Double Speed Tattooing

Delanne just got double-teamed again by Jeff Paetzold (Topnotch Tattoos in Elgin, IL) and Tim Victim (Deep Six Laboratory in Philadelphia) at the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention, with this alligator versus shark tattoo done over about four hours. She’d previously had a chameleon (which you can see on her page) done by the two of them.

Also after the break is a mildly disturbing tattoo that Jeff also did for her, a worm wrapped around a butterknife with a butter hat, which she wears on her right forearm.

28 thoughts on “Double Speed Tattooing

  1. Is that a worm or a penis? The shark is biting the gator in the crotch so maybe its his.

  2. both tats are fucking killer! but i especially love the worm, its so original and just plain odd, awesome!

  3. haha,thats totally not how i imagined the worm when i read the description,was waiting for a wee cute one!
    its dead good 😀

  4. “The Cut Worm Forgives The Plough”, does it also forgive the butter knife?

  5. ahah…those are awesome. being tag teamed sucks… my feet were done that way! 2 different styles of tattooing

  6. The worm is straight up Jeff, by the way. If you check out some of the more recent work in his portfolio, you’ll see things such as a fish riding a bull, or a frog in a waffle cone… He’s seriously amazing.

    As far as the feeling of getting collab. work, it’s kind of weird. With the first one, a lot of the time the artists kind of canceled each other out, and with this one it just hurt a million times worse… hahaha Maybe I’m becoming a baby about tattoos.

    *waves at Russ* heyyy!!!!!

  7. wordddd tim’s a fuckin awesome dude. he did my whole right sleeve. amazing artist and his collabs with jeff are insanely good.

  8. Chester’s tail is chopped off…is someone eating Chester? With butter?

  9. i love those jorts!! i mean the tattoos are OK i guess, but the cutoffs.. well, it just doesn’t get any better than that. lol.\

    no really, that worm is delightfully distrubing. the butter hat is great.

  10. I’m diggin the alligator v. shark.

    I’m still waiting for someone to get a bear v. shark tattoo.
    That would be an epic battle.

  11. It’s Deli! I remember that chameleon from that Permanent Addiction Myspace group. Awesome work.. I’m jealous. Grr!

  12. Just to clarify, it’s a crocodile… haha… not an alligator. It’s actually based off of this statue, which is located in a city I lived in when I was younger.

  13. haha! i’m happy to see that the worm is a hit…i had been wanting to do that piece for a long time!
    I just saw this page for the first time yesterday, thanks for all the comments!

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