Albertan or Russian?

With all due apologies, any time I see a fit blond tattooed guy, all I can think of is the freaky Russian body builder! Lexci snapped this shot (one of a large number posted by various people to the galleries) at this year’s APP convention. By the way, that’s Eric who was featured when the cuttings were fresh.

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39 thoughts on “Albertan or Russian?

  1. I like the green lobethingys! The colour goes really well with the hair 🙂

    (The guy with the lazy eye and the one without hair both work at East Street Piercing in Stockholm. The lazy eye guy actually helped me stretch my earlobe! Lovley seeing some Swedish people here..)

  2. The blonde is Hailey’s husband? Im confuzzled!

    PS… Hailey looks really different for some reason :S

  3. Cool! The “lazy eye guy” is Chai, he’s the best I tell you! He pierced both my lip and my tongue, didn’t even feel it 😀 And to the left we’ve got Marcus, the owner and founder of East Street Piercing 😛 He’s really nice too 😛 I work practically next door to them so I’m there all the time, I think they’re kinda tired of me hangin around the store all the time 😛

    And btw, east street are the only guys in Stockholm who really knows what they’re doing.

  4. I like his plugs. I still think that other bodybuilder guy is awesome.. (in a awesomely weird bizarre way.. of course)..

  5. I’m not usually into body builders but I’d be willing to give this one a go =)

    Maybe because he doesn’t have that fake tan thing going like a lot of them do esp in competition. He’s so lunar pale and beautiful like a statue…ok I’m off to a cold shower.

  6. Hhehehehehe.

    I 2nd what Larissa said.

    “I can’t believe Eric’s on ModBlog for being gigantic.”

    Such an amazing dude. aka/Heman.

  7. hah is anyone else thinking Rocky Horror right now? oh I want to see him in a golden speedo.

  8. I actually thought he was one of the Nelson Twins looking for “Love and Affection.”

  9. Not only is he huge, he’s the best drummer you’d likely meet if you would, at least he’s the best drummer I’ve ever met.

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