16 thoughts on “Zipperchest Tattoo

  1. That’s so cool. I wish the members of my family would be as open as this grandpa is about tattoos. My uncle just had a quadruple bypass, so I know how it feels.

    I hope they won’t have to open him up again, either!

  2. My grandpa passed away a couple days before christmas last year so having this pic in modblog means the world to me! thank you shannon!!

  3. Great idea! It’s really sweet as well. My papa had a triple heart bypass so he’ll love this idea.

    I’m with #1, hope it stays locked!

  4. brilliant! just brilliant! i love it when people do fun things to surgery scars!

    hope he never has to go through something like that again, i can imagine heart surgery is a pretty scary thing… O_o

  5. Wow, did you edit in the “her late grandpa” part or do people just not read =/

    Anyway, great picture, this also reminded me of my granddad who passed away recently so I appreciate it a lot!

  6. well. in a sense..

    he never will have to go through something like that again.

    i’m glad the well wishers read.

  7. this is amazing! i hope that if i ever have to go through an illness or surgery like he went through, i can do it with as much humour. i’m sorry for your loss – he seems like a wonderful man. plus, he looks like santa!

  8. thanks for the condolences everyone. in the end it was his lungs that gave out and not his heart. he died from asbestosis. he was an awesome man, lived a great life and always a prankster! the day i took him for his zipper tattoo, he had his very first tattoo at age 18 redone. it was a skull and crossbones and i wish i had gotten a picture of that one as well

  9. RIP to him. Sounds like a fucking awesome guy, and I’m loving the idea behind that tattoo, I’m sorry for your loss – I’m dreading the day my grandparents pass.

  10. belated, but, this is far and away one of my favorite body mods that i’ve seen on modblog

    thanks for sharing, maile!

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