel that rather,this should be seen as Steve’s way of expressing his view.
    And if you really feel it brings up religious conotations,why start up a conflict about it?

  48. As a Christian nature223, you make me sad.

    What do they know of God, them that know only God.

    You know nothing of God, quite obviously.

    Those upside down crosses though, St. Peter’s crosses, I’m curious as to why you have them, whether they mean anything to you in particular or just for kicks. And i hasten to add i’m not knocking them, jus curious.

  49. All the religious arguments on this page suck, for or against, simply for the fact that it’s unnecessarily trashing up a page on a site devoted to openness, acceptance, beauty, and modification.

    Personally, I don’t really like the work he’s had done…I think he would be much more attractive if he simply had the dots ‘n dermals going down his cheek. Those really appeal to me.
    Nevertheless, it took guts, thrill-seeking, balls, or whatever you classify it as to take a step and tattoo an image on such a visible area that will obviously challenge and heat the religious devout.

    Good on ya. :]

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