When you see it, you’ll shit bricks?

A la the various “Mindfuck” images that are floating around the Net, here are a few photos from today that sort of fall into that category (emphasis on “sort of”, I admit). Not that I expect anyone to be shocked — it takes a lot more than this to surprise a ModBlog reader!!! Anyway, let me start off with Kiki and friend (La Macchina Da Cucire) in Italy having tea for two…

Assid23 took this photo of a double suspension done at the biggest freak party in the Czech Republic at Abaton Klub from the folks at HELL.cz.

Finally, Kirill sent in a photo of his shoulder tattoo of a cuttlefish done by Ofer Peri at Body-Line in Israel.

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55 thoughts on “When you see it, you’ll shit bricks?

  1. I don’t see anything strange about the first pic, can someone enlighten me?

  2. The guy seems to have a tube running from his arm into the womans hand, maybe removing blood or something? Thats freaky!

    And the link you posted just wasted half an hour of my life, damn you Shannon!

  3. I didnt think that that was really very freaky, legacy… not by BME standards anyway. XD
    At first I thought it was going to be that the whole scene was part of an upsidedown suspension maybe, but I’m guessing not.

    The mindfucks link also stole a large part of my life, and my soul.
    I couldn’t see shit in most of them!

  4. 1. I did see the catheter into the guys arm amidst the cute little tea party paraphanalia. Score for me.
    2. I *think* I saw a sort of weenie pull? Am I right?
    3. I didn’t notice the nekkid ass until I saw someone else’s comment. Kind of hard to tell what the guy is doing – can’t decide if he’s taking a leak or jerking off, can anyone enlighten me?

    I can’t swear my answers will be the same AFTER I’m done with (or further along in) tonight’s alcohol consumption.

  5. did anyone see the guy’s face in the vase of flowers in the first one??? that freaked me out!

  6. **** don’t read if you haven’t already looked at the link!!!

    of the mindfucks i see:
    #1 – woman has her hand up her dress
    #2 – no clue
    #3 – there’s a face at the bottom towards the left (very photoshopped)
    #4 – there’s a fat and matching kitty at the top
    #5 – there’s a photoshopped face behind the arm of the chair
    #6 – no idea
    #7 – ditto
    #8 – no clue
    #9 – the water splash looks exactly like a werewolf rising to eat him!!! (this one is my favorite ;)
    #10 – two-headed girl (and it’s not photoshopped – they’re conjoined twins who live in the us)
    #11 – i THINK it’s he thing above the curly haired girl (sort of looks like ‘bunny ears but there shouldn’t be an extra hand – but i feel that’s wrong)
    #12 – don’t know
    #13 – the guy pissing in the background
    #14 – it is still exit 3
    #15 – there’s what looks like a skeleton on the bottom to the right leaning against the tree
    #16 – ?
    #17 – okay, in the window on the left there is a figure up at the top reflected. in the one on the left there is a creepy figure that isn’t in the foreground – you only see half of it.
    #18 – it might be the lump next to the figures that looks like a hunched over human or a mask or something.
    #19 – i see nothing in the graveyard
    #20 – there’s a figure looking in through the window
    #21 – her shirt reads hate and love

  7. in #12, i think there is a trex in the mist to the left. i kept thinking it was just a tree. or it might be godzilla – i’m not really up to date on ginormous lizards.

  8. In the first picture, they guy is having his blood drawn with a butterfly needle..I don’t know why they would tape it down, there isn’t really any reason to. either that or they’re injecting something (heroin..? though I don’t know why that would be posted here) with a butterfly needle.

  9. correction: it can’t be anything but blood, injections wouldn’t work in a butterfly, air bubbles in your blood is no fun

  10. Nope, you did a pretty good job. I’ve seen most of these.

    Here are my edits to your post:
    6. face in the rocks to the right just above the water

    11. guy looking through the window

    12. look in the background to the left. Theres a dinosaur

    18. look at the bigger picture. The branches form a fetus

  11. The guy in the last picture is awesome…cool eyes, sweet lobes, and the best male monroe i’ve ever seen (and wicked tat)…lets be friends :)

  12. cute clue, mae – i finally see it :) i guess i should just have give clues too, huh? at least i tried to warn kids that i was going to spoil the fun!

  13. That last boy is gorgeous! You don’t see that piercing on very many men, but it compliments his mouth beautifully.

  14. cnt get the graveyard one.

    this is the firs entry on modblog thta i am more busy with looking at non-mod pictures. then the modded pictures.

  15. 29# Travis Mccoy From GCH Has It…But Yeah Its Rare…
    And Them Mindfucks Is Great Fun!
    The Kids At The Party With The Black Guy Thru The Door…I Jumped A Lil….But The Brix Didnt Come…I Feel Cheated!

  16. at # 16:

    Nr 18: the trees form a baby in foetal position (head on the left, feet on the right of the picture)

  17. Someone pleeeaaaaseee tell me what’s up with the graveyard image, I am so stuck!

  18. Lauren- just like mae said. On the cemetary one you’ll have to think outside the box. The box is the most obvious part of the pic.

  19. Oh and I forgot. I’m an idiot for trying to find these on a sidekick. Small screens don’t make searching easy.

  20. I must be pretty thick.. I mean, I notice the boxy thing I don’t see what’s wrong with it.. Is it a coffin all standing up and open? Oohhhh, I don’t knooow! Never mind, I can be a bit dippy sometimes, this must be one of those moments. Thanks for the help though :)

  21. [spoiler]
    #1 – Woman has her hand up her dress
    #2 – ?
    #3 – Face at the bottom towards the left
    #4 – Cat at the top
    #5 – Face behind the arm of the chair
    #6 – The water level marks on the rocks?
    #7 – ?
    #8 – ?
    #9 – Werewolf in the splach
    #10 – Conjoined Twins
    #11 – Guy in the back reaching in.
    #12 – T-rex in the fog
    #13 – Guy pissing in the background
    #14 – It’s still exit 3
    #15 – ?
    #16 – ?
    #17 – Guy in the background
    #18 – Branches form baby
    #19 – Face in the top right hand Corner, not in actual picture
    #20 – Guy in the window
    #21 – Her shirt reads differently in the reflection

  22. Lauren- I’m gonna spoil this for a few people probably but look outside the frame of the picture. Look in the border!

  23. That last picture is amazing for LOADS of reasons… the guy in the background is definitely in the top 5 reasons.

  24. I’ve figured out the one with the dog (I think) Upside down trees in the top left corner.
    Anyone got suggestions for the second picture? Oh and the one with the girl in the red top on a mountain, there’s a face in the shrubery *original*

  25. for the second one it could be that there is kind of a figure at the top of the path, but meh i dunno.

    where is this face for the red top girl in the mountains pic, i dont see it.

  26. Also someone needs to figure out #16

    and posting to say i think the girls in the bath one is the creepiest.

    took a while for me to see the fetus one coz i was looking at the branches rather than the negative space.

  27. no one saw the baby! the picture with the two people and the growing tree surrounding the picture forms the image of a baby in fetal position

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