His Hoodie Matches His Erm, Labret

Rafa‘s still at it with his labret embiggening escapades (first video* in case you missed it).

This time he’s going from 46mm to 52mm, the old fashioned way!

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*Sorry about the unflattering screenshot I chose as the preview Rafa, oh wait, no I’m not \o/

49 thoughts on “His Hoodie Matches His Erm, Labret

  1. Note – This entry was first titled “Stretch Out and Wait”, then I spotted Shannon’s entry below this and changed it to “Speaking of Hoodlums..”, then changed my mind again and chose this. So really his hoodie is nothing like his labret. I was just beind SMRT.

  2. Oh please. “Embiggen” doesn’t mean “to make larger.” It means “to bring enrichment.”

  3. man that is big! soon hells be able too…im not sure what one does with a large lip disc…
    but it looks dead snazzy!

  4. wow, I really expected his labret to get in the way of speaking clearly (from my own experiences with labret stretching), but he proved me wrong! way to go!

  5. I don’t know why.

    I am really not into the whole lip plate thing.

    I don’t like the way it looks. At all.

    Thats just my opinion, one mans trash is another mans treasure remember ;]

    That guy has got balls the size of coconuts though!

  6. How big does he plan on going? I’m not entirely sure he’s ever going to stop!! I want to see a 60mm labret. That would make me happy.

  7. I saw the still pics of him before and thought, while it wasn’t a look for ME, that it’s each to their own. Whatever.
    When I saw the video…damn, he’s cute as a button with it!
    And what an amazing stretch.
    I’m impressed.

  8. He said the 46mm was getting loose, that’s why he was able to jump 6mm.

    I don’t really like lip plates, does’t look nice to me at all, but I’m still proud of him, as a brazilian!

    Esse eh brasileiro e nao desiste nunca!

  9. I just want to know will he take out his bottom front teeth…you know, if he decides to go bigger.

  10. Lananaroux – I was chuckling to myself this afternoon wondering if he’s just insulting me for the duration of the video and I had no idea.

    He’s too lovely to do that, though (I’d deserve it for the previews I chose, obviously)

  11. bwahahahahah his facial expressions AND the music almost made me pee myself. congrats on the stretch…i think? can labrets blowout like ears can?

  12. Putting on chap stick must be interesting. lol.
    Only two more inches to go and he could get a good husband in Africa. Just kidding.

    It’s looking great though.

  13. im glad im not the only one that does the insane hand shaking episodes during stretching frustration

  14. I was waiting for his lip to snap or something. 6mm is surely a little excessive?

  15. When he’s got that lip plate out, I just wanna wrap my teeth around his bottom lip, tug a little and bite into it gently…

    Ditto to anyone with a big labret/lip plate. **drool** Does anyone else feel this way/have experience of this? Is it as hot as I imagine it being?

    Apart from that, what a trooper he is. That other video of the cutting is intense. I can almost feel his agitation as he realises he has to cut a bit more, feel the pain building up and then feel the endorphins start to kick in as he relaxes a bit more. Amazing.

  16. I think it looks great especially with his other mods. Plus the fact that the rather large size of the plate has not appeared to have given him any speech impediments is awesome.
    Also the size of the stretch is incredible. Every thing about his plate is amazing and the fact that it hasn’t given him any real problems (blowout, trouble speaking, eating, etc.) makes it all the more amazing. Keep up the fucking good work!

  17. freaking OW.

    I know this is kind of mean.. but I can’t help but get the thought of a muppet out of my head when he talks.

    Kudos for your mancore-like behavior. I can’t even imagine how painful that would be.

  18. #33,i´m brasilian and, in fact, it is pretty easy to understand him. I´m surprised to see that he speaks like he doesn´t have any labret at all.

  19. He must have inasanely strechy skin (or liparea-thing..?) Wish I was as brave, cuz he is, I think. ANYWAYS! Looks awesome!

  20. Congrats to him. I’m not bit on larger labrets myself…meaning I would never do it. If it makes him happy, though, then that’s great.

  21. I …..man I am speeechles!!!!, but I wish I can have that too not as big but at least half of it yes,that is a great experience, and he is brave to get it larger that fast, as I readed before, he has the 46 mm loosen, it helpen, but I am sure it didn’t make it THAT easy!!!.

  22. I really love most modifications. I have to say tho, I do not like really large stretched labrets and nostrils. But I’m totally for all self expression, so if you like it go for it. 🙂 But I won’t be stretching my lip or nose any day soon.

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