18 thoughts on “No, you’re not on LSD

  1. Talking about LSD, today die his creator, Albert Hoffman… may the psy be with you Albert !!!

  2. Yes, as #1, RIP Albert Hoffman, thank you for your important contribution to our world x

  3. is it just me, or was their ear very small to begin with (before stretching, i mean)? would there be any draw backs to wearing this for an extended period of time? i’d think the flexibility might be a good thing, but i’ve never stretched my lobes so i’ve no clue.

    wow, i can’t believe that guy just died! he must have been nearly a hundred years old, at least. someone should get a moscoso tattoo to honor him and the psychedelic movement 🙂 just not me!

  4. 102- wow.
    I want to see more interviews where an elderly person is asked their secret to long life and they can say ” happiness, family and boa loads of acid.”

  5. wow I am actually wearing a green rubber bracelet when I saw that… I took it off and shaped it similar to the in-ear one, and i gotta say…. wow

  6. clearly this would not be a good idea for long-term wear…
    actually, i really dislike this ear aesthetically for a whole bunch of reasons, and the wiggly rubber bracelet-as-tunnel isn’t helping. but hey, not my head. this clearly took some dedication, though!

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