Play Pierced Wings

Continuing in the gratuitous meme, here’s Rae (who’s not just eyecandy, but also a tattoo artist that’s been featured here before) having some “wings” play-pierced by Scott for a photoshoot at Paul’s House in Lubbock, TX. Three more photos continue after the break.

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26 thoughts on “Play Pierced Wings

  1. Yum. I could get used to the staring contests, I also need to post more so I can access as a full member.

  2. My ex actually pierced wings into my back as well as a corset once upon a time. I ended up with 24 needles on each shoulder blade as well as a 16 ring corset piercing. It turned out quite nicely actually. Certainly felt awkward to wear.

  3. Either those shorts are a bit tight or that guy has a boner, although camo shorts do tend to create a false erection.
    There are truly few things cooler then a hot tattoo artist.

  4. Really don’t think he has a boner there.
    Wouldn’t blame him, but he looks professional enough 😛
    And yes, some clothing just stick out like that.

  5. @#8: That’s what I thought too. But hey, who wouldn’t get a boner in that situation?

  6. god damn she is hot as all hell……
    oh, wait there is a piercing in this?
    (only joking)
    great play piercing but my main focus is on how freaking hott she is

  7. She is surprisingly under-tattooed for a tattoo artist! Patience always pays off, though.

  8. all my tats are around front…im saving my back for something special since its my largest piece of canvas. plus im 20, ive only been getting tattooed for 2 years now and i just started tattooing last june.

  9. That’s a really nice idea – be great for a fancy dress party if you feel like shocking the shit out of people.
    Love it

  10. thanks for the compliments it was a fun thing to do and she does look beautiful with it

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